Season Passes for Disney: Important Information That You Must Know

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Disney is the favorite destination of every kid and elder. When you ask a kid what is their favorite destination, within seconds, you will get the answer as Disneyland. However, not all can afford to go to Disney. Few people collect the money to go to their dream destination at least once in their lifetime. There are season passes for Disney available with which you can tour the Disney world.

This pass will put a low burden on the pocket and help you cut down the vacation cost. There are different types of annual Disney passes available. Each of them would offer different perks to travelers. Disney was closed due to pandemics and is soon going to open its doors and entertain people.

The new season passes for Disney are not available for sale. The passes are being sold to travelers whose passes got canceled since March 2020 because of this pandemic. There is an annual pass holder program available with Disney, which they are planning to shut. However, for now, the Florida passes are available for people.

The prices of park tickets have risen to 5%. If the annual pass costs USD 1000, the price of it today is 1050 dollars. However, the offers that are available on the pass would change sooner, or the benefits that are given on it. There are high chances of reducing prices.

The pass holders can reserve three tickets simultaneously. The pass holders who have hotel reservations can book Park reservations throughout the stay. You can stay in the hotel for three more days. For instance, you hold a pass for a four-night stay in the hotel; you can book the hotel for five days and stay three more days extra.

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Different types of season passes for Disney

When you hold this annual pass, you will get the following benefits and perks on the trip.

  • You can have access to all the theme parks filled with fun and frolic, such as Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Disney animal kingdom). There are two other water parks to which you have access to enjoy the water rides.
  • You would have access to the Disney oak trail golf course and ESPN worldwide sports complex. However, you have entered only when there is an event going on in this complex.
  • Can access the photo pass downloads, which you can use throughout the day
  • Get a 20% discount on your dining and merchandise.
  • Free parking facility

The cost of this season passes for Disney is around USD 1379 (it is inclusive of taxes) for both adults and children. You can buy this pass on the Disney website. The bi-coastal will have to buy the Disney premier passport, which costs around USD 2199+ taxes.

Disney platinum pass

The platinum pass is similar to that of the Platinum plus pass. However, you do not have access to the water parks, oak trail golf course, and ESPN sports complex in this pass. The pass cost would be around USD 1272.68 for both children and adults.

There is only a difference of USD 107 between the Platinum and Platinum plus pass. The water park tickets for a day only for adults are USD 73. The visit to the water park in a day would help you get the Platinum plus pass. The fee that is charged to enter the oak trail golf course is USD 20 to USD 40.

Florida resident and Disney vacation club annual passes along with discounts

People residing in Florida and DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members would get huge discounts on platinum plus and platinum season passes for Disney. Different passes are given to the Florida residents, and one amongst them is the gold pass. The Florida residents can pay for the pass on a monthly payment plan.

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It is the gold pass that is available only to the residents of Florida and DVC members. They are allowed to gain access to all the four parks with this pass. They can apply for this when there are no discounts and promotions available for the pass. The Florida resident and new DVC member must pay USD 766, whereas the Florida resident and DVC (renewal) must pay USD 651.

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Silver pass

This pass is also available for Florida residents. They have access to all four parks, but with few perks. Florida residents must pay USD 574, and the renewal resident of Florida must pay USD 488.

Theme park select

This is another type of Florida resident Disney annual pass where they can get into four parks happily and enjoy the time with the family. The block-out dates are applicable. The new Florida resident must pay USD 468, and the Florida resident (renewal) has to pay USD 424.

Weekday select

The Florida resident Disney annual pass is given to the Florida residents, which has access to all four parks. With this pass, you can also enter the parks on weekdays. The Florida residents must pay USD 393 for this pass.

Epcot after 4

This Florida resident Disney annual pass is also for the Florida residents who have access only to Epcot. However, you can only enter the Epcot premises after 4. The Florida residents have to pay USD 340, whereas the renewal residents must pay USD 289.

How to buy the annual pass?

Like the other tickets, you also have to buy an Annual Disney pass 30 days before or 60 days before your travel from Disney’s official website. This also helps you to get some perks in the form of reservations and fast passes.

Here are a few ways you can buy this pass

  • You can buy this at the ticket location of Disney world
  • Online through the Disney website
  • Call at (407) 939-7679

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Various benefits are offered to the season passes for Disney pass holders

Save big by the pass holder

You would get free parking and a great discount on the dining and merchandise when you have this season passes for Disney with you. Disney also offers discounts on the resort room throughout the year. This helps you to save on the water park tickets.

