Star Wars Vision: Disney Plus Reveals the First Look

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Disney Plus announces the Star Wars Vision date of the release date. It will release on September 22 as per the current update. Moreover, some of the studios in Japan are behind the short films that are there in the series. These studios are Production IG, Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorido, Geno Studio, Trigger, Science Saru, and Kinema Citrus.

All about Star Wars Vision

The name of the studios was declared along with the episodes corresponding to them. Further, on July 3, 2021, the first look at Star Wars Vision came out. The vision comprises nine short films that are inspired by anime. None of the short stories shows the same stories.

Each short of “Star Wars Vision” is unique to that of the other. Moreover, each studio, with its unique styles, contributes to each short film. All the shorts comprise different tones and styles. Each studio used its signature styles for delivering its visions and opinions.

The stories produced in “Star Wars galaxy” showcased the culture in Japan by focusing on Japanese mythology. The new version, which is the Vision, will further explore Japanese culture.

The editor and the writer of are Dan Brooks. He has used innovative ideas to make the series of Star Wars Vision interesting. Moreover, a teaser vision of three minutes of the vision is available on YouTube. You can watch it right away!

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The main aim of the event of Lucasfilm was to reach the audiences and be aware of the launch. Following are the nine episodes, along with the studios associated with them.

  • “The Duel”_”Kamikaze Douga”
  • “Lop and Ocho”_”Geno Studio”
  • “Tatooine Rhapsody”_”Studio Colorido”
  • “The Twins & The Leader”_”Trigger”
  • “The Vilage Bride”_”Kinema Citrus”
  • “Akakiri & To-Bi”_Science Saru
  • “The Ninth Jedi”_”Production IG”
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It is time you check out the best of what this series has to offer!

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