Top 11 Best Items to Buy at Disney Character Warehouse

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Disney character warehouse (DCW) is a store where you can purchase Disney merchandise. If you plan to go to the Disney store to buy merch, this article is for you. We will give you the complete guide on what to buy and where to buy them.

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando Florida

The Disney store has two locations, and both are in Orlando. Both are also close to Disney World. The two Disney Character Warehouse are:

  • Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets
  • Orlando International Premium Outlets


#1 One of them is near Disney Springs at 8200 Vineland Avenue. FL 32821

#2 The second one is near the Universal Orlando Resort. International Dr, FL 32819

If you want to do Disney Character Warehouse online shopping, you can find some items on Amazon. However, most things are not there, and there is a few fake merch as well. If you buy from an online site, then you need to check who is selling the products.

Which Disney Character Warehouse is better?

Here are the pros and cons of both Disney character warehouses:

Near Disney Springs

This one is much busier than the other one. Also, this one is bigger than the other one and products sell faster as well.

Near Universal Orlando Resort

The best thing about this store is that it has a lot of parking areas than Disney Springs. However, it is not near Disney World. Hence it is less crowded. Due to this, this store has a better offer than the other one.

Top 11 Best Items to Buy at Disney Character Warehouse

Things to remember when visiting Disney character warehouse

Before you visit any of the DCW, you should remember few things:

Visit the store as early as possible

It is best to go at least 5 – 6 hours before the closing time. It is because Disney stores are always crowded, and if you are there an hour before closing, you won’t be able to enter the store. The queue is full even when it is near the closing time.

Also, sometimes there is no parking space at the store. On busy days such as holidays or weekends, it takes hours to get a parking spot.

Check if the product is damaged or not

There is a reason why some items end up at the store instead of at Disney World. There have been cases where DCW sold damaged products. Hence always check all your items before you pay for them since once you do, they do not offer a return or refund.

Keep in mind you have to travel with those items

Most people who visit Disney character warehouse are tourists who live in a different country. If you are planning to buy a lot of stuff from the store, carry an extra bag or suitcase with you.

Also, some of the items are very delicate; hence you cannot just keep them anywhere. So, take a bag with you if you are planning to shop from the store. It is also smart to consider the weight of the luggage you will carry on your flight.

Best items to buy from Disney character warehouse

Here are the top things you might want to take back from the warehouse:

#1 Mickey Hats

Mickey is by far the most popular Disney character, and if you visit the store, then Mickey’s ears are something you should buy. These hats have been popular since 1955 when the TV show Mickey Mouse Club aired for the first time.

Till today these hats are popular worldwide and a must-have Disney souvenir. If you visit Disney World, you will see everyone wearing these ear hats, from kids to older adults.

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Moreover, if you do not like the traditional Mickey ear, which has the classic embroidered patchwork, Disney offers many more varieties of this hat. You will find different colors, designs, and patterns in the store to suit every customer’s taste.

Furthermore, these hats are also available inside the park if you do not want to visit DCW. The places you will find these hats are:

  • Mickey Ears is monogrammed, which is at Mouse Gear or Epcot
  • The Chapeau at the Magic Kingdom (Main Street of USA)
  • Five and Dime at the Hollywood Studios

If you do not want to wear them, you can adorn them on the dresser, your showcase, or anywhere you like to keep them. Also, you can use these hats when you visit Disney World next time.

Moreover, if you want to visit the park wearing these cute Mickey hats, visit DCW before visiting Disney World. All the hats come in various sizes and shapes, which will fit everyone.

#2 T-shirt

They are one of the most commonly bought Disney merchandise. One of the most common types of t-shirt that many people buy is the “I love Disney World.”

Moreover, if you want to buy different types of t-shirts, the best place is to go to Disney Springs. It is one of the biggest Disney stores and has more than 50,000 sq. ft area. Here you will find a wide variety of different clothing items as well as t-shirts.

Furthermore, if you want to have a customized Disney t-shirt, you can visit Design-a-Tee located in the same area. Here you can customize any Disney character on the t-shirt.

Also, during vacation, check out the resort-specific t-shirt section. Every resort of Disney World also has t-shirts with different designs and logos.

Top 11 Best Items to Buy at Disney Character Warehouse

#3 Christmas ornaments

One of the most endearing and famous Disney souvenirs is Disney Christmas ornaments. Your holidays will feel more magical when you decorate your house with Disney decorations and ornaments.

Moreover, you will find Disney ornaments of your favorite characters such as Mickey Ears, Beauty and the Beast, and much more.

Furthermore, you can find these ornaments all around the year at Disney Springs and also at Ye Old Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom. Besides, if you want to buy new varieties, then they are available during November and December.

In addition, if you want to have personalized Disney ornaments with your name, dates, and other special things, then Disney customizes them as well.

Disney Christmas Ornament

#4 Autograph books

Another must-have at Disney character warehouse is the Disney-style autograph books. These autograph books are a great way to preserve these memories.

One of the best things about Disney world, mainly for children, is meeting and talking with their favorite characters from Disney. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Olaf, or Ariel, meeting them truly brings joy to a child.

