Ticket of Disneyland: Pricing Guide and Discount Schemes

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It is true that the prices for a ticket to Disneyland parks in L.A., California, can sometimes look quite daunting. However, there are several ways in which you can manage to procure discounts on your Walt Disney or Disneyland vacation. The same is possible if you are planning for a California Adventure Park tour too.

Whether it is off-season traveling or booking special passes, some money saving tricks can help you buy a ticket to Disneyland at lower prices. Apart from the tickets, you can also avail discounts on accommodation and meals. You can indeed save quite an amount during your Los Angeles stay. Altogether, whether it is your debut trip or another, there is no requirement to worry about a bank-breaking budget anymore. The Disneyland ticket discounts and other schemes will ensure that you enjoy your vacation and worry less.

You must also know that children below 3years will naturally get a discount on entry tickets to Disney California Adventure and other Disneyland theme parks. Besides, for young ones between the ages of 3years to 9, paying for a youth ticket that costs lower is enough. However, kids aged ten years and above must pay the general ticket of Disneyland amount only. The rates of passes do alter based on dates and seasons. Here is an available list of ticket prices that you will want to refer to:

  • Single-Day Value tickets: $97
  • Single-Day Regular tickets: $117
  • Five-Day Passes: $64
  • Four-Day Passes: $76.25
  • Three-Day Passes: $93.34
  • Two-Day Passes: $105
  • Single-Day Peak tickets- $135

Tips to save money when you are purchasing a ticket of Disneyland

Check out the following ways in which you can avail Disneyland tickets discount to save more on your next vacation.

The time of your visit matters

Recently, Disney came up with a surge pricing package for the single-day passes. It means that from now onward, the price of a ticket to Disneyland may fluctuate based on the current demand. Therefore, you can expect higher ticket prices during peak periods, including weekends and holidays. On the contrary, prices will be lesser during the off-seasons.

This entire scheme is similar to the fluctuating pricing of Disney accommodation that exists for a long time now. Therefore, it is better not to book for entry or accommodation passes during peak season if you are looking for lower prices under the Single Day category. The ideal time for you to visit Disneyland is during less-crowded or the off-season.

The one-day park tickets are available in three tiers- value, peak, and regulars. Moreover, Disney authorities now utilize crowd calendars to segregate days. Besides, that is how single-day passes are now offered for a particular day only. The Single-Day passes for both Disney California and Disneyland Parks cost $110 for normal days, $124 for the peak days, and $97 for adults’ value days.

Advance purchase of tickets and using them on time

If you want to save time to explore a little more in the Disney parks, then purchasing tickets online in advance is a wise decision. For this, you can either use the My Disney Experience app on your mobile or the Disneyland official website. Besides, when you are purchasing tickets online, you wish to procure only a soft copy/e-ticket or a proper hard copy. In that case, choosing the former will again be a time saver because you can save the PDF on your phone and present it at the park entrance.

Earlier in 2017, the Disneyland authorities launched the Disney MaxPass scheme. It allows visitors to make mobile bookings and return time redemption of the Disney FastPass using the Disneyland App. The same app is now called the My Disney Experience app. Moreover, the availability of Disney MaxPass costs $20 per day. Besides, the Disney resorts’ annual pass holders have the liberty to purchase the MaxPass on an annual or daily basis. Having the MaxPass also means that as a guest, you can download PhotoPass images unlimited times.

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What about the expiry of a ticket of Disneyland

When it comes to expiration, that for the season passes for Disney vary. For example, the expiry of a single-day ticket expires on a particular start day. However, when it comes to the 10-day passes, the expiry comes 14-days after the start date of the use. Therefore, if you procure a ticket to Disneyland on June 1 and start using it that day only, you will be allowed to visit any one Disney park on any of the other remaining days.

These should be between June 2 and June 14, including the two days as well. After this period, you will not be able to claim access using the ticket even if your visit days are remaining. Therefore, we suggest that you purchase tickets in advance to save time later and try and exhaust your visits within time.

The budget option will help you at the time of booking

If you plan to visit Disney theme parks for more than a day, you must know that the season passes for Disney are not applicable. It is because the multi-day tickets cost lesser per day as compared to the special single-day passes. You may say that the ticket cost goes down with every extra day added to the access. Therefore, if you wish to save on Disney world ticketing, go for the multi-day passes. This will also allow you to visit different theme parks every other day.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a three-day pass or one for a longer time, Disney offers you something special. It is called Magic Morning, an allowance to enter a Disney Park early on one day. Yes, you can enter the park an hour before average entry time and enjoy as much as you want when the crowd is yet to arrive. Moreover, you can enjoy select attractions and rides before so many other people.

