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Disney World Ticketing Tips and Information for an Easier Trip Planning

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With the theme park’s reopening in phases, there are newer rules regarding the Disney World ticketing system. You must ensure a reservation via the park pass system apart from just buying the correct tickets.

There are online guides to help you with securing park pass reservations too. Moreover, the reservation system is relatively easy, and the booking seldom gets full if you are only looking for the standard tickets. Besides, this is a reasonably good time to plan your Disney World tour, considering that the crowd level is deficient right now.

With the various Disney World ticketing options, you may have to face a considerably overwhelming situation. Therefore, in this Walt Disney World guide, we are trying to guide you with the pros and cons of the various season passes for Disney. As a result, you will make correct decisions regarding what options will be the most rational for your trip. This article is an initiative to break down every complexity of the Disney World ticketing system.

To make the most of your Disney World trip, you must know the various recommendations and options regarding what tickets to purchase. Of course, it is not possible to avail discounts on season passes for Disney. However, there are several ways in which you can manage to save money on bookings. Now, before moving on to answering all your questions, there are somethings that you must take note of.

Disney World ticketing changes during the reopening phase

Several significant changes have come up during the current reopening phase of the Disney theme parks. One of the main modifications, in this case, is the park reservation policies. For example, both the Park Hoppers and Fast Pass+ are temporarily non-functional. However, you can get to know more about them soon, as they will become functional shortly, but there is no clarity about when.

Till 2020 end, keeping an eye on the announcements regarding these two passes was not very important. However, if you plan a trip around April 2021, you must follow the official Disney website for their latest announcements. By the time you start making the bookings, maybe the two temporarily suspended passes will be available too. You may also want to subscribe to Disney World newsletters for their latest info.

Disney World Ticketing

It is time now to move on with some rumors and Disney World ticketing updates.

What are the common rumors and Disney World ticketing updates?

The price of a ticket of Disneyland usually increases twice every year. It is once during the beginning of the year and again around October. However, things were different in 2020. While the price hike happened at the beginning of the year, things took a wrong turn soon. With all that is still happening around and the theme parks’ closure for so many months, we know one thing. What is already clear is that 2020 has nothing normal in it.

As a result, the price hike that was to happen in October was canceled. The main reason for the change was the multi-month closure, and of course, the lack of audience. Even after the parks started reopening slowly, attendance was lower than the general lowest. As per park officials, the low is approximately 80%, which means that the parks are practically empty. People are scared to travel. Besides, there are mandatory quarantine policies, safety measures, canceled shows, economic uncertainty, and more.

Simple speaking, the time is still not right for the park officials to announce a hike in Disney World ticketing prices. On the contrary, holiday planners and probable visitors are keeping an eye on the announcement charts.

Everyone is hopeful that the park authorities will soon announce big year ending discounts. Besides, people who are planning a visit in 2021 are all the more optimistic. However, what you can expect will probably not be the ticket-only packages. It means that ticket prices may be the same, but there can be discounts on other packages. For example, dining reservations and Disney accommodation may cost you less.

When should you start making the bookings?

In any case, Disney park management has proved speculations wrong before by increasing ticket prices at the most unexpected times also. So, if you plan to visit Disneyland anytime soon, you should make the bookings till the prices rise again. It is because the beginning of 2021 is anyway a time when prices may also increase. After all, the crowd is now increasing slowly. Besides, there are zero cons to purchasing tickets directly. It is because you will not have to pay later if the prices go up.

By the team you start with the bookings, you may look at the deals on annual Disney passes for Florida residents. These select tickets allow visitors to enter one theme park every day. The bookings for these passes started back in September 2020 and are continuing to date. The best advantage of purchasing the annual Florida passes is that you do not block out date restrictions. Therefore, these passes are the best option if you want to explore the park’s new additions. For example, Mickey & Minnie’s Runway railway, Disney World Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and more are some of the new attractions.

On the other hand, purchasing the normal Discover Disney passes means that you get only one chance to explore Star Wars: Rise of Resistance. However, you can get an add-on advantage with the park hopper passes (temporarily unavailable) to better explore the attraction. Moreover, the Star Wars attraction utilizes a virtual boarding ticket system and queue that comes with a first-come, first-serve policy.

Disney World Ticketing

Where will you find the cheapest ticket of Disneyland?

As mentioned earlier, you must purchase tickets from trusted sources only to avail any discounts. There are scammers and genuine brokers who can offer you legitimate park entry tickets at lower costs. You can presently order tickets that are valid till September 26, 2021. It is expected that the prices will remain more or less the same during this period.