There are a few other events where you can get discounts, such as Afterhours events, Disney H20 glow nights, Halloween parties, and Christmas party. If you save money on the trip, you can also experience other things such as going around in the golf course, register for the run Disney event, boathouse, and car rentals.

VIP pass holder nights

There is a new benefit offered to the season passes for Disney holders in VIP pass holder night. Disney’s special access in the evenings to the people who hold Gold, Platinum, platinum plus, and premium pass holders to the park.

The invitation to these events in the park would be received through emails. You have to show a valid pass and ID proof to enter the park. There would be a DJ and special treats.

Free pass holder swag

Whenever the Disneyland annual pass holder will buy the pass or renew the pass, they would receive the annual pass holder magnet. These magnets have different characters and themes. Based on the time you visit Disney, you would get the special character at that time in a year. If the pass holders visit the Epcot festival, they used to get gifts.

Pass holder merchandise

Some T-shirts are distributed to the Pass holders during the special events, parties and festivals, anniversaries that happen throughout the year in Disney. The merchandise can be T-shirts, mugs, cups, and so on. These are distributed at the park where the events are carried out. You can only get the merchandise when you have the pass and ID in hand.

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Free photo pass downloads

The pass holders have the privilege to download the photo pass photos after they capture the photos in the events and the dining locations. However, this perk is given to the pass holders who hold Platinum Plus, Platinum, and gold season passes for Disney.

Park entrance

There are four parks to which the pass holders will have access. There are few entrances which are shortcuts for people to get into these parks. If you have the pass holder, you can gain access through these routes.

Mickey monitor

The Disneyland annual pass holders would also get a free subscription to the Mickey Monitor newsletter. This newsletter has a lot of stuff related to news, discounts, and updates. This is sent as an email to the pass holders in February, May, August, and November. There is only one newsletter sent to a pass holder.

Season Passes for Disney

Fast pass and selections beforehand

The annual pass holders can get the free pass+ 30 days before they visit Disney World. The users who hold Fast pass+ can get three fast pass+ selections for a park in a day for around seven days.

If the pass holder stays in Walt Disney World resort hotel, they can get the free pass+ before 60 days of their visit, using which they can stay up to 7 days. If you stay for more than two weeks, you can make the free season passes for Disney + up to 14 days.

Quick access

Whenever there are any special events, the pass holder would have access to the merchandise first before the other people can access them. The events take place at Disney springs. The pass holder must show their pass and ID to pick the merchandise that appeals to them the most and reaps the discount.


If you are traveling in the car to Disney from your place or have hired rental cars and want to take them inside, you must show the cast members’ pass and ID. The season passes for Disney holders to pay a very small amount of money than the regular parking fee.

Discounts on dining and merchandise

If you have meals at Disney World resort or buy anything inside, you can show the universal annual pass and ID to get discounts. The discounts vary from product to product, but you can save big on the purchases made.

Disney World has the best restaurants inside. Using your pass, you can earn around a 20% discount on dining and eat delicious food. Many restaurants inside Disney world offer around a 10% discount. It is good for pass holders.

Hotel discounts

Disney world offers huge discounts for the annual or universal annual pass. You can save around USD 100 per night by staying in the Disney resort. If you book two to three months before your travel, the hotels may offer better discounts.

Other discounts

The universal annual pass holders can also get discounts on the movies they watch in AMC in the Disney world to spa treatments and golf centers.

Sports and recreation

You will get a discount on playing golf, taking bikes for rent and bowling.

Tours – 15% of discount is given on tours such as Disney family magic tour, keys to the kingdom, backstage magic, wild Africa trek, and many other places

Discounts on the party tickets – People who hold the pass would also get discounts on Christmas parties and Halloween parties

Spa treatments

If you want to rejuvenate after a tiring day in the spa, you can get 15% off when you show the pass.

Renew the annual pass

There is a two-step process that you must follow to renew the annual pass for Walt Disney World. You can do the renewal through phones, online, and in person. Moreover, you can use the Pass holder’s MyDisneyExperience app and connect to the account with a magic band given to the pass holder. You can get the physical card by visiting the Guest relations or ticket booth at Disney world.

You can use this pass to get a lot of perks and discounts. At the time of renewable, pass holders would also get around a 15% discount on the Annual pass fee. The passes would hold the eligibility to renew 60 days before or after 30 days of its expiration date.

Final thoughts

If you are unable to see passes on the app, you can give the call at (407) 560-7277 or visit the park’s ticket booth. People who do not want to step out can use the My Disney experience app to renew by navigating to the My tickets tab and select the pass they would like to renew.

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