Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World Ride Information and Facts

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World ride is a mountain-themed rollercoaster ride. This is in Old West, a mining town. This ride was built during the California Gold Rush. It is in a place called Frontierland. Frontierland is next to the Splash Mountains in the Magic Kingdom.

Height40 inches/102 cm
AgeChildren, teenagers, adults
Ride TypeSmall drops, thrill ride
AccessibilityRequires a wheelchair transfer
Guest PoliciesChildren to be supervised

History of Big Thunder Railroad Disney World

Disney’s legend Tony Baxter was the Imagineer for this ride. Western River Expedition in the Magic Kingdom inspired Baxter to design.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disneyland launched on September 2, 1979. This ride replaced the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom opened on September 23 in year 1980. The tracks were the same. However, Monument Valley, Arizona, is the inspiration behind the design.

Fun Facts on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

An ancient legend says that gold was found here in the 1850s, and following that, spooky occurring took place. Trains would move of their own accord in the tunnels. A lot of the ride moves in the dark. This adds to the spooky atmosphere of the place.

Once guests step into the isolated mining company, they need to step into a mine shaft and board the train. Passengers enjoy the thrill of exploding dynamites and falling boulders as the ride moves along.

The ride drops into canyons and speeds through Tumbleweed, the ghost town. The town’s population has scaled down from 2,015 to 38 people. The ride is in the town of Rainbow Ridge.

It took five years of planning to build this ride. Once the planning was towards its final stages, it took two years to build the structure of this ride. The attraction spot of this ride is the mountains that join Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Space Mountain.

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The names of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad trains are fun and read U.B Bold, I.B Hearty, U.R Courageous, I.M Loco, and U.R Daring.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad drop information

The details on this ride construction tell the story of the ride. This ride receives an interesting queue.

When the guests start moving further into the queue, they learn stories about the ride. The mining company got several warnings about the spooky and supernatural occurring there, but they chose to ignore it.

One of the eeriest displays at the place is the portrait of a man called Barnabas. He is the company president. He resembles the Imagineer Tony Baxter.

Ride Experience of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World is a thrilling ride. It does not have inversions or big drops. It moves very quickly, which gives the sense of thrill.

The ride follows tight turns and makes small dips from time to time. It is packed with surprises at some of these turns.

The nighttime ride provides additional details to its passengers. One might even catch a display of fireworks. You can also time your ride to coincide with this magnificent display.

This ride has details and a Disney story that appeals to its guests. However, some passengers may find the small plunges and loops a little rough for their liking.

There is darkness in some parts of the ride, loud noises, and sudden movements that children may be averse to.

The ride can hold 30 guests at once and has accommodations for two people per row or two adults and one child. To hop onto the ride, guests need to step over a small wall.

The riding seat is lightly padded and has a bar in the front, which passengers can pull down and hold throughout their ride.

Additionally, the ride has a small netted bag attached to the front so that the passengers can keep any small belongings. This allows concerned parents to sit with their children.

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World

More information on the ride

The ride was renovated in the year 2014. The entire rail tracks were taken off and replaced. The ride vehicles were also replaced, and some new scenes and details were added for ride enjoyment.

Service animals cannot be on this ride. The ride is wheelchair accessible