You can buy an advantage with your Single-Day passes too, and it is called the Hopper ticket. This will allow you to enter more than one park on a single day for the same price. So, with a Hopper ticket, you can go to Disneyland in the morning and the Disney California Adventure in the afternoon. However, the Hopper pass comes as an add-on with the single-day one. Therefore, if keeping the budget low is your priority, you must give up on such perks and stick to multi-day passes only.

Disneyland ticket discounts

Irrespective of what the Disneyland blogs and online ads show, the truth is that acquiring the tickets is not easy at all. Moreover, the Disneyland ticket discounts, even if you find them are relatively low. For example, you can even get a value of a maximum of 5%, which is ultimately too low compared to the high pass prices. Although you may think this is to discourage you, the real deal is undoubtedly not what you see on T.V.

If you thought that the “save up to 55% on Disney passes” was right, it is not. The truth is that nothing such as hoping, hyping, praying, or wishing can get you massive discounts. Instead, what you will get from such misleading ads is just the next list of comparison sites that claim to offer you even more discounts than the other.

The best thing to do is simply follow the tips and tricks that can help you save on the tickets. Besides, if there is one way to avail of considerable discounts on a ticket to Disneyland, it is planning. Plus, you can check out the internet for any package deals that can help you save a little more on your next trip.

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What are additional tricks to obtain discount on Disney passes?

Here is a list of some different ways to stick to your budget while planning for a good Disneyland vacation.

Disneyland specials

Sometimes, usually during the non-peak season, the Disneyland authorities offer special discounts to pull in crowds. Therefore, it can always prove useful if you keep checking the website for such offer details. The most common and best offers are to avail lower prices on kid’s tickets or add a few extra days to your multi-day passes, and more.


GetAwayToday.com is a ticket selling website that offers you discounts that are otherwise difficult to find. Moreover, the advantage here is that you get easily downloadable tickets. Besides, the website secures high sales, allowing customers to find special deals more frequently here.


Once upon a time, the South California CityPASS was the most convenient way of money-saving on Disney passes. However, now they no more offer the multi-attraction passes. Instead, you can only avail of some very modest discounts in the form of a CityPASS now, which is, of course, way lesser than that GetAway deals.

One park on one day only.

If you think of galloping from one park to the other on a single day, you are entirely wrong. It is because the one-park a day ticket costs lesser than an add-on park hopper pass. Besides, multi-day passes anyway offer you a chance to visit more than one park, but only on separate days.

If you wish to go to the same park twice, you can do that too using the multi-day pass. Therefore, the best is to spend a day at the California Disney Adventure Park and two days at Disneyland during your trip. You will require a 3-day one-park per day pass, which will save you quite an amount.

Limit your day

Another right way to save some money on your Disneyland trip is to reduce the number of days of park visits. Now, that does not mean you have to miss out on things. What happens for most people is that they end up spending so much extra time in the ticketing queue instead of exploring the parks anyway. However, now you know how to avoid wasting time. Moreover, an inexpensive Ridemax subscription can come as a savior in this matter. One, you don’t have to spend hours lining up for a pass and can also explore more in two days that others complete in at least four.

Ignore unauthorized sellers and auctions

Some people end up purchasing five-day Disneyland passes, use only twice, and try to auction them. However, this way of selling tickets is illegitimate because Disneyland keeps a proper record of ticket purchasers. So, even if you buy a ticket at auction, remember that it will be useless, and you are merely wasting your money. On the other hand, some people try to sell off their tickets on websites such as Craiglist. Always stay away from such frauds because they will only sell you expired or counterfeit passes.

Get dapper

A group of stylish people dresses up in their best clothes to visit Disney parks twice a year. While it is too much fun, it is also a way of obtaining Disney discounts. To know more about this scheme, you can register for a Dapper Day website newsletter. Here you will get information about how to avail discounts, latest events, conventional park passes, rates, and more.

Enjoy walks

It is possible to get Disney pass discounts and your daily exercise at one go. Although that sounds immature, it is possible to visit the Disney official website’s announcement section. To avail of a discount, you must register your name for a Walk in the Pride walkathon organized by the Orange County Children’s Hospital.

The event usually takes place in August and is for a very noble cause. You have to walk for three miles, and once you complete, you will get a wristband. Later, when you present the wristband at a Disneyland ticket office, an entry discount is assured for you.

Final thoughts

It is finally time that you keep aside all your worries regarding budget management for your next Disneyland trip. It is time to start making the bookings and packing your bags. Remember that there some excellent tips that you just got to know to help lower the expenses on the trip.

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