Fl Resident Disney – All Insights Into the Magical Kingdom

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Disney World makes its way to everyone’s wishlist. People put in all their savings into planning at least one trip to any of the Disney World parks. But if you happen to be a resident of Florida, you can enjoy some perks which other people cannot avail of. Not only can you get a special Disney annual pass, but you also enjoy many more privileges and discounts. So, if you are thinking of moving to Florida post-pandemic, or are already living there, read our blog! We will give you a guide about Fl resident Disney World benefits one can enjoy and much more! Read on to know it all!

What to expect from Disney World?

Disney World offers a unique opportunity to bring all the favorite childhood TV characters alive and experience their magic. Children love Disney World for the bright colors, unique experiences, and the manifestation of their imaginations. Adults will not find themselves bored at Disney World either. With a wide variety of curated experiences such as the FL resident Disney World package, holiday packages, and unique shows curated for all ages to enjoy, adults will be able to kick back their feet and relax. At the same time, their kids make memories for a lifetime.

In fact, if you are somebody who adored Disney as a kid but never got to visit Dinsey World, you will find that it is a dream come true in every possible way. You are bound to feel highly nostalgic with all the themed rides, the famous Sleeping Beauty castle dominating the skyline, and all your favorite Disney characters waiting all over the park to meet you and take selfies with you.

Disneyland Florida

Disney World Parks

Disney World is present in six premium locations – Florida, California, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Each park is built along with the exact blueprint but boasts of its unique architecture and cultural additions to truly represent its location. For instance, Parc Disney in Paris has an old European architecture to promote its European roots.

Disney World is a themed amusement park that came into existence after legendary Cartoonist Walt Disney visited all the available amusement parks with his two little daughters but found himself dissatisfied. He envisioned a spectacular, larger-than-life theme park jam-packed with his most popular Disney characters and stories. His vision came into reality at Anaheim, California, in 1955. Later, he created the theme park in Orlando, Florida. All the other parks have been built along with the blueprint of the first two, which Walt Disney personally designed.

Walt Disney wanted the park to offer something more than just rides. So while Disney Wold certainly does come with a mind-boggling array of rides such as virtual reality simulations, roller coasters, boat rides, and much more. The parks also have other popular attractions. Some of them are light and sound shows, day-time and night-time parades, spas, resorts, merchandise stores, and many restaurants, each with a different theme and cuisine.

Disney World parks description

Check out the following:

Magic Kingdom

This land is home to most of Disney’s classic attractions such as Frontierland, themed after the giant Thunder Mountain Railroad, Liberty Square with its Hall of Presidents, Main Street, USA, to name a few. Magic World is the most visited theme park in all of America consecutively for the past nineteen years.


This park deals with celebrating all human achievements, such as creative epiphanies in science, technology, art, culture, etc. It was initially envisioned as an experimental prototype for a planned community. It is home to the Glass Pyramid, the Monorail, the Land Pavilion, Mission Space, and Landscape of Future World.

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Fl Resident Disney
Disneyland Florida Epcot

Hollywood Studios

This park emphasizes all things celluloid. It aims to showcase the achievements of cinema, film, television, theatre, and music, taking references from Hollywood’s Golden Age. It is home to Hollywood Boulevard, Grand Avenue, Echo Lake, Toy Story Land, Galaxy’s edge, etc.

Animal Kingdom

This zoological park deals with the concept of animal conservation. It has traditional rides but also displays hundreds of different animals to raise awareness and empathy towards them. It consists of Asia, Africa, Discovery Island, and Pandora, the world of Avatar.

COVID-19’s effect on Disney World

Today, Disney World has become one of the most popular tourist attractions globally, attracting an annual footfall of over 52 million people. But that is excluding the staff and other ancillary workers. However, the COVID-19 public health crisis has caused the Parks to suspend activities worldwide. But you can be sure that Disney World will make a spectacular comeback once public places reopen post the pandemic.

Many people will be jumping at the opportunity of a week-long visit to Disney World to banish the pandemic blues. So, better grab your tickets early! Keeping the current scenario in mind, Disney has introduced a lot of flexibility in its ticket booking service. It even allows you to book an undated ticket. This is because in case you are not sure when traveling will become possible in your country.

All you need to know as FL Resident Disney

Among the six premium Disney World locations worldwide, Orlando, Florida, remains one of the absolute favorites for all Disney lovers globally. It is truly a one-of-a-kind location, hence making it the second most popular one. It ranks second only after the original Disney World at Anaheim, California. Tourists from all over the world flock to Orlando to enjoy the wide variety of attractions at Disney World. The fantastic year-round weather and the other tourist attractions in and around Orlando make it a hot favorite for travelers.

