Disneyland Passes and What You Must Know Before Purchasing Them

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If you are planning to buy annual Disneyland passes, there are so many things that you must know about. If it is going to be the first time for you, then there are chances of confusion regarding which pass to choose.

It is worth investing some time to figure out which package or pass works for you. The primary factor determining the price of passes is the time you are planning to visit the California park resort.

Most of us feel tempted to visit places such as Disneyland anytime around the year at fixed rates. That is possible, and here we have a detailed guide that will help you when you are purchasing Disneyland passes.

You must be aware of the fact that Disneyland is presently closed for the COVID-19 global pandemic. Therefore, the part resort authorities are altering their ticket policies to let in guests who already have Disneyland passes.

On the other hand, people who have already bought a complete package can extend the validity of the same. Otherwise, the park authorities are ready to partially refund amounts against the closures till they announce the Disneyland reopen date. For better details, you can also check out the official Disneyland website.


Disneyland passes- Will you buy it or not?

There are five different types of annual Disneyland passes, and there are both pros and cons in purchasing them. However, having that pass means you have so much extra access to both the places- the Disney California Adventure and Disneyland.

Rather than attempting to ride everything in one park visit, local people and fellow passholders — regularly alluded to as APs — can swing by to jump on a couple of rides, have supper, or essentially observe the firecrackers. It’s a significant accommodation factor — particularly considering some Disneyland yearly pass costs are comparable to a couple of days of general admission anyway.

As Disneyland tickets keep on expanding in value, Disneyland’s yearly pass costs could be reasonable for a visitor who intends to visit a couple of times each year. They’re particularly beneficial for those planning to “park bounce” or visit the two parks around the same time, which regularly costs extra. (Make sure to check the Disneyland yearly pass block out dates schedule beforehand.

It is because individual passes single permit entry, not the two parks, on specific dates.) However, if you will, in a general visit on significant occasions — or when school is off in summer and toward the finish of December — you might better purchase regular tickets. It is because most annual Disneyland passes block out dates won’t permit you during the holiday season.

With annual Disneyland passes inside the amusement parks and over the retreat, you can get a good deal for any shopping. It may wither be souvenirs or any other items. The plan comes alongside other extra advantages like investment funds on event passes and hotel stays. Extra Disneyland yearly pass benefits exclusive food stalls and keepsakes such as magnets and buttons. Moreover, these items are available all-year-round in Disneyland.

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Disneyland ticket prices- the annual discounts

Disneyland yearly pass limits are offered on merchandise and food at both the park and the Disney California Adventure resorts. Moreover, the passes’ benefit remains intact the shops, cafés, and amusement inside the lodgings of Disneyland Resort and Downtown Disney.

Disneyland’s yearly pass limits will fluctuate depending on the kind of tickets you have. A Southern California Special Passport, Disney Deluxe Passport, or Disney Flex Passport will give up a maximum of 10% off on particular foods and products. The Disney Signature or Disney, the Plus Passport of the same category, offers up to 15% off eating and 20% off on the special merchandise range.

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Passholders are likewise qualified for occasional lodging discounts at Disneyland Resort’s three lodgings — Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and Spa, Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. The offers are also available in Disneyland yearly pass limits for Aulani, a Disney Resort in Hawaii.

A Disneyland yearly pass likewise gives 15% off guided voyages through Disneyland Resort. Moreover, when you purchase the annual passes, there will be sure discounts on event tickets during the peak season. One of the most popular Disneyland events is the Oogie Boogies bash.

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What are the types of annual Disneyland passes?

There is a fundamental difference between the Disney World annual passes and the more expensive premium tickets. While in the case of the former, you can visit both parks. The latter offers you complimentary parking too. Moreover, it passes for children below three years is always free of cost. However, if you choose the annual passes, the Disneyland tickets price remains the same for adults and kids.

As mentioned earlier, there is an availability of five types of passes presently. They are-

  • Disney Southern California Special Pass- $419/ year (valid only for residents with ZIP codes ranging from 9000-93599). This one is the cheapest of the lot.
  • Flex Passport- $649. This is the latest annual pass using which you can make reservations even on the block out dates.
  • Disney Deluxe Passport- $829. This one allows you entry on any day except peak weekends and holidays.
  • The Disney Signature passport- $1,199. It allows you to enter both the parks on any day, including holidays and peak weekends. Moreover, the $25 parking charge is also included in the total cost.
  • Disney Signature Plus passport- $1,449. This one is the costliest pass of all that allows you to enter both the parks on any day, including holidays and peak weekend. Moreover, purchasing this is valuable because otherwise, a single entry on a holiday weekend may cost you more than $150.

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Is there a special annual pass?

