Reserve Disney Dining: Tips and Tricks for an Excellent Dining Experience

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No secret anymore, planning a trip to Disney World takes so much time, and a Reserve Disney dining is no exception. While on the one hand there are quite a few fast-food joints inside the parks, visitors do not like those always. Of course, anyone who visits Disney World wants to have at least a meal or two properly, not fast food.

To enjoy those as mentioned above, we suggest that you must make advance Reserve Disney dining. In short, the same is called ADR or Advance Dining Reservation. So, if you want to experience dinner shows, deluxe views, character meals, buffets, and fine dining, booking an ADR is the safest bet. However, in the present COVID situation, several dinner shows, buffet, and character dining may be unavailable. You can check out the official Disney website for the latest updates regarding reservations and availability.

Streamline your Disney dining experience with ease by utilizing a cutting-edge QR code maker, enhancing the efficiency of your reservation process and ensuring a magical journey through the park’s culinary delights.

Why is Reserve Disney dining the best option for you?

For most of us, eating Disney World Florida food is nothing short of living a fantasy. So, if you think that your holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then the best idea is not to leave a single spot untouched. Coming to food, you must go for a Reserve Disney dining. This includes at least one character dining experience along with other table-service joints. On the other hand, if you want to have a good time with your partner, then a romantic dinner is a great way.

If all of the above sounds very cool to you, then it is best to go for a Reserve Disney dining and make bookings at the earliest. Moreover, it would be best to stay in the central area only, especially during the busiest hour. However, if the above options do not sound important to you, then a Reserve Disney dining is not a requirement at all.

You can anyway visit food joints in the park, especially during some of the less-busy times there. Moreover, if you are searching in EPCOT, then there are high chances that you will get immediate availability of table services for your visit. Therefore, even if you do not have a reservation, there is no way that you will stay hungry.

Important things to know about Reserve Disney dining

Here are some of the things that you must know before eating at Disney World.

All guests are eligible to make reservations.

Even if someone is staying off-site, any guest has access to Reserve Disney dining, unlike several other benefits that are only for guests staying on-site. There are unique benefits exclusively if you are staying at a Disney World hotel, such as Extra Magic Hours. However, an ADR is available to all guests irrespective of any other factor. Moreover, if you plan a visit soon, check out the Disneyland hotels to see if they are allowing guests.

Park admission is a must if you are eating at Disney World.

It is essential to note that you will not be allowed for a Disney World meal without two things. One is a Disney park pass, and the other is a valid theme park admission. Therefore, if you are making plans to dine out at the Jungle Skipper Canteen, make sure that you have reservation passes and a Magic Kingdom ticket. These are not just entry passes, but a license to Reserve Disney dining too.

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Reserve Disney dining passes are available 60 days in advance of your visit.

Before the pandemic situation, the window of pass availability was 180 days in advance. Irrespective of which time of the year you want to visit Disney World, we recommend making reservations well in advance. Now that you know that Reserve Disney dining passes are available 60 days in advance, go for it without delay.

While you may think that there is much time left, it is always good to be an early bird in these cases. Moreover, it is also possible to make reservations for your entire vacation or a maximum of 10 days. This is very important if you want to dine at Disney World, especially if it is the peak season. Besides, it is essential to book a hotel room, even before making the dining reservations. That is the beginning of your trip planning.

It is evident considering the demand that the most popular restaurants in Disney World, such as Victoria’s and Albert’s and Cinderella’s Royal Table, fill up very quickly. Therefore, the more you delay, the lower your chances are of finding a dining slot at your favorite place. It also means that you may miss out on enjoying the best dining shows, too—however, several ways of snagging some last-moment reservations that you will get to know about very soon.

Decide your schedule at the earliest.

If a Disney dining experience is significant to you, it is essential to decide your schedule well. It means that you must make a list of the days you will be visiting the park and eating there. Besides, the best will be to fix everything even before the opening of the 60-days reservation window.

It is also possible for you to dine at the park daily if you want to visit each day. Moreover, you can use the crowd calendar to make a list of the parks that you want to visit each day. Also, keep in mind that, at times, dining reservations begin just before the park’s opening hours. So, you can get early access to the gardens. Sometimes, it is also possible to purchase reservations after or close to the park’s closing time.

