Season Pass for Disneyland: Refunds, Extensions, Future, and Impact

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Purchasing an annual season pass for Disneyland is quite a daunting decision for anyone. For the locals, it is a massive expenditure of anything between $400 and $1500. We mean the annual Disney passes for Florida residents in this case. However, for the others who travel from long distances, the overall cost is even more. It is because the expenditure involved in planning such a significant vacation is quite a lot indeed.

In this article, you will get to know essential details about the annual season pass for Disneyland. Moreover, we will suggest to you whether purchasing such a long-term pass is worth the amount or not. Plus, you must also be aware of the various perks when purchasing an annual ticket to Disneyland.

What is the impact of the COVID 19 on an annual season pass for Disneyland?

Disneyland was closed for quite a few months, and it is now reopening in small phases. However, it is pretty much unlikely to reopen totally till the middle of 2021. Therefore, it is evident that such a long-term closure will have massive effects on your annual season pass for Disneyland. Besides, while most of this post is regarding pass details, it is first essential to know the pandemic’s impact on the pass holders.

The latest park passes are not eligible for sales.

There is no complexity regarding this point. Besides, you must know that the sale of annual passes for Disney World is not available presently. Moreover, there are hardly any chances for you to obtain the same till the theme parks reopen totally. The situation is highly chaotic, mainly due to the COVID virus’s return in some parts of the world.

Governments of several countries have already implemented a ban on international travel. As a result, there are now more hurdles in the way of park reopening. Besides, mid- 2021 looks like the perfect timeframe for reopening, and the speculations are logical. The primary concern is regrading people who had purchased annual passes at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

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Everyone is too eager to know what steps the Disneyland authorities will be taking to compensate them after reopening the park. Recently, after almost a year of Disneyland closure, most of the annual pass holders received an email from the park authorities. It states that the team is equally disappointed regarding the closure of the park. Moreover, they are looking into all opportunities and scope regarding how they can compensate for everyone.

What can you expect next?

The email means that any upcoming update from the Disney authorities may prove all the speculations presently may become pointless. Moreover, if the parks remain closed for a few more months, there is only one assumption. The authorities will start refunding/terminating all annual passes.

The biggest question that people ask now is whether they will offer annual passes anymore even after reopening? Considering the uncertainty of situations, there are low chances that they will. On the other hand, the speculation has come true at the Tokyo Disney Resort. The authorities have already announced the termination of all annual pass packages recently. Therefore, it is all the more possible that Disneyland may do the same.

There is, as usual, a massive demand from all local pass holders. Moreover, the whole booking system means that managing the system will become more stressful than ever. However, there are only three hotels under the Disneyland management, and there is no certainty regarding the comeback of tourism. The upcoming journey will undoubtedly look very interesting.

The refunds and Annual pass extension scenario

While you must always trust the official Disneyland website for details regarding refunds and extensions, here is a summary of the same. In case you have made full payment for Disneyland passes, there is a chance of an extension. However, you will only get the confirmation by calling the park customer service (714) 781-4567.

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You can also enquire about all refund possibilities when you call up this number. Besides, you must be patient with the member service officials too. You must be considerate enough to understand that the pandemic is a challenging situation for everyone. That is also the reason why there is a massive backlog of extension or refund of annual passes. Therefore, you may have to wait longer than expected.

On the other hand, if you are a monthly pass holder, you are presently left with only two options. The first and obvious option is that you wait till the park reopens correctly. After that, you can make the next payment before your latest expiration date. Otherwise, you can call up the member service employees and request a validity extension for the closure period. Finally, you will have the pass after making proper payments for the full extension.

Disney Club vacation annual discounts and passes

All the Disneyland Club Vacation subscribers get a flat $20 discount on all annual passes. However, the SoCal Select pass is a particular type and does not offer any discount at all.

What is the renewal discount of an annual season Disney pass?

Renewal of an annual season Disney pass will fetch you a $10 to $75 discount, depending on the type of access you possess. However, these discounts keep fluctuating almost regularly. Besides, you must also be aware that you will have a particular renewal period. It is usually the 30 ending days of your ticket validity. However, in case you miss out on a renewal during this time, you must pay the whole pass price.

Should you invest in an Annual season Disneyland pass?

In this article’s concluding section, we will talk about all the Disney passes, including the cheaper to the costliest ones. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the pass prices increase quite randomly.

Ticket Type General Park Hoppers
One Day (Regular) $129 $179
Five Day $340 $395
One Day (Peak) $149 $199
Four Day $325 $380
Three Day $300 $355
Two Day $225 $280

Now, after you have checked out all the information and table in this article, you will surely know what to expect during your 2021 Disneyland trip. Moreover, you can now easily make up your mind regarding the annual pass purchase decision.

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