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Have you ever watched the film Avatar by James Cameron? Well, if you haven’t, then you must go and watch it before you can plan your trip to Pandora in Animal Kingdom. When you step into the World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom, you are sure to experience the adventurous, beautiful, and exotic atmosphere created there. It will give you the whole vibe of being in the magnificent Na’vi world. So, if you are planning to visit Pandora as soon as Disney World reopens, start reading our blog. We will give you a complete guide about how your trip is going to be before you step into the World of Avatars!

Pandora in Animal Kingdom – complete guide

Since our blog is about a complete guide for your visit to the World of Avatars, we thought of giving you every detail about the place. We have covered the Pandora rides, shows, shopping experience, and much more below. So, let us not waste any more time checking them all out!

Pandora in Animal Kingdom – overview

If you have watched the world-famous film ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, you would know that the movie revolves around the Avatars – the natives of Na’vi and soldiers that travel from Earth to Pandora. So, the experience of visiting Pandora in Animal Kingdom is also similar. As you enter, there is a group of people who pretend as hosts. Plus, they give you a complete overview of the Pandora wonders.

But before you book your tickets to Disney World, it is vital for you to know-how;

Pandora has made a difference to Disneyland’s Animal Kingdom.

Disneyland’s Animal Kingdom was a half-day park for several years. It’s not only for the limited shows and attractions but also for the short opening hours. Visitors would generally go back to their resorts when Animal Kingdom closed or else would go to some other park.

But in the year 2016, some night activities inclusion started attracting more guests into Animal Kingdom. The Kilimanjaro Safaris, Tree Life Awakenings, and Rivers of Lights were some activities that kept the park open for hours after the sunset.

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

How does Disneyland’s Animal Kingdom connect to Pandora?

The Animal Kingdom in Disneyland was initially designed to portray the relationship of nature with man. Similarly, the movie ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron also focuses on how the relationship between nature and man prevails. So, Pandora, in several ways, reflects how nature relates to man.

You will find Pandora in Animal Kingdom to lie towards the left side of Discovery Island. As you enter the Animal Kingdom, move towards Discovery Island, and you will see Pandora on the left.

You can always get the Animal Kingdom map and locate where Pandora lies. But don’t confuse yourself with the second entry point present after the Festival of the Lion King in the Africa area. If you happen to enter Pandora through its second entrance, you will pass the park’s river that builds the feel of entering the World of Avatars.

The Valley of Mo’ara – entering Pandora

When you start crossing the bridge connecting Discovery Island to the World of Avatar, you are sure to feel the slight shift in vibes. The insect sounds and huge ACE sign greet you into the Valley of Mo’ara. It is best you look at your Animal Kingdom map to be sure you are heading in the right direction.

First, you will notice a vast Flasca Reclonada that is a plant looming over the entry. You need to step towards the plant and then touch the pinkish exposed interiors. Soon you will see steam and water ooze out of the massive plant.

As you take a few more steps inside the Valley of Mo’ara, you will notice the majestic floating mountains’ fascinating sight. We are sure you are going to get those goosebumps as you see this extraordinary sight.

If you happen to see the pictures of this or many more sights of Pandora in Animal Kingdom, it will not give you the correct feel. Seeing something upfront always has a different feel and aura. Once you go under the floating mountains, you will notice its actual size and get you to see how it floats above the entire valley. You can standby the left-hand side and enjoy the majestic view. Also, don’t forget to click pictures!

You will notice the entire Valley of Mo’ara full of bridges, pathways, creatures, unique flora, and much more. Don’t miss out on noticing the Puffball Trees, Grinch tree, and the Vein pods.

Spend as much time you can to admire the Valley of Mo’ara. The whole place has some impeccable beauty, and alienated flora life is sure to calm your senses. More so, you are sure to wish to come back again to view the World of Avatars.


The night view of Pandora

The night view of Pandora in Animal Kingdom is spectacular. As you will find the sun setting, you notice the alien flora native to the land of Avatars start to glow. It starts reflecting its bioluminescent properties. More so, you will notice the pathways illuminate too. All the bioluminescent plants and subtle light along the pathways give you a breathtaking view of Pandora.

Pandora rides

As you now know, how it feels to be in the land of Avatars – let us go through some Animal Kingdom rides. Every Avatar ride animal kingdom is fun and adventurous. So, let us check out which Avatar ride Animal Kingdom you like best:

Avatar Flight of Passage

If you are looking for the best Avatar ride Animal Kingdom, this is indeed the best one. It would be best if you went over the bridge and then into the mountains to see yourself inside the cave.

The entire cave has paintings that depict the Na’vi’s early flight days. Plus, you will feel a banshee that surrounds you. All of which will say a story of the balance of banshee and Na’vi.

