Remy Ratatouille Disney World Celebrations Highlights

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Disney 50th celebration is all about your favorite cartoon characters coming alive and welcoming you into their family. From your favorite Goofy to Remy the Rat, everyone gets a prominent place in this list. Remy Ratatouille Disney World celebrations welcome you to a 4D experience like you are actually tasting culinary delights right from Remy’s’ Restaurant!

Imagine someday you wake up in your bed and see yourself downsized to a rat’s height! You see all the mundane features of your house well above your head while you move around swiftly in your own home.

While that is impossible in this world, what is Magic Kingdom for if it cannot make this imagination come true? If you are keen to make the little dream of yours come true, then enter the France Pavilion, where Chef Gusteau is waiting to greet you and embark on an adventure with Remy.


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Remy Ratatouille Disney World

Who will accompany Remy? Everyone!

You will be delighted to know that even though you will feel shrunken to a tiny size, there is no age or height bar to enjoy this ride.

You can be of any height and still get the opportunity to dash through the insides Remy’s kitchen. The 4D experience will make you feel as if someone has teleported you to the Ratatouille film set.


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Inside the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

The fountain of rats

In addition to what was already available in the film, the Disney Magic kingdom has offered you a new attraction. Just in front of the entrance to the building Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Ride, you see the Fountain of Rats. This adventure ride is situated in the France Pavilion of Epcot, which is now extended.

In this fountain, the water doesn’t flow continually. Instead, you get the feeling that someone is popping champagne bottles constantly. Moreover, the water outlets are rat-shaped. So, everything is set to welcome you to this wholesome ride through the kitchen of Remy the Rat.

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The rat ride

The ride vehicle has the shape of a rat. You see, your little dream of riding on the back of a rat came true! Each car has two rows with three seats in each row. So, in total, each vehicle accommodates six heads. You will have small dividers among the three seats and something to hold when the ride begins its whirling speed.

Chef Gustea

The eyes will see a different world when you put on the 3D glasses. The chief chef, Chef Gustea, will appear different to you through those new pair of eyes of yours.

By the way, did you know, this ride is the first bilingual show Disney World have introduced in their show? And guess who will be speaking to you in both languages? Chef Gusteau! He will greet you to his kitchen and even inform you that Remy, your favorite rat, is impatiently waiting for you!

Ratatouille getting ready

What do you think Remi has in store for you? Is it any other mundane dish from French culinary, or is it the famous Ratatouille of Remy? Remy has decided to make Ratatouille for you, and you will accompany Remi in preparing that dish!

Well, you will already guess that from the fragrances that you will get from the kitchen. Yes, you read it right! Apart from feeling the air and water around you, you will also smell the delicious food in the store there.

But then there is Chef Skinner! Who doesn’t find this person scary! But don’t worry, Linguini is there to protect you from him.

Once that is done, who can stop you from gaining an inside look in Remy’s kitchen! Guess what you can hide inside tables; you can cram into spaces that you have never imagined doing in your human body size! You will experience all the stuff that Remy does in his restaurant rat’s body? Credits to the 3-D glasses, you can!

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The technicalities

This portion goes a bit tricky for the adults. This time you don’t have any standby queue to enjoy the ride. Instead, you will have to line up in the virtual queue. The ride opens daily from 10 am and continues till 10 pm.

At first, you need to book your reservation before visiting EPCOT. With the 50th Anniversary going on, you might have to experience a little rush to get the Parking Pass. So, book that in advance.

The virtual queue will be available to you only a single time a day. You will have to log in to your My Disney Experience App at 7 am, displaying the day’s availability regarding boarding. You can do all these on your tiny mobile screen without you arriving at the place.

However, if you, by chance, miss this opportunity of the virtual queue in the morning, then you will get another opportunity to hop on at 1 pm.

Don’t’ get startled by the term boarding group. It aims to make the crowd more disciplined and organized. Through this, you do not have an assigned return time. Instead, it gets estimated beforehand depending on how the guests before you attend the attraction.

You don’t need to be a tech-monarch to access these virtual queues. These steps are intuitive and straightforward. However, you will have to keep in mind that you require speed and preciseness to get to a boarding group.

For doing that, cross-check your clock timing with Keep your phone ready, check your net speed because the virtual queue is relentless; it won’t wait for your delay!

Also, do not book the boarding groups individually. The one who happens to have the fastest finger will be able to get to the boarding group.

Final Thoughts

So, if you can get past these minor hurdles around, then the kitchen is waiting for you to come and experience the delight that goes on inside while taking up a rat’s body! Brace yourself because you have a mountain to climb to get to the size of a rat and enter Remy Ratatouille Disney World!

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