Disney Resumes Merchandise Production in Bangladesh

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Disney resumes merchandise production in Bangladesh after eight years. However, the country can overcome the causes behind the same and create a position in the global market. Moreover, with this decision of Disney, the garments industry estimates attracting around more than $500 US million.

On July 4, 2021, the company announced the production of garments in Bangladesh in the future. Thus it is possible with the partnership of factories with the Better Work Programme and BGMEA president, Faruque Hassan.

Disney Resumes Merchandise Production in Bangladesh

Disney has decided to resume the production of merchandise in Bangladesh to promote branded products in the nation. Walt Disney restricted the manufacturing of products in Bangladesh in the year 2013. This was due to several reasons.

The reasons were sought to be the fire incident that has taken place in November 2012 at the Tazreen Fashion. It was responsible for the death of 112 workers of RGM. However, another such incident was the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building. It was responsible for the death of around 1100 people.

Importance of ILS check for resuming production of merchandise in Bangladesh

Disney claimed that the country would be operating as an authorized country for manufacturing considering the ILS checks. ILS, also known as International Labour Standard checks, acknowledges the country’s transformation of industrial growth and development.

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The president of BMGEA claimed that the RMG industry had taken initiatives for investments. To ensure the safety of workers. It involves the safety of workers from fire, structural integrity, and electrical hazards. Moreover, it also considers the follow-up and monitoring for promoting the safety and well-being of the workers.

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The ILO, government, global unions, and international brands facilitated and supported the transformation of the safety standards in Bangladesh. They all have joined hands with transparency to support the same. Thus the safety measures are one of the major factors by the manufacturing unit in Bangladesh.

“QIMA” is a company providing compliance solutions in the supply chain based in Hong Kong. It acclaimed Bangladesh to be the 2nd highest ethical manufacturing country in a recent survey report. Bangladesh has most of the LEED green factories all over the world.

Several factors like health & safety, labor practices like worker representation, forced labor, etc., helped determine this rating. It also considers other practices like discrimination and disciplinary practices, waste management, wages, and working hours. The survey of “QIMA” was conducted during the outbreak of Covid-19. The pandemic adversely affected the supply chain and apparel industry worldwide.

The country’s initiatives to promote greener and cleaner manufacturing processes show commitment to contributing to a sustainable supply chain. BGMEA has been awarded the “2021 USGBC Leadership Award”. This is due to the promotion of green industrialization. RMG industry also considers the sustainable environment. Thus they deserved this respect and dignity.

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Improvements in Bangladesh manufacturing units

Bangladesh has repositioned its respect and image in the manufacturing unit with the help of these transformations. This allowed them to work with a brand like Disney, considering all the health and safety standards.

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