As you turn from the cave, you will notice yourself to be in the RDA facility. If you are wondering what RDA is? Well, it is a group of military people who landed in Pandora that ruined its natural balance. After their departure, the ACE used the place to make it the Mountain Banshee Project.

As you go around the base, you will notice yourself reaching the Linking Chambers. There you will find a video that plays Pandora’s backstory, Banshee Conservation Initiative information, and the RDA and Na’vi conflicts. When you are in this room, you are sure to link yourself with Avatar. As soon as you get into the next room, you will get the 3D glasses that will help you prepare for the flight.

As soon as you finish watching the pre-show, you will find yourself in the Linking Chambers, where you are sitting on the bicycle seats. You will find the ACE member to put restraints on one leg and your back.

At this moment, you are ready to explore the ride thoroughly. You can always use FASTPASSes to experience this ride once again. It is going to be one of the lifetimes thrilling experiences you will have. So, we are not explaining further as it may destroy your experience of this ride.


Na’vi River Journey

When you plan to visit Pandora in Animal Kingdom, the Na’vi River is something you cannot miss. When you are in the Avatar Flight of Passage, you will experience the luminous skies, and the Na’vi River Journey will take you through the rainforests.

Only four people on each row will be allowed in this boat. But now, with the pandemic, the number of people boarding might change.

The World of Avatar – shows.

When you are in the Valley of Mo’ara, you will notice a Sacred Place of Song. Visitors can play the drums that are the home for the Circle Drum Show setup. The show is hosted with three expats where you can meet the locals of Pandora to reflect a significant connection between nature and man in the land. Here are the things you can indulge into:

Form a band

Irrespective of age, you can participate in shaking and playing musical instruments. In the show of 14 minutes, you are sure to get drumming, clapping, and tapping together.

Make friends with a ranger

When you are in the World of Avatars, don’t miss out on meeting a Ranger. You can wear a Pandora Utility Suit that is ten feet tall and get a Pandora Ranger testing done. Many Rangers wear such impressive suits, but they are careful not to be attacked by local predators. You can watch how the Ranger tries to demonstrate the capabilities of the suits and do tests live.

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Dining in The World of Avatar – Pandora

With such a lot of activities going on around, you are sure to be mesmerized. So, how about enjoying some meal amongst the people of Pandora. There are a few restaurants that you can enjoy during your visit to Pandora in Animal Kingdom:

Satu’li Canteen

The Satu’li Canteen is the primary area for dining. All the dishes the restaurant presents are made by taking inspiration from nature. You will notice some outstanding artwork that is handwoven hanging over your heads with Na’vi artifacts displaying at the entrance giving you the traditional vibe.

Mostly the dinner and lunch options are the same. You can avail several one-bowl dishes with a perfect balance of grains, proteins, and veggies. Also, don’t miss out on trying some desserts when you are here. The blueberry-flavored cream-cheese mousse is to-die-for. If you have food allergies, there are several options for you too.

You can always use the Disneyland application to reserve your seats at the restaurant. More so, this has several outlets throughout Disneyland. So, you can choose your outlet according to your location.

Pongu Pongu

Pongu Pongu is the best spot if you wish to wet your throats. It is a great spot that serves both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

The Night Blossom is a non-alcoholic drink that is the signature of Pongu Pongu. It is a frozen limeade apple drink that comes with boba balls in them. If you wish to try your hands-on alcoholic beverages, you can choose the two types of beers – Mo’ara High Country Ale or Hawkes’ Grog Ale. Plus, you can also choose a Mo’ara Margarita or Rum Blossom if you aren’t that keen on beers.

The spot also offers a delicious dessert that is known as Lumpia. It is a roll made out of egg which has a filling of pineapple cheese cream. If you hit the spot in the morning, you can also enjoy eggs, bacon, and sausages.

Pandora shopping spots

Apart from enjoying the rides and experience of the World of Avatars, don’t miss out on bringing back some souvenirs. Here are some shops that you bring back cherish things home:


Windtraders is the shop that is present at the exit point of the Flight of Passage. You can get some extraordinary merchandise and many more things. Plush, pins, and hats are traditional items that you can bring back home from Pandora. Also, if you can make Pandora necklaces from items present there. There are tiny Banshee pets and puppets that work with the help of a remote. So, with such a wide variety of things present in this souvenir shop, don’t miss out on bringing back home something special.

Colors of Mo’ara

If you wish to get some face painting done that reflects the look and journey at Na’vi, then this is the place to be.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of how your tour to Pandora in Animal Kingdom can be, we are sure you are ready to book your tickets. But before you book them, go through the Disneyland official website to check their reopening details and the protocols they are about to follow. You would probably have to prebook your Animal Kingdom tickets online now. They have incorporated new rules during the pandemic. So, do have a look at them and enjoy your visit to the World of Avatars. And don’t forget to let us know how your trip was to Pandora in the comment section below.

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