Apart from the five standard passes, there is one more, especially if you are a frequent visitor. It is the Disney Premier pass. Now this mega pass will cost you a massive $2,199. Using this one, you can visit any Walt Disney resort or Disneyland, or any water park worldwide. Moreover, you are eligible for admission on any day, irrespective of holidays. Plus, you get complimentary parking, other perks, and discounts. If you want this pass, you have to acquire it in-person at any Disneyland park or resort.

Another essential information regarding Disneyland annual pass prices 2020 or any other year is that they may change. However, you can opt for the Disney MaxPress feature, an add-on costing $20/day. Plus, this add-on feature is only available if you are purchasing the Signature Pluss package. In that case, you can avail the MaxPreps feature at $120/year too. Apart from these, there are monthly passes available also.

Note: Whenever you are planning to purchase the annual Disneyland passes, check the cancellation policies beforehand. It is because the COVID-19 park closure policies are changing depending on the situation around. The park authorities are planning to extend the validity of all passes. It is for a period equal to that of the closure. Otherwise, they may refund for prior bookings if the pass holder has received any specific details about reopening dates and more. 

Annual Disneyland passes block out dates.

The Disneyland authorities create a block out calendar that is very easy to understand for the pass holders. It is the best way to assess when to plan to visit both the Disney park and resort. Now, the block out calendar varies from one park to another and also from package to package.

The Southern California special annual pass offers restricted access to the park. It is the best package for people who plan to visit the location on Springtime weekdays or during winter and fall weekdays. The primary reason for such season-bound restriction is that the Southern California Special pass holders cannot enter the park during the summers or holiday season. Moreover, access is not possible on weekends all around the year. Therefore, the Flex package is more popular now.

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Although the block out dates for the Flex pass holders are the same as the Southern California ones, there is a significant exception. In the case of Flex, you can pre-book otherwise unavailable days. Plus, this pass is more cost-effective because, ultimately, you can get access throughout the year at the cost of two general tickets. However, if you are a Deluxe pass holder, then the block out dates are the most convenient. It is because you can access the Disney park on some special weekends.

Of course, the best out of all is the Signature Deluxe pass because buying it means no restriction or block out dates. However, the king of all is the Premier pass, allowing you non-restricted access to the Walt Disney World. If you are a Signature pass holder (which is, of course, cheaper than Premier), then you cannot access the park from December 21, 20 to January 4, 2021 (tentative dates, if the park reopens).

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Pass renewal policies

You can apply for a Disneyland pass renewal from 40 days left for the plan expiry. Moreover, you can get your renewal approval at the ticket boots in Disneyland or on the official website. Besides, you can also call up at 714-781-7277 for the renewal process. However, you must know that online renewal is only possible for selective plans only.

On the other hand, there may be a situation in which a particular pass s obsolete and the plan is unavailable. You can still get a renewal because you are an old pass holder. Besides, be careful to check the fine print.

Note: The Disney pass renewal service is subject to availability. So, it is best not to wait for the final date. 

How will your Disneyland trip 2020 will be different from last year’s?

Undoubtedly, the end of the year means Christmas and New Year and therefore limitless fun and festivities. Although the situation is not very pleasant, you can still plan a trip to a happy place. It is because Walt Disney Park never disappoints anyone. However, if you plan to visit, the first thing is to check their current pandemic policies and whether the park is open. Next, you must go through the government restrictions thoroughly. There are several safety measures and rules regarding COVID-19. Therefore, you must consider every health condition and comfort level before leaving.

Every year in November, the parks transform into a magical Winter Wonderland. Everything is decked up, and you get the perfect holiday vibe with the festive entertainment and seasonal treats. Moreover, there are giant Christmas trees all around, and Disney characters present to welcome you. Therefore, Disney magic, holiday nostalgia, and delightful entertainment blend like a dream.

social distancing

Here is how your trip this year will be a little different:

Limited capacity despite festive season

Since social distancing is a mandate, the parks are allowing only a limited number of guests. Although, during other years, the festive season witnesses massive crowds, everything will be much dimmer this year. Plus, there will be no big fireworks decreasing the total festive vibe, unlike how it was last year.

Some classic holiday shows won’t happen.

Although the parks are still very merry, there is undoubtedly a lot missing this year. For example, classic events like Epcot’s Candlelight Procession and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party won’t happen. However, there will be big Christmas trees and seasonal treats that you can enjoy during your trip.

You will get better seasonal treats

Usually, the festive treats are a significant part of the Disneyland trip. So, you will be excited to know that the snack menu for this year is a lot better. Although there will be an International Epcot Festival to introduce new items on the menu, remember safety guidelines. You must ensure that you are wearing a mask at all times. Plus, social distancing is a must!

Final thoughts

While the world is going through an unfavorable phase, the festivities are like a breath of fresh air. One of the best ways of celebrating your Christmas is to visit Disneyland, and the details of booking the passes are all mentioned above.

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