Disney World Package: How Can You Save Extra Money From Your Trip?

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A Disney World package is usually quite expensive, especially if kids are accompanying you. However, that is the usual scenario because kids are the ones who enjoy the parks the most. Don’t worry because now you will know all the tips on saving money on Disney World family vacation packages. Moreover, these tips are handy and mean that there will be no more fretting about the amount. Instead, you can start making plans to make the vacation a success with your kids and family.

Planning a Disney World package 2021 to explore the theme park in Orlando can be so fun. Of course, we understand that you cannot wait anymore to prepare for the trip, buy the tickets to Disney, and finally meet Mickey Mouse. He will be waiting for you right in front of Florida Park’s Cinderella Castle while he gorges on churros.

All of the stories and planning sounds amazing, and Disney Park is indeed one of the most magical destinations. However, no one can deny that it is also one of the costliest destinations. Read further to learn about some of the most effective ways of saving money on a Disney World package.

disney world package

What are the best money-saving tips when you are booking a Disney World package?

Here is a complete guide from being aware of the off-season to know where to stay and what to do. By the end of this article, you will be worrying lesser and planning more!

When should you visit Disney World?

You must be clear about one thing. It is that time is always directly proportionate to the money. It reminds you about all those off days when you were working to save some extra cash. Therefore, you must make the most out of your Disneyland vacation, and for that, you must try to choose your hours at Disney World during the off-season.

At these times, there will be significantly less crowding in the parks. As a result, you are benefitted in two significant ways. Firstly, the ticket prices and wait hours will be substantially less. Secondly, you will be able to explore a lot of mire due to zero distractions. You can keep track of when the ticket prices and booking pressure is low to start planning your trip.

disney world package

Saving on the entire Disney World package

The entire Disney World package includes tickets, transportation, and accommodation mainly. In this section, you will know more about the same.

Secure a good deal on Disney in Florida tickets

Undoubtedly, the tickets are one of the costliest parts of the total Disney World package. Therefore, if you want to save money, securing the best offers on the tickets to Disney is a must. Now, you must also know the authentic places where you should do the tickets.

Several sources promise you massive discounts. However, most of the time, those are scams. It is essential to be aware that it is unreal that a destination like the Walt Disney World will offer you tickets at unbelievable rates. Therefore, whenever you find something that looks too good to be true, you must beware. It is always better to be cautious beforehand than to regret later.

So, what are some of the suggested platforms that will undoubtedly offer you legitimate tickets? The priority is, of course, the official Disneyland website. On the other hand, you can download Disney My Experiences app to get regular updates and make bookings. Now, if you are still considering a third-party platform, then Get Away Today is trustworthy. On the one hand, this platform offers you comparatively reasonable rates and a guaranty of authenticity.

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disney world package

Park Hopper passes vs. regular base passes

Whenever you are booking your tickets to Disney, you will come across a difficult choice. Either you have to book the Park Hopper passes or go for the base tickets. The significant difference between these is that the base tickets will let you enter one park per day. However, if you choose the Park Hopper Disney World package, you can explore all or any of the parks in a day.

For your information, there are mainly four theme Disney parks. They are-

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Animal Kingdom

Many people who feel that exploring one park a day will be a waste usually go for the Park Hopper passes. They are generally the ones who have been to the parks several times now. However, for the first-timers or are visiting the park with family, base tickets are the best.

There is so much to see in each of these places that one day in a park will seem less time. So, what is the point of purchasing the additional party hopper passes when you need to save some money instead? Moreover, the bonus points that you acquire will help you save some extra cash too. Besides, the park hoppers pass will not only cost more but also be a waste of time.

Mid-Day Tickets for Walt Disney World

If you are worried about being unable to reach the park early morning, then it is alright! These passes are primarily meant for the ones who love to wake up late. The good news is that Walt Disney Entertainment also offers mid-day tickets for late risers. Therefore, purchasing these tickets means you can only enter the park post noon every day.

