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Were you planning to visit Disney World soon? Well, with the expense of hotels, dining, and flights, paying heavy-priced tickets can put a toll on your pockets. So, if you want to save some money on your Disney World tickets, check out our blog. We have got for you some potent Disney World tickets discount that you can avail. Plus, we have also included some tips that might be helpful while purchasing them. Start scrolling down to the perfect guide to Disney World tickets discount!

Quick tips about Disney World tickets you must know

Before we tell you in detail where to buy cheap Disney tickets and more, let us check out somethings you must know in general. Check out the following:

Disney World ticket price may vary from the date of beginning

When you are looking for Disney World tickets discount, you must consider and follow this point meticulously. Before availing of a discount, check out the date of start. That is because the prices and discounts vary by the date of start. So, it is best you always check the date of beginning before you purchase the tickets. At times, you may notice tickets having flexible date options. It is not the ideal option you must opt for.

Always keep in mind that when you are purchasing a ticket, always check several sellers on the same date and on different dates. In that way, you will get an idea about the prices. In addition, you may also notice that shifting your trip a week before or after your preferred date might fetch you more discounts.

Season Pass for Disneyland
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The price of tickets varies from ticket type and length

You will notice Disney World offers several tickets. You can either get a one-day ticket for each park, which is a standard, or get a park hopper.

You can use the park hopper ticket ranging from one to 10 days. Once you select the start length and date, you will get a variety of dates that you can use the ticket.

For instance, when you purchase a 5-day ticket, and the start date is December 12, 2021. You can choose any five days from December 12 to December 19, 2021. But it is always wise to compare the price of the tickets on several websites before purchasing them.

Don’t forget to link your ticket to My Disney Experience account

It is essential that when you purchase your tickets, link them to your My Disney Experience account. Once you link it, you will easily be able to book FastPass and make other reservations accordingly.

Cheapest months for Disney World Tickets

Before you purchase Disney World tickets discount, it is essential you know the months that offer the lowest prices. February, January, and September are the months that you get most of the discounts. However, Disney may offer discounts at any time too. So, it is best you check there website once you go through other sites.

When does Disney World tickets have sale?

Until the pandemic took place, the ticket sale waits until the day arrives. But the days for sales only limit to a few days in the year and usually sells out early.

In particular, you will see the ticket to sell out during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, spring vacations, and of course, July 4.

However, right now, we are not following the usual times. Recently, the Disney Park Pass system works on an advance booking basis. All these reservations can run out way before time. So, it is vital for you to check if there are any park pass available before checking out the discounts.

However, tickets for this year went on sale during 2020 June. But you can check if there are any available for 2022.

disney magic bands

What does Disney World tickets discount include?

It is best you keep in mind that the Disney World tickets discount does not include Universal Orlando Resort. That is because it is not a part of Disney World.

However, if your motive is to look for Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios ticket discounts, then you are reading the right space. All these parks present in Disney World fall under the same price structure.

Plus, if you wish to see Disney Springs, you don’t require any special ticket for entering. It is basically a dining and shopping district. But if you want to avail certain activities such as the NBA Experience that is paid.

Lastly, it is crucial we inform you about the water parks. Earlier, Disney allowed an option for ‘water park fun’ that you could add to your ticket. But that option is not available at the moment.

So, if you wish to avail of the waterpark, you need to purchase a ticket for $70 plus taxes. However, you can choose if you want to get Park Hopper tickets or purchase the water park tickets separately.

Disney world tickets 1-day discount

Getting a discount for Disney World tickets 1-day discount is rare to find for all the four parks – Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s official website will come up with the best offer if you are planning for a day’s trip to Disney World. However, you might find some discounts available, which is low and is almost equivalent to nothing.

Disney World Ticketing
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Where to buy cheap Disney tickets?

You may get several options to buy cheap Disney tickets. There are many ticket brokers available online that provide you with separate discounts on different dates. More so, these discounts may come and go too. If you want to avail the best tickets, it is advisable to look around.

However, we have gone through some research and got you some places where you can buy Disney World tickets at discounted rates. Check out the following:

Undercover Tourist

You can go through their website to find out some discounts available. There is around a 10% discount that you could avail from their website. However, if you are in doubt, you can go through their reviews to check out if Undercover Tourist is a reliable website to depend on.

