Avatar Flight of Passage Ride Details, Facts and Interesting Trivia

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Avatar Flight of Passage Ride is a part of Pandora. It has one of the highest wait times among some other Disney World rides. It is the Animal Kingdom’s most coveted attraction in Disney World.

The ride is similar to Epcot’s Soarin’ Around the World. The ride creates the sensation of flight and uses water effects, a 3D screen, and scents.

Avatar also has unique rides that the passengers can enjoy. The ride takes the passengers over the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Pandora.

Height44 inches/ 112 cms or taller
AgeKids, teenagers, young adults, and adults
Ride typeThrill type
AccessibilityWheelchair accessible
Guest PoliciesChildren to be supervised

The ride allows you to board your mountain banshee and enjoy the thrilling ride, which allows a closer look at the landscape of the moon.

To enjoy the full potential of the ride, it is important to bond with a banshee as a Na’vi hunter exploring Pandora. Banshees are powerful creatures, and riding on their back is an honor.

Where is Avatar Flight of Passage Ride located?

Avatar flight of passage Disney world is located in Pandora. The guests need to enter the Discovery Island situated in the park.

From there, they need to take a left and approach Pizzafari. Upon approaching Pizzafari, the guests need to take another left and move past Tiffins to enter the magical land of Avatar. The entrance to Avatar lies at the gate of Pandora, the floating mountains.

History of the Avatar ride

Pandora was launched in the year 2011 as Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s World of Avatar. The James Cameron 2009 Avatar movie inspired pandora.

It was officially open for guests to visit in the year 2017 on the May 27. People loved it, and it is a popular attraction to date.

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The queue for Avatar Flight of Passage Seats

The base of the caves of Pandora tells the story of it. The Na’vi hunters were the first to use it. From that base, you need to move towards the jungle. You will reach the research lab of humans who settled on Pandora. The laboratory reveals several experiments on wildlife and how it is evolving.

The lab has some amoeba-like designed creatures that add to the atmosphere of the place. Specially curated magnets control their movements. However, the monarch of the show would be a giant, suspended Na’vi Avatar. It is in a water container. It looks realistic owing to its twitching movements from time to time.

Once you have cut through the queue, you have to move to a chamber room to prepare for the flight. The chamber room can hold 16 people. A video plays that explains the concept of Avatar to you to prepare you for your flight. It explains to you how having a banshee allows you to project your consciousness onto it.

Before you get ready for your flight, you will have to go through a decontamination procedure for parasites in the large critters of Pandora. The part of this video explanation will show you glimpses of what your ride will look like, the sights, and what to be ready for.

Avatar Flight of Passage Ride

Avatar Flight of Passage ride vehicles

When the time for riding arrives, passengers move into a room containing 16 stationary bikes without pedals.

The passengers wear a pair of 3D glasses each and ride the bike leaning as forward as possible.

Padded restraints are then secured to the lower back and calves of the passengers during the flight.

Riders are seated closely, so they are free to reach out and touch each other if the need arises. However, passengers are encouraged to experience this as a solo ride experience.

Avatar flight of passage review

Avatar Flight of Passage ride is not just a crazy ride but also a memorable experience in every way imaginable. The action-packed moments on the ride make it exhilarating and emotional.

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It does not have jerks and is a smooth experience. Most of the ride is about flying. However, there are a few stops where the banshee makes a stop for some rest.

The airbags tied to the passenger’s leg signals the banshee’s breathing pace. Each phase of the ride has something new for the passenger to experience.

The flying effects of the ride are well-engineered. You can revolve your head 90 degrees or 45 degrees when you are flying up, and you will still get an entire view of the landscape. Riders seated in the middle of the room have a better central view of the landscape.

There are always sixteen riders at all three levels riding all at once. The riders at the far ends can always see all of the other riders. However, other riders claim that they can only see their immediate neighbors on their rides.

Things to note before waiting in line for this ride

The ride is wheelchair accessible. However, the riders need to transfer from their wheelchairs onto the bike seat to enjoy the ride.

Service animals are not allowed on or near this ride. Additionally, this ride does not accommodate all body types due to restraints and seating arrangements.

Guests suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, neck or heart problems, or motion sickness are not to board this ride. There are moments of flashing lights that one can find dazzling.

Pregnant women must avoid boarding this ride. The aforementioned conditions only get aggravated if one chooses to be on the ride. Additionally, this ride is not meant for people suffering from claustrophobia or vertigo.

Passengers need to be a minimum of 44 inches to board the ride. The ride is indoors. Therefore, bad weather does not affect it.

FastPass reservations are available for this ride. This is an incredibly popular ride that has a long waiting line from opening till closing.

The FastPasses for Avatar Flight of Passage ride are difficult to obtain. Therefore, one should consider making a reservation as soon as possible. The waiting time for this ride is four to five hours. Having a pass allows you to lessen an hour of the wait.

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