We don’t propose utilizing morning Extra Magic Hours (when accessible) for feasting reservations on the off chance that you are remaining nearby and would somehow or another arrangement to go to those EMTs. This is because that is the point at which you would need to be on the most well-known rides.

If you are staying off-site:

For those of you remaining off-site, if you have a feasting reservation in the recreation center before it opens, you will be permitted in the right on time (for the most part, around 30 minutes before the beginning of your booking). Search for cast individuals with finishes paperwork for reservation registration or exceptionally stamped entryways.

Once in a while, this can be a proper procedure for getting a bounce on well-known attractions if the café is further back in the recreation center. For instance, be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom offers early reservations and is directly close to two of the most mainstream attractions in the recreation center: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight.

Please install the latest My Disney Experience App version.

You will only be able to access several latest features if you are using the updated version of the My Disney Experience app. So, without delay, update the app before making bookings for your trip. For example, when you are going to a Disney dining, it is possible to do a mobile check-in at some restaurants using the app.

There is a QR code or push notification using which you will be able to check-in. After that, once the staff gets your table ready, you will receive a notification on your phone once again. Now, you have to follow the same and reach your dining location.

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On the contrary, if you could not get a reservation, the only option is to go to a table-service restaurant. In this case, you can use the MDE app to add your name to the Mobile walk-up list. Moreover, you can scan a QR code from your phone and proceed from the restaurant lobby using the same. Besides, the app gives you an insight into Disney World menus and mobile orders.

Keep the credit card ready while making Disney World feast reservations.

Yes, it is essential to have your credit card ready before making dining reservations for Disney Parks. You can input your credit card details to your My Disney Experience app in advance for a smoother experience. Moreover, Disney accepts your reservation using a credit card guarantee.

So, if you do not show up according to your reservation or cancel your booking within 24 hours of the booking, you will be charged a $10 cancellation charge per person. Also, Disney will never charge in advance for your food unless you make a reservation for a dining show. For example, Spirit of Aloha, Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, and more are some of the dining shows. However, you must check whether the presentations are available now. The same goes for a fantasy dinner inside the Royal Cinderella castle.

Making dining reservations online for Disney World

Go to your My Disney Experience app, and select the Things to do tab. Now select the Make Reservations option below the Dining tab. You must know that the reservation window opening time every day is 7 a.m. EST. You will be redirected to a page where there is a list of all the available restaurants in Disney World.

Next, you will have to enter the number of people in your group, the time of the day you want to visit, and the date. Moreover, you can apply filters in this list based on the hotel name, park area, and more. As a result, the app will show you which restaurants are taking in guests on the day you want to visit. Now, you can select your choices accordingly and finalize the same to complete the reservation successfully.

How will you understand whether your booking is successful? If the answer is yes, then the same will show clearly whenever you log in to the My Disney Experience account. Moreover, it is possible to make same-day bookings, given that there is the right availability.

You can also alter your existing booking, such as increasing/decreasing the number of people or canceling the same. However, you must ensure that these are not being done within 24 hours before the final day. If you are late, you can contact the park hotline to request the changes.

Making reservations on the My Disney Experience App

Go to your My Disney Experience Account’s home screen and click on the plus sign that you will see at the bottom of your screen. A list of options will pop up in front of you. Now, you will have to select the Check Dining Availability option by entering the number of people in your group, time and date of your expected visit. Moreover, you can choose the option of Now to see whether there is any ad hoc availability.

There are other filters that you may apply to make your search experience better. For example, you can add a cuisine to see which options are serving the same. Apart from making same day bookings, you can also make cancelations using the app itself. However, the app cancelation option is available only 24 hours before your booking time. If you want to make any changes or cancel after that time, you must contact the park hotline.

Making phone bookings

Making phone bookings should be the last option, especially if you cannot access the Disney World website or the MDE app. You may have to call the park phones to make modifications or cancelations after the time for app modification has expired. For that, you must call 407-WDW-DINE and follow all the options one after the other.

Final thoughts

Apart from all the options mentioned above, there are hacks to obtain on-spot bookings. The best way of doing that is to go and ask the officials if any seat is available. While that may sound a bit embarrassing, what is the harm in trying your luck once? Therefore, we hope you have a lovely Disney world dining experience!

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