The experience of Disney World in Florida

The Disney World at Orlando is a truly immersive experience. Right from the moment that you land, you will find yourself deeply immersed in the magical world. A themed bus often called the magic bus, will pick you up from the airport and transport you to the hotel that you have selected. During the ticket booking process, you will have the choice to either pick one of the hotels which have collaborated with Disney World. Otherwise, you can also choose a third-party independent hotel. But it’s best to choose a hotel with the Disney tie-up to get the full experience. If you would like to get away from the Disney characters once you leave the park, you will be better off picking an independent hotel in Orlando.

Fl Disney Space Mountain

More about the surreal encounter

If you pick a Disney hotel, your magic bus will drop you off at its lobby, where you will find everything themed according to Disney characters. It will be right from the food to the decoration in your room. According to the type of ticket you have purchased, you will be free to visit the park immediately after you have checked in. Also, you can avail yourself of the relaxing spa facilities if you need to unwind after your flight.

Visitors will spend the next few days covering the vast area on which Disney World FL is built. You will take around two to three full days to cover all the attractions at the park. You can explore Orlando and take in the local culture and cuisine if you can spare some time. Overall, you will find Disneyland to be the perfect little vacation whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with your entire family. There are many different types of tickets and packages available on FL Disney’s website. So you are free to choose whichever style suits your particular requirements.

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Walt Disney Resort, Florida

Walt Disney World resort covers almost 25,000 acres of land. This sprawling theme park was first opened in 1971. The resort is home to four primary theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. It also has two water parks called Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. According to statistics in 2018, FL Disney was one of the most visited resorts globally, garnering an annual footfall of more than 58 million visitors. It was also chosen to host the NBA Bubble in 2020, proving its cult status in America’s cultural landscape. This Disney World is not just about cartoons. It comes with multiple resorts, spa facilities, ESPN world of Sports, golfing ranges, annual festivals for flowers, foods, wines, etc. It keeps running new and unique attractions throughout the year.

Disney World tickets, Florida

The Fl Resident Disney Ticket is launched for Florida residents during the winter months to encourage footfall in the park. This ticket essentially offers a deal of $199 for visits to all four major theme parks. People who avail of this ticket can only visit one park each day for four days. However, park-hopping privileges can be added to this ticket at a nominal fee, bringing up the total ticket price to $241.5.

Fl resident Disney World ticket discount

One of the Fl resident Disney World benefits launched this year is a two-day ticket at $149 and a three-day ticket at $179.

These tickets are usually viable from January to June each year. Although some variations, such as the two-day option, are only valid until March. This brings the price for each park down to around $50 per day. If you avail of a park hopping ticket, you are free to switch between parks post 2 pm on each day. These will provide almost everything in the park. However, some attractions inside the park may require additional payments.

These tickets have been launched as an FL resident Disney World benefits experience the magical land. The ticket prices are affordable to almost everybody so that Floridians can enjoy their homegrown Disneyland at subsidized rates. However, Floridians must provide residency proof to access these special tickets. If you wish to avail yourself of the FL resident Disney World benefits, you must provide evidence that you reside in the state of Florida. The tickets are readily available online and now come with flexible dates due to the coronavirus situation.

What about offers for Florida residents?

If you are a resident of Florida, do not fret! There are several Fl resident Disney World benefits that has special offers which you can avail yourself of. Disney has come up with several tickets, passes, and offers for Florida residents to enjoy. Since Disney understands that you may wish to visit the park with friends, family, or loved ones, they have created many unique discounted offers. And they indeed are bound to cater to all your needs. Not only do they have discounts on more extended packages of 3 to 4 days, but they also offer discounts on day passes or Fastpasses. So whether you want to visit the park alone, with a large group of friends, family, or your partner, Disney World has something for everyone!

FL Resident Disney World offers

Here we will discuss some of the offers available to Florida residents who wish to visit Walt Disney. If you are looking for a resort package, you shall be able to save up to 40% on the regular ticket prices for 4-day tickets. And up to 30% on regular ticket prices for 3-day tickets compared to non-Florida Resident tickets. If you wish to visit the park for one day and do not require the hotel, tickets will be approximately $109. Of course, the viability of these offers depends entirely on your chosen date, availability of tickets, and the chosen theme park.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our article today, we hope that you know well enough about the Fl resident Disney World discounts and much more. So, visit their official website for recent updates, and do let us know in the comment section below how your trip was to Disney World.

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