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ES Explorer Pro APK is an efficient file and program management application. It includes functions for terminating running programs as well as direct cloud drive storage options such as Google Drive, Skydrive, and Dropbox. It also has an FTP client, allowing you to use the app on a variety of computers, including smartphones and PC. By installing ES Explorer Pro APK on your smartphone, you can take advantage of the app’s many features. In this post, we’ll go over how to download ES File Explorer and other essential features. Let’s explore!

History Of The ES Explorer Pro APK

ES File Explorer had popularized in the early 2010’s thanks to its unique features, which made it famous before it became adware. The functionality includes a long list, such as range selection, tabbed browsing, bookmarking directories, the ability to create home screen shortcuts for files and folders, and several others. Some of these early features of the application were: 

Range selection

Range selection, which requires only two items to be highlighted to select all specified items in between, was another early feature that enabled the selection of several files and directories without the need to tap on each file individually.

Lock screen hijacking

ES File Explorer started integrating DU Charge Booster into the app around May 2016, hijacking the user’s lock screen. Users were advised to uninstall the app by many news and blog websites, including AndroidPIT, which had previously recommended it. It was later taken down due to widespread criticism and negative feedback.

Fire TV App Store removal

ES File Explorer was accidentally removed from the Amazon Fire TV App Store in August 2016. A popular software blog, The Windows Club, posted a tutorial on how to use the FTP feature of ES File Explorer in March 2019.

Conversion into shareware

Though ES File Explorer had initially been a freeware program, the app was later converted into shareware. It began charging a monthly $9.99 fee in order to use its more advanced features towards the end of 2019.

Main Functions of ES Explorer Pro APK

Now that you’ve learned a bit of ES File Explorer, let’s look at some of the application’s key features:

Manage Your Files Efficiently

One of the main features of the ES File Explorer is its ability to effectively manage programs and files. You can use a USB connection to access folders on your Android device from a computer. ES Explorer Pro APK, on the other hand, will help you access files while you are not near your device. You can access files at any time, thanks to the app’s cloud storage account support function. It also helps you to download files directly to the directories you want without having to use another program.

Application manager, task killer, and download manager are among the other file management functions. The built-in ZIP and RAR files are also supported by ES Explorer Pro APK. This feature of the application allows you to access compressed files without having to first unzip them on your screen. If you’re worried about the protection of your files, you can use AES 256-bit encryption to generate encrypted ZIP files.

Easy & Convenient to Use

Every Android consumer can benefit from ES Explorer Pro APK. You can easily handle downloaded content with the program. With ES Explorer Pro APK and a secure Wi-Fi link, you can easily manage your cloud files. However, if you attempt to download large files, the application can crash. Despite this, the software is very user-friendly, and features such as the application manager and task killer are advantageous.

Offers Many Efficient Features

ES File Explorer comes with a slew of useful features that make it a must-have for any Android user. It is one of the most valuable programs for organizing your files and programs. Additionally, you can get more features described in the next section of this blog. 

Primary Features of The ES File Explorer

The following is a list of the key features that you can get by installing the app on your device:

  • You can access the compressed files after installing the program.
  • Besides, you can listen to music and watch videos, read articles, and look at pictures with ease, thanks to easy multimedia browsing.
  • You can use cloud storage support to get access to a lot of network disc space.
  • You can use the shortcut bar for all file operations after downloading ES Explorer Pro APK.
  • On mobile devices and LAN computers, you can easily access your files.
  • You can use the search tool to scan for files both locally and on the internet.
  • Install, uninstall, and backup software with ease.
  • With ZIP and RAR help, you can easily compress and decompress your files.
  • The program makes operating and displaying files extremely simple. Besides, multiple view modes, thumbnail display, and multi-operation selection are all included in the ES Explorer Pro APK.
  • The application’s robust streaming feature allows for direct music and movie streaming on network devices.
  • With the help of Bluetooth, you can access and control files on other devices.

Benefits Of ES File Explorer Application

Installing the ES File Explorer will provide a slew of advantages. Check out the following list:

  • The application has easy customization and you can use it at your own leisure.
  • It provides loads of options for the efficient management of files and programs. In addition, you can change or modify the app settings as you want. 
  • You can organize your device internally and make the most out of the ES Explorer Pro APK. 
  • Access files anytime, anywhere with the power of cloud storage. 
  • You can get to know about the tasks that are currently running. 
  • The app helps you to clear the caches of all the applications installed on the device. 

Crucial Things To Consider When Installing the ES Explorer Pro APK

If you think the application is all good and flawless after reading the benefits, then take a break. The program has a plethora of valuable features and functions. It may, however, be confusing for new users. Furthermore, do not get your hands on features that you are unfamiliar with. Otherwise, the application could be disrupted.

How to Download And Install ES Explorer Pro APK?

The steps listed below will assist you in installing the software on your Android device:

  • In the first place, you have to click the download link.
  • After that, open the downloaded file to start the procedure.
  • Moving ahead, perform the steps instructed on the screen to finish the installation. 
  • In the end, when the installation is completed, use it to manage your files and programs with the utmost efficiency. 


If you’re having trouble managing your files on your tablet, ES File Explorer will assist you. It’s a full-featured app that can handle your phone’s day-to-day operations with ease. You will organize all of your video, audio, photos, documents, and software installations. It provides a simple solution to your file and program management problems. Install the ES Explorer Pro APK on your computer to keep up with the latest feeds.

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