Gina Carano Fired Due to Controversial Social Media Posts

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Gina Carano used to play Cara Dune in the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.” The makers have fired her on February 10. She had shared some controversial posts from her social media handle that did not go down well with the makers.

Lucasfilm criticized Carano’s posts, planning not to work with her in future

Lucasfilm’s spokesperson said that they are currently not working with Gina Carano. Even in future, there seem no such plans of any collaborating with her. They strongly criticized Carano’s post, which disrespected their religious sentiments and cultural values.

UTA Agency dropped her because of offensive posts, as the confirmation on this news came from The Hollywood Reporter.

The 38-year-old actress faced immense backlash since she posted those content on Instagram on Tuesday. In one of her posts, she said that she found a resemblance to today’s situation with the Holocaust. Being a republican, She felt like a Jewish person in the Holocaust.

Gina Carano compared being a Republican and Jews during Holocaust

Carano said that Nazi soldiers did not beat up the Jews. The government made the neighbors hate the Jews, and they were the ones instigated to beat them, even the children. Most people were unaware of that. It is not different now, even as hating someone for their political stance is not right. She deleted that post later, though.

Gina shared another content that featured a person with a mask on, even covering the complete head. She captioned it “Meanwhile in California.”

Carano did not remove all her posts. In one of the undeleted posts, she quoted that everyone’s belief is different. So expecting agreement on one belief is just a wild point of view.

Social media backlash on Gina Carano wanting her removal from The Mandalorian

Her controversial viewpoint caused a stir around social media. There hashtag #FireGinaCarano was trending on Twitter. A user said that Star Wars don’t deserve this kind of nuisance. Another user said that he liked Pedro Pascal and The Mandalorian but wanted Gina Carano’s removal from the show.

One more user wrote that there is no similarities between a Jewish in the time of the Holocaust and being a Republican in today’s time. Another tweeted that she must go without any consideration.

Fans want Lucy Lawless to take up Gina Carano’s place

Some fans want Lucy Lawless, the Xena: Warrior Princess alum, to play Carano’s part. Many suggested why not cast Lucy and make it easy that she was playing Cara Dune all along and not Carano.

A supporter also said that the makers could swap Gina with Lucy. It should never be the way as with Howard in Marvel or Cheadle in the Iron Man.

Carano faced controversy last November 2020 on social media. She thought there was no need for a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gina said in another post after the presidential election of 2020 that laws must protect people against vote frauds. She thought the election procedures were not transparent. The Texas native came forward to support her stance.

Carano told YouTuber Drunk 3PO that people must be able to conversate at least. Irrespective of differences of opinions, they must talk with others. It is normal not to have agreed on everything. One must not feel demoralized if he or she thinks differently than others.

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