If you are making online ticket bookings, then you will receive an OTP on your phones. Using the same, you can link all your passes to the My Disney Experience app. This means you will be able to view your passes anytime easily from the app. Also, your tickets will become eligible for MagicBands compatibility. The MagicBands comes with your park hotel reservations. Besides, special edition bands are always available offline, at the park offices.

It is essential to understand that there are only a very few genuine Disney world ticket sellers. So, you must be careful of whom you approach and whether you obtain only the legitimate tickets. Some of the brokers, such as Undercover Tourist, are the ones that can offer you the best deals. If some random website offers you incredible discounts, you already know that they are too good to be genuine. Besides, as mentioned earlier, real Disney World tickets will never come with massive discounts.

disney magic bands

Be careful of whom you approach for Disney World passes.

When we talk about saving money on Disney tickets, it is right for you to know that genuine ticket broker are good options. If you are looking forward to saving some extra amount on the gate passes, then approach only the honest third party agents for the same.

Top websites and people who claim to fetch you massive discounts on Disneyland tickets are scams. Therefore, if you think of purchasing Disney world tickets from Craigslist or eBay, it is the same as buying a Luis Vuitton from a street vendor.

The other important rule to note is that you cannot transfer Disney tickets at any cost. Moreover, the pass already has your fingerprint impression once you use it, even partially. Therefore, if you fall into the trap of a scammer who sells you counterfeit or partially-used passes, then the park authorities will not take responsibility.

In that case, you will have to pay the total price of tickets once again to enter the parks. Now, of course, that is not a great start to your Disney vacation!

It is important to compare an apple to another only if at all you are comparing Disney ticket prices. For your information, the general ticket prices are all exclusive of the 6.5% Florida resident tax. However, if you are purchasing tickets from genuine sellers, you should preferably include the tax amount while paying the total.

Comparing ticket prices

A lot of people make this mistake and then keep complaining regarding lower discounts than promised. Besides, you must know which two tickets you are comparing. They must be of the same category only.

On the other hand, you must determine whether you are eligible for special discounts on Disney passes. For example, there are employee discounts that you may get from your organization. Besides, there are membership programs that you may be a part of. For instance, TicketsAtWork is one of such programs using which you can avail of considerable discounts.

The only problem with such tickets is that you must wait for a long time until they finish processing formalities. However, you will be able to link the tickets despite their late dispatch. One thing is that you have to collect the final passes from the park gates only. Next, let’s see which tickets are the best suitable for your convenience.

Disney Parade

Disney World ticketing: what tickets are the best for you?

You may want to know which ticket is the favorite for the debut Disneyland visitors. That is dependent on the duration of a person’s visit. As per expert recommendation, as a first-timer, you should visit Disney World for at least 6-8 days. If we assume that you will book for more than a week, you will anyway not spend every day at the parks only. So, one day, you can relax by the poolside of a Disney resort or go for some shopping, and more.

According to reviews and suggestions, you should surely get a multi-day ticket that lasts a day or two lesser than your total vacation duration. Of course, it is only applicable if you have planned a minimum 5-day long vacation. In that case, if you still want to visit a theme park after the exhaustion of your multi-day pass, you can easily purchase special day passes.

It means that if you are planning a 7-day long tour, we are recommending that you purchase a 5-day or 6-day pass. After analyzing several reviews, it is clear that a 5-day tour is fantastic for someone who is traveling to Disney World for the first time. So, you can, in that case, visit the parks for three days at a stretch, and then enjoy Disney dining and shopping for the rest of the two days. In the last section, you will get to know whether purchasing the park hopper tickets are worth it or not.

Is it wise to purchase park hopper tickets?

The main advantage of a park hopper ticket is that it fetches you access into more than one park during the same day. Therefore, you can explore more and make the most of your time. If you are visiting the parks and children, then it is advisable that you don’t purchase the park hopper passes. It is because exploring so much in a day will not be possible for the kids. Therefore, you may end up exhausting the tickets without even using them.

On the contrary, if you wish to visit the same park twice or go for nighttime events after a break, then a park hopper is a great option. Another great benefit of these passes is that you get to spend extra hours at the park. Since there are specific opening and closing times for a park, having the park hopper passes enables you to extend the hours for more fun. We recommend that you purchase a multi-day party hopper because you can save a little more on it.

Final thoughts

After reading this article, you are now aware of many things that you did not know existed. Therefore, we are sure that you are now two times wiser and will be more cautious while making your Disney World bookings.

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