Disney Ticket for Florida Residents – What to Expect

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Disney world is the most famous vacation spot all over the world. Disney World is a resort established in 1971 in Florida, spearheaded by the elder brother of Walt Disney after his death. It has four different theme parks, two of the biggest water parks globally, around thirty resorts based on Disney themes, around ten regular resorts. Disney World even has shopping malls where you can find all the Disney products. In other words, Disney world has everything you need for fun and entertainment. Disney ticket for Florida residents has different offers, which makes it cheaper for them.

Offers available on Disney tickets for Florida Residents

Disney world offers different categories of discounts on the prices of a Disney ticket for Florida residents. When Florida residents’ ticket prices are compared to the ticket prices of non-Florida residents, you can see 40% discounts on the four-day tickets and 30% discounts on the three-day tickets. There are even multiple offers available for the one-day tickets. The documents of Florida residents have previously been verified both online and offline to receive the discounts. Though, due to this pandemic, the offline procedure of document verification has been closed.

What are the things you must do in Disney World?

The to-do list in Disney World is a long one. Even for the non-Florida residents, the Disney ticket price is more expensive than the Disney ticket for Florida residents. It would help if you reached the park before it opens, and the reason is that the Disney park officials sometimes allow visitors to enter the park early. This would allow you to enjoy the rides in less crowd; this would even provide you some extra time to enjoy the theme parks in the Disney worlds.

The must-do things at Disney world are as follows:

You should not miss the chance to visit the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the most classic Disney-themed park with various rides, fairytale castles, Disney characters, and so on. Though the best place which you should visit inside the Magic Kingdom are the Three Mountains. The Three Mountains’ name is the Space Mountain, the Thunder Mountain, and the Splash Mountain. The following places are the ones which you should experience while visiting Disney World:-

Space Mountain

The Space Mountain is the most thrilling ride inside the Magic Kingdom. It is a roller coaster inside the massive futuristic structure. It is an indoor roller coaster that moves very fast.

Space Mountain

Thunder Mountain

According to a survey, Thunder Mountain is an outdoor roller coaster that is the favorite spot for most visitors. Thunder Mountain is based on the wild Disney theme. Thunder Mountain is the best spot to see the park.

Splash Mountain

In case you are visiting Disney World during the summer months, Splash Mountain would be your favorite spot. It is a log flume ride, mostly an indoor ride. The cute characters inside and the songs make it a worthwhile experience. In the end, when you go outside, you would experience a drop from the big waterfall.

Visit the Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean are a delicate indoor voyage through scenes of a pirate attack from the siege of a bastion to immorality after the conquest. Each time we ride it, we notice new subtleties. The movies got the idea from this voyage, where you would see a mythical figure of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Experience all the adventures in the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom has the lowest crowd, but the experience you get while visiting it is exceptional. Animal Kingdom is the best spot in Disney World for relaxing and enjoying. It has various rides inside it which you must not miss. Disney tickets for Florida residents offer great packages for these rides. A few of the rides are as follows:-

The Avatar Flight of Passage

The Avatar Flight of Passage ride is a refreshing 3D flight ride where you can sit on the back of a dragon and fly. You can feel that the dragon is breathing underneath you as you take off the ridiculous Pandora world through jungles and cascades. When you fly over the sea, you will find a whale leaping out of the water and sprinkling you. It’s phenomenal and unbelievably striking. This makes the Avatar Flight of Passage the best ride inside the Animal Kingdom.

The Kilimanjaro Safari

On Kilimanjaro Safaris, you board a jeep to take off into Disney’s safari park to see the actual wild animals. The best thing you can do is go for Kilimanjaro. The wild animals are more enthusiastic, and the lines are more limited. The tourist guides are always there with proper knowledge about the animals. Traveling in the early morning for Kilimanjaro Safari would give you the chance to see animals like elephants, tigers, snakes, hippopotamus, and so on.

Whitewater Boating Ride

The whitewater boating or rafting ride is undoubtedly a very soft and gentle experience with a few fascinating drops. The real fun is the Whitewater rafting ride is in the anxiety about whether you would get wet, which is very common, or may get soaked in water that might happen if you are on the wrong side of the boat.

