Annual Pass Disney World: Be Aware Of Scammers

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There are so many different types of Walt Disney World passes and tickets, and then there was the Annual Pass Disney World. Therefore, it is often extremely confusing to understand which one you want to purchase. Moreover, after the renewal of the Disney World ticketing policies modified in 2021, many things are changing.

For example, the concept of the old Annual Pass Disney World does not exist anymore. So, you should check out the official Disney Website for the latest pricing and other updates. Apart from knowing about the change of policies regarding the Annual Pass Disney World payment plan, there are tips to help you maximize the value of the passes too.

An important tip about Annual Pass Disney World

When you purchase an Annual Pass Disney World, the first and most important tip is to link it with your Disney My Experience account. On the contrary, you can also take a picture of the backside of the pass where the numbers are present.

To be on the safer side, you can even do both and email it to yourself for a record if there is a problem with the phone later on. Even if you lose your tickets, but they are linked with the My Disney Experience account, it is possible to get a new copy of those easily.

You have to reach the part registration office and give them your email id. The cast members will compare Disney World passes along with your email id and issue you Magic Bands or new tickets. However, if you were yet to link the tickets and you end up losing them before that, there is only one option left.

It is to see if you can get the info that was present on the reverse side of the Annual Pass Disney World so that the park management can issue you a new set of passes. Even though Disney members are polite enough to replace lost tickets most of the time, they are not obliged to do so.

Of course, they want you to enjoy and understand that Disney tickets are expensive, so they try their best to help you. However, you will find it written on the passes that Disney is nowhere responsible if you lose the tickets.

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What else must you know about purchasing an Annual Pass Disney World?

You must also note a section in their system from where they erase the ticket code before issuing a new one. So, you must throw away the old passes even if you find them later on. The ticket numbers are not present in the system anymore and are marked as “potentially stolen.”

If you are purchasing an Annual Pass Disney World online, make sure that you are saving all the important numbers present in the soft copy. Those act as documents for the issuance of new tickets if in case your account gets deactivated.

Again, if you are purchasing tickets from the park gates, don’t forget to keep the receipt safely. In this case, the receipt will act as the main proof against which you will get new passes if you lose the original ones. However, you must be aware that purchasing a Disney World annual pass 2021 from an unauthorized source is not alright.

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Beware of unauthorized ticket sellers

Besides, there will be no codes present in such tickets, so there is no chance that you get copies of them in case you lose the original ones. So, think twice before approaching a ticket broker or choosing AAA. In this article, you will also learn about the wrong places you should not buy your Annual Pass Disney World. Another essential tip regarding a Disney World annual pass 2021 is that you must make sure that the park authorities are giving you two receipts.

It means whenever you are purchasing tickets at the gate, the counterfoil that you get does not generally contain codes and numbers. So, the team there will give you an extra receipt containing all the information you must keep safe.

It is best to compare Disney annual passes to see if the code mentioned on it is the same as that on the counterfoil. Later, you must also scan the ticket and save it on your computer or mobile phone for reference.

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What are not the right options when you are purchasing Disney passes?

While there are several genuine options to approach Disney World tickets, some are there to scam you. Beware of such illegitimate sources! Here is some information to help you through.

Check if someone is trying to convince you to purchase partially used tickets

For example, someone tells you that they are willing to sell off a 7day pass at a very low cost. It is because they have used up 5days, and two days are remaining. You may feel it is alright to purchase that but step back because you should not buy it. Here are reasons why you should never give in to such offers.

No way to confirm facts

There is no option to confirm the actual number of days left on that ticket. Only when you reach the park and see if it works is when you will be sure about it. There may be cases when you purchase a partially used pass, and it ends up not working when you reach the park gate. Therefore, both your money and mood are wasted.

Passes are always non-transferable

Genuine Disney passes are always non-transferable. Therefore, one ticket belongs to one person only, and no one else can use it under any circumstances. Moreover, a biometric strip records the finger scan picture the first time you enter the park. So, if you purchase an old pass, there is no way that your biometrics will match that of the original owner. As a result, you will not be able to enter the park at any cost.

Such transactions are illegal

If you are looking for a Disney annual pass Florida resident, it is important to mention that such transactions are illegal. Quite a few people face forgery changes and are in prison because of selling illegitimate Disney World passes. You may come across several ingenuine ticket brokers in the Kissimmee/Orlando area.