Orlando Fun Tickets

If you are looking for the Disney World tickets discount, you can also choose Orlando Fun tickets. The deal this website provides is below 10%. Also, while you are entering the details, check out whether or not they have added taxes once you are sure to avail the discounts. And get ready to visit Disney World.

Get Away Today

You can avail of this option if you are thinking about the Disney World tickets discount. Even though their discount options vary but there is no harm in checking out their website.

Official Ticket Center

The official ticket center is an option people can avail themselves of. There is not fixed discount percentage that this site offers, but you can always check them out once.


Here is another option you can check out before you make your final bookings. Similar to any other site, the discounts available here vary. So, check out this one, too, if you are looking for discounts on your Disney World tickets.

Season Passes for Disney
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Standard discounts to avail

Now that you know some options where you can find a reasonable discount at ease let us check out some standard discounts that you may avail. However, it is best you keep in mind that the standard discounts are not easy to get. But once you can enter into the exclusive group, you can get loads of deals. Check out the following:

Discounts available on the Disney World official website

When you think about whether purchasing tickets at the gate or online is better, getting on the internet is always the safest option. More so, when you are purchasing the tickets from the official website, you get more than a 20% discount. However, now with the pandemic, buying your tickets at the gate is not an option you can avail of. So, before you book your flight tickets, or plan out a day to visit Disney World, do your research well.

Discounts for Florida residents

In general, if you live in Florida, you can get a massive discount. At times, there are options that specify only Florida residents can avail of such a discount. However, most Florida residents who visit Disney World on a regular basis avail themselves of a Disney Annual Pass.

According to the policies mentioned by Disney, each adult who lives in Florida requires to carry their proof stating that they are a Florida resident. However, minors do not need this.

Discounts for Disney Vacation Club

You will get around a 10% discount if you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club. However, generally, members of the Disney Vacation Club buy themselves an annual pass. More so, the discounts the club offers are occasional and quite low too.

Discounts for Military

If you have relatives or friends who happen to be in the military, then you can avail some massive discounts. Why we specify this has difficult because knowing a heroic person might not be possible for everyone. So, if you happen to know someone, you can get around a 50% discount.

Discounts for first responders

By First Responder we mean, people who are in the firefighting team, police, or EMS. Even though the official website of Disney does not specify this, you can always check out with your travel agent to be sure.

Tickets to Disney
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Tips to consider before purchasing Disney World tickets

Now that you have at hand all the options to check out which deal is the best let us check out some tips to keep in mind. Here we have made a list of the last-minute tips that might help you avail the best deal for your Disney World trip. Check out the following:

Check your departure and arrival days

You can get yourself a Disney Magical Express shuttle service free from the airport. So, it is essential you check out your departure and arrival days to book the service. However, it is vital for you to book a stay at any of the Disney resorts. Only then will you be able to avail of this service.

Link your tickets to the My Disney Experience app

If you get a suitable Disney World tickets discount, link it to the application. Once you finish, you can start getting your FastPass and make reservations for all the other things. Also, don’t miss out on informing your group of people about this to ensure everyone knows.

Don’t wait for the last minute to link your tickets

It is common for people to leave the linking part for the last minute. And as soon as the park opens, you place your band, and it turns blue. Then you would have to go to the counter to figure out the problem. So, it is crucial to link your ticket to your Magic Band or the plastic ticket pass before you go into Disney World.

Don’t keep misconceptions

Many people tend to think that Disney’s rules are flexible. You would fundamentally require a ticket if you want to enter the theme park. Many times, people believe tickets are not required for the first night as it is the night to only stay at the hotel. However, this doesn’t seem right. Even if you want to watch the fireworks or relax in your Disney resort, and you would still require a ticket on that day to enter the theme park.

Final thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you have plenty of options to check out the Disney World tickets discount. So, always go through several websites to be sure you are not paying on a false website. It is always wise to go through their reviews and then pay for your tickets. Also, don’t miss out on checking out many sites on the same date to get the best deal. And once you have got them, do let us know in the comment section below which discount option you availed of!

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