Disney ticket for Florida residents

You should not miss the rides in Epcot

You may think that it would take less time to visit Epcot, but once you go inside, time flies. The Epcot park is divided into two broad portions, the World Showcase and the Future World. There are different restaurants and shops with various options in the World Showcase. Different cultural shows are hosted for entertainment. The Future World has the best rides, which are as follows:

Soaring around the World

Soaring around the World is a superbly chilling hand-coasting ride where you glide over the world and see some of the most popular places around the world like the Great Wall of China, Niagara Falls, Sydney Harbour, and so on. Generally, people like this ride the most inside the Epcot park.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a delicate excursion investigating the historical scene of communication from the beginning of the Stone Age to this computerized era. When you finish this, there are intelligent games and shows in Project Tomorrow that will catch your attention. Adventures like this are the main reason why experiencing Epcot park takes longer than you perceive.

Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Mission: SPACE

In case you have ever had a desire to become an astronaut, this space adventure system is all that you ever wanted. The Orange Mission is very realistic as you will feel the same of a space dispatch as you travel to Mars and avoid shooting stars via a rocket. The g-powers are staggeringly reasonable, and according to other visitors, the experience of Orange Mission is very different from their past experiences. The Green Mission is a less intense and complicated one, where you rotate around the earth’s orbit.

Disney ticket for Florida residents

You should not miss the adventurous rides in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is the most famous and the most visited park among all four parks. The Hollywood Studios park has two of the best rides, which you would love, and you would also love the theme of the park based on Hollywood. The four-day Disney Ticket for Florida residents has various discounts and offers for the Hollywood Studios park because of its popularity. The following are the most adventurous rides which you should experience:-

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Twilight of Terror is one the most classic and splendid Disney rides, you may ride it again and again, but it would still be your favorite ride because of the thrill. The idea of the shunned hotel is incredibly comprehensive, realistic, and climactic. There’s nothing comparable to the anxiety while you are ascending in the lift and hang tight for it to plunge.

Slinky Dog Dash

The Toy Story Land was established in 2018 inside the Hollywood Studios Park. The Slinky Dog Dash is the most significant ride in it and perhaps the most famous ride in Hollywood Studios Park. It’s a smooth outdoor rollercoaster. The roller coaster is constructed in such a way that it looks like Andy fabricated it out of Tinker toys. This is one of the funniest and entertaining rides in the Hollywood Studios park.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the most popular ride in the Hollywood Studios park and the entire Disney World. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was opened in December 2019, is in the new Star Wars land. This vivid, spontaneous ride takes you to the remote planet of Batuu, where you link up with the Resistance and fight an epic battle against the First Order.

What is the FastPass+?

Disney World is the world’s most famous vacation spot worldwide, so, naturally, the place will be crowded, and there would be enormous queues for the rides. The FastPass+ allows the visitor to skip the queues and enjoy the rides.

  • A FastPass+ will enable you to choose three rides of your choice and will allow you to skip the line. The bookings are to be done in advance, for example, 30 days before your visit, so that you can get FastPass+ for your desired ride. You should make the booking of FastPass+ in advance because the FastPass+ for the popular rides gets booked rapidly.
  • The FastPass+ has created the conditions better for the visitors to enjoy their vacation without waiting in large queues. The FastPass+ has made it easier for visitors to navigate Disney World.
  • The advance time for booking your FastPass+ is more for the guests staying in the Disney resort. This perk is the same for all the people, unlike the price of a Disney Ticket for Florida Residents, which is different. Guests who stay in Disney Resort have the option to book their rides 60 days before they arrive.

What are the benefits of staying in Disney Resort?

There are various benefits for the guests we are going to discuss, and there are perks that we have already discussed. The following points explain the benefits of staying in Disney Resort:

Saves your time

The Disney resorts are near theme parks, water parks, and shopping malls, making it easier for you to visit Disney World. Transportation may sometimes consume more time than you assume which would ruin your plans for the day.

Magic Bands for your group

Free magic bands are given to the guests of Disney Resorts, which you can customize according to the color you want. Your name would also be written on the Magic bands. Magic bands are used to get access to the park. The magic bands cost around $15 so getting them for free is a good deal.

Disney Resorts have the best pools

During the summer season in Florida, you would love to spend some time by the poolside. Fortunately, the Disney resorts have the best pools with the best designs; it has numerous pools and water parks.

Transportation is free

The guests of Disney resorts can relax when it comes to the transportation inside the theme parks. Disney World has a vast network for transportation that connects the resorts to the parks; guests can travel via monorails and buses inside the theme park.


Disney World has incredible themed parks with different types of rides that can provide you moments for the rest of your life. The price for a Disney ticket for Florida Residents is less when compared to the price of a ticket for non-Florida residents. The FastPass+ system has also made it easier for visitors to enjoy their desired rides without facing the queue. Disney Resorts also offer various benefits to their guests, such as 60-day advance booking for FastPass+, which would allow them to choose their desired rides and enjoy them without waiting in the queue.

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