They usually set up stalls at night or deal in disguise of motel or hotel managers. In case he is later, it isn’t easy to understand whether the person is genuine. Therefore, the best option is to purchase passes from the official Disney website only. Now, you must be aware that Disney will in no way help you in case of a fraudulent purchase. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be careful.

Websites that usually offer unbelievably cheap passes are usually scamming you

While there are genuine Disney ticket brokers such as Undercover Tourist, there are several that are scammers only. The secret fact is that Disney tickets are quite expensive, and genuine brokers don’t make many commissions if they sell them at very cheap prices.

It is because Disney charges the maximum price for the tickets anyway. So, if you come across websites claiming to sell brand new passes at very low prices, understand that it is never possible. There must be some hack when the offer is too good to be true, and you know it.

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Scam sites are more dangerous than you can imagine. There are incidents when such scammers charge you a big amount and never send you any passes. The worst part is that you will never be able to detect them after that. On the contrary, we have heard of incidents when scammers want to fetch information from you to sell it to criminals.

Tickets to Disney
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Signs of scam websites include:

  • Disney never allows authorized ticket sellers to use the word ‘Disney’ in their URLs. So, whenever you see it is there, be careful because you are entering the wrong website. Suppose you see that a website is offering to sell Disney tickets. The first way of checking the genuineness is by seeing whether or not ‘Disney’ exists in the URL.
  • A genuine Disney ticket seller can’t offer the 1-day passes at a discount. If you find such a thing happening, RUN! Because you may become a victim of a scam.
  • Some websites will offer you only two options for making payment. Either, you will have to pay via Debit Card or Western Union Money Transfer. In both cases, there is no way in which you will get your money back. So, don’t trust them because a genuine seller will always allow you to make payment via credit card. It is also the preferable option.

Do not trust Disney ticket sellers on platforms like Craigslist or eBay

It is a fact that both of these platforms are full of scammers and con sellers. The latest development in the scam industry is that the con sellers are showcasing receipts and bills that look genuine.

These are to prove that the tickets they are selling are from genuine sources only. Moreover, you will always come across sad stories from sellers. They state how they bought passes and, for some reason, cannot make it to the Disney parks. So, they want to sell it because they can get a part of their money back.

These tickets are all non-refundable and are mostly obsolete already. You must know that Disney passes may look completely new and be obsolete. Therefore, there is no way in which you can make out what the cons are selling is genuine or not. For example, the tickets you see for sale may look fresh because they are stolen, and no one bought them. So, there is no way that there will be a record of such passes, and the park authorities will let you in with those passes.

If a website is offering dirt cheap tickets, it may be a case of timeshare promotion.

If you go to the very bottom of such a website, you will see a statutory note mentioned there. It says that the images are for mere advertising. They are meant for soliciting sales for holiday ownership and more. The message here means that you will first have to go through a timeshare presentation to receive Disney World passes. Well, in that case, several timeshare resorts do indeed offer discounted or free passes to the Disney parks. However, bearing two-hour-long timeshare presentations is not what you will want to do on your vacation. While some people still do it, all of this makes no sense because it is a waste of time. Therefore, it is always better to stay away from such websites rather than expecting genuine passes at unbelievably cheap rates. Before you get a timeshare, make sure you research if are timeshares a good investment. Because many people advised that it’s never a good idea to get one.

Annual Pass Disneyland Allows You to Enjoy So Many Things
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So, what tickets should you purchase?

Answering this question precisely is quite difficult because there is no shortcut to making the final decision. Every vacation calls for a different type of ticket that will suit your preferences. Therefore, it is always wise to prepare a proper itinerary before deciding what tickets to purchase.

It is because the correct tickets depend on how you are planning your Disneyland vacation. For example, some visitors like to spend every day exploring the same park to ensure they miss nothing.

Again, some want to visit several parks because time is short and want to experience as much as possible. Therefore, the best option is to get a calculator, and open the price charts. Now, see which passes are the right match according to your plan.

Final thoughts

You are now aware of the tips and tricks regarding Disney ticket purchasing. Keeping the points mentioned above in mind will ensure that you only purchase genuine tickets. Moreover, you will never fall prey to illegal websites and scammers.

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