Helpful Lower Back Stretches To Ease The Pain

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Lower back stretches are an effective way to relieve lower back pain. The pain in the lower back can range from mild to severe. It can take you to your wit’s end when it occurs badly. Stretching is an effective way that can help you in the eradication of pain. However, it should be done with the utmost care; otherwise, it can worsen the situation. How to do it effectively? What are the different stretches that can be helpful in lower back pain? Read this post until the end to find all your answers. 

What Is Lower Back Pain? At A Glance

Lower back pain is an annoying physical ailment that brings a constant strain and unease to your lower back. The pain actually resides in the lumbar area that is found right underneath the ribcage. It is a very common physical ailment and can occur to anyone. There can be multifaceted reasons behind this troublesome situation. To get rid of this problem, you may try out the lower back stretches. Furthermore, there are plenty of exercises that are designed specifically to keep this daunting problem at bay. However, you also need to make certain changes in your daily routine if you want to prevent it from cropping up.

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Possible Causes Behind The Lower Back Pain

To fix a problem, you need to know its possible causes in the first place. It helps you to decide the right course of action that works directly on its root. The same applies to the concerning health condition that we are discussing in this post. Let’s discuss some of the most apparent reasons that can bring forth severe pain in the lower back area: 

1: Hectic Job

I hope you have already got it! If not, hold your horses. If you are doing an all-day sitting job, it shifts all the body weight to the lower back portion. When you continue this practice for years, it starts causing pain to the area. In the beginning, it remained mild. However, when you ignore it and continue the detrimental sitting practice, it will grow with time. When it grows chronic, you may not be able to work properly. It may reduce your work efficiency and can steal your peace of mind.  

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2: Heavy Load

Carrying heavy loads on your back is the other fallible condition that can promote pain in the lower back. When doing so, you may feel an abrupt sensation in the affected area, and it starts increasing with time. You may not be able to even stand properly or perform other important routine tasks. Sometimes, it gets relieved with proper rest and hot bag massages. However, if it persisted, even after three months, it has grown chronic. High time you pay a visit to your doctor and start practicing lower back stretches. 

3: Extensive Workout

If you are doing excessive weight training and another robust exercise, there is a fair possibility of growing lower back pain. It can start with a shooting sensation and can take up to a few weeks to heal. If not, you need to take it very seriously and go to a physiotherapist to avail of the proper medical attention. Your casual behavior can worsen the situation. Contrarily, when you act in a prompt manner and take the right measures, it will vanish in no time—taking proper support accessories when weight-lifting and other exercises can offer maximum protection against lower back pain. 

4: Inappropriate Posture

If you are into a job that requires you to stand for extra hours in a day, such as nursing or police, you can get pain in the lower back. If you are not standing in the right posture, it can make the situation even more painful. For instance, when standing, you are not putting equal weight on both feet. These inappropriate practices make you prone to intimidating pain. Consult doctors, or find some of the best lower back stretches from the web. Practicing them with full care and attention can ease the symptoms. 

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How To Do The Lower Back Stretches Effectively

Now that you know the possible reasons behind the nuisance let’s discuss how to eliminate it. There are several stretching postures you may try. Check the below-given list: 

  • Child pose stretching is a practice when you get on your knees as children do and move your body back and forth. It offers the pull directly to the lower back and eases the pain. 
  • The next one is the knee to chest stretch, where you need to sleep on your back and bring your knee to your check one after the other. Take a deep breath and keep it stress-free.  
  • The last and most effective one is the piriformis stretch that not only relieves the lower back pain but also strengthens your hips and lowers back. To do this, you need to lie down on your back and move your right ankle at the base of the left thigh. Repeat the same with your left ankle. You can modify this exercise to promote comfort. 

Things To Consider When Doing The Stretches

When you perform the stretches, safety is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind. If not, they can yield an adverse impact on your pain. If the pain is caused due to an injury, you must be very cautious when practicing the stretches. It is wise to take consultation from a reliable doctor before you try something, which does not go well with your expectations. If the soreness of the pain increases after stretching, take a break and give yourself proper rest. Also, when exercising, you need to know your limits, and when you are on board with weight training, be gentle to yourself. 

Final Words 

Reading this full post can help you to understand the possible reasons behind lower back pain. Also, you can find some handy stretching exercises that can ease the pain and give strength to the lower back area. However, make sure you are doing them right; otherwise, it may ruin your workout efforts. If you liked this post, visit our blog section to find more posts from the health category, stay connected. 


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