There are quite a few advantages in this case:

  1. They cost lesser than the other regular passes.
  2. You don’t have to rush faster than your alarm clocks because you are on vacation, after all.
  3. You have all the time in your hands to dress up as much as you like.

disney world package

Plan on-site accommodation using special offers

Many times, choosing accommodation on-site is far more affordable than otherwise. In that case, you can look up special offers and deals. For example, there are platforms like David’s Vacation Rentals (DVR) that will offer you the most reasonable Disney on-site accommodation deals. It is a platform on which people utilize other visitor’s timeshares. You don’t need to be a DVC member because there are no such membership facilities here. Instead, it is straightforward because you have to visit the DVC official website.

Here, you will get to know the availability of Disney hotels on the dates you want to plan your trip. Moreover, families planning a big Disney World trip can save quite a deal if they make bookings from here.

If you have flexible travel dates, then the chances of savings are even more. In this case, you can look up the Dedicated Reservations tab of the website. Here, there are lists of rental reservation deals.

Choosing off-site accommodation

There are quite a several exceptional Disney accommodations. However, the real deal is that most of these are quite expensive and do not suit all budgets. In this case, you will be happy to learn that there are equally excellent hotels off-site too. You can start by looking up the hotels near the theme parks and offering similarly good deals.

For example, you will find off-site resorts that will offer Extra Magic Hours of Disney world too. Moreover, there are good hotels that will also provide you transportation facilities to the parks and back. Now, who does not like a little luxury while vacationing, irrespective of the budget? Plus, getting complimentary transportation facilities will save you a lot of money too. On the other hand, if you decide to fly to Orlando, the total cost of renting a car is saved.

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Riding the special Magical Express

What is the Magical Express? It is an exceptional transportation service that Disney world guests can acquire if they are staying on-site. However, if you choose an accommodation off-site, then this facility is not for you.

The Magical Express is assigned to pick you up right from the airport and get you and your luggage settled in the resort. So, if you choose to stay on-site, this service will help you save quite an amount that you would spend instead of a taxi/Uber.

The tips to keep in mind before you reach the Disney location

This is a list of some of the planning requirements before you set-off for the Disney trip.

Purchasing Disney gift vouchers at a discount

While you are planning for the trip, you can try and chalk out an approximate budget of the amount of money spent during the holiday. You can then go to any club or the Disney official website to purchase gift cards at discounted rates. Although the discount rate is not significant, any little amount can be of help when you are trying to save. Moreover, you can purchase the gift cards using your credit card for extra cashback and savings maximization.

Let the kids earn their own money for the Disney trip

A great way to save for your trip is to let the children earn some Disney currency well in advance. The kids can do small jobs for the neighbors or relatives and achieve their own money to spend during the vacation. Moreover, this is an excellent idea for kids who are around ten years old or more. For example, if the kids want to get face paintings, it is, of course, an additional expense. So, in this case, the kids can utilize their money to enjoy all that they want.

Purchase the pins in advance

Did you know that trading pins are quite an exciting activity at Disney World? However, you must read about this activity on the internet before you end up investing more in pins. The best part is that the adults also enjoy trading pins besides children. Moreover, there are quite a few people who like to walk around flaunting their pin collection.

We suggest that you purchase the pins in advance because they are quite expensive inside the park. You can visit eBay and check out sellers who offer authentic pins on the platform.

So, when you reach the park, you can trade off the pins that you don’t like much. However, you must make sure that whatever pins you are trading are authentically from Disney. It is because these are the only ones that you can trade-off with the Disney Park members.

disney magic bands

Purchase Disney toys before you visit the park

Irrespective of all the PEP talks that you offer to the kids, they will undoubtedly want all of the things around when they are in the park. Therefore, you can avoid this park drama most smartly. What you can do is purchase a few toys beforehand to avoid shopping inside the park.

We suggest that you do the toy shopping from Amazon because you will get the same toys less than half of its park prices. Moreover, you cab buy some and keep them surprised when the kids are at the park. All of these tricks work, especially when you have younger kids along with you.

So, you can check out the familiar toys such as bubble makers, stuffed animals, light wands, and more before visiting the park. It is because these are the usual ones that attract kids when they are inside the park.

You don’t have to purchase Autograph books from the park.

It is a good idea to buy your children some autograph books before you enter the Disney parks. Now, these are usually must-haves, and purchasing them from inside the park means spending extra money. So, you can get these from eBay or Amazon again.

Final thoughts

The tips and tricks above will not only help you to save some extra bucks. They will also help you plan a better trip because you are now more explicit about what you want.

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