Thus, these books will help you preserve all the moments; hence, they are one of the top Disney souvenirs you must buy.

Even though the autographs are free, but the books are not.

#5 Silhouettes

Silhouettes are a great way to preserve those memories and remember the Disney vacation. Moreover, if you want to have a silhouette of your favorite character, then it takes only a minute for the artist to draw it.

Also, you can ask for a silhouette with you and your friends and family. Other than Disney Springs, this is also available at Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square and Main Street and Epcot World Showcase in Disney World France.

A single portrait will cost you about $12; for 2 people, it is $20; three people are $24; and for group photos (maximum four people), it will cost you $27.

Every purchase of the portrait will come with three copies. You can frame them or display them inside your house or give a copy of them to your friends.

#6 Games and Toys

Games and toys are amazing Disney souvenirs. You will find many stuffed toys of Disney characters that are loved by toddlers and kids a lot. Also, there are Disney plush toys that you can find.

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Furthermore, for games, there are a lot of choices. You find various board games that are Disney themes, such as Monopoly. Other Disney games that are popular are trivia games and Princess games.

You can play the games at your hotel or your house when you come back from your vacation. Moreover, they are great to give as gifts as well.

Top 11 Best Items to Buy at Disney Character Warehouse

#7 Drinkware, cups, and mugs

Mugs and different drinkware are very common souvenirs where you go. A lot of Disney World has their version such as:

  • “Country Bears Jug” at Magic Kingdom
  • “LeFou’s Brew Stein at Gaston’s Tavern” at Magic Kingdom
  • “The Orange Bird sipper cup” at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom
  • “Walt Disney World Resorts refillable mugs” at every onsite resort
  • “Lighthouse souvenir cup” at Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom

Moreover, if you want a customized mug or cup, then Disney Springs does those. You can engrave your name or a special date in the Disney glasses, mug, or other drinkware.

Also, there are Starbucks Disney mugs which are called “You are Here.” They are amazing and have a top-notch quality. All of the “You are Here” cups are dedicated to various lands of Disney World, for example, Disneyland Tomorrowland, Disneyland Adventureland, and a lot more.

Furthermore, some of the best selling “You are Here” mugs are:

  • Magic Kingdom mug
  • Hollywood Studios mug
  • California Adventure Park mug
  • Epcot mug
  • Walt Disney Park mug (available in Paris)

#8 Magic Bands in various designs

Magic Bands are great, and you will find them in both DCW as well as Disney Resorts. Also, they are great cause if you want to revisit Disneyland, you can still use them.

You can choose from various themes such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. You can find several styles, such as Fantasia.

Some modern characters bands which are top-sellers are:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Frozen mainly Elsa
  • Moana
  • Nemo & Dory
  • Beauty and the Beast, Belle and Gaston bands
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Toy Story mainly Woody, Slinky Dog, and Buzz
  • Aladdin and the Genie

Some movie theme magic bands that are popular:

  • Captain America from Marvel
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Darth Vader and R2D2 from Star Wars
  • Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

#9 Lanyards and Pins

If you haven’t gone to Disney World, you probably do not know the culture of owning lanyards and pins. Moreover, if you want to participate in it, first buy some pins and put them on a lanyard.

Now you can walk around Disneyland and exchange them with other guests as well as cast members. Besides, kids love to trade these items with others so that they can collect a unique piece. Also, this will keep the kids busy and happy during the long walks in the park.

Furthermore, all the pins are of high quality. But better quality comes with a higher price.

Most basic pins are about $7 – $8, and special events pins will be about $17 – $20 each. Also, if you are planning to exchange pins, it is best to buy the cheaper ones.

#10 Popcorn Buckets

If you love food and Disney, then this is the best Disney souvenir for you. Also, you can buy popcorn from Disney World and filled it in your bucket as you walk through the park. Refills are quite inexpensive as well, and you can do it as many times as you want.

All the popcorn buckets come in different sizes and shapes. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Minnie Mouse buckets
  • Disney Cinderella Carriage bucket
  • Disney Holiday buckets are available during the time of Christmas, and they are all Christmas theme
  • Toy Story buckets
  • Star Wars Galaxy Edge buckets
  • Mickey Mouse buckets
  • Dumbo buckets
  • Winnie the Pooh buckets
  • Duffy buckets

#11 Kitchenware

One of the favorite items that adults love to buy at DCW. There are a lot of kitchen accessories and tools that are available. Some of the popular items that you can buy are:

  • Serving bowls, ladle, spoon set (Mickey Mouse)
  • Glass flutes set (Cinderella and Prince Charming)
  • Bottle stoppers and salt and pepper shakers set (Mickey and Minnie)
  • Different types of cookie jars
  • Chef’s hat and apron (Mickey Mouse theme)
  • Disney tea towels

Final thoughts

In the Disney character warehouse (DCW), you will find various items that suit your taste. If you plan to go to DCW, visit during the opening as it is crowded almost every day.

There are two DCW, and both are in Orlando. One is located near Disney Springs, and the other one is located near Universal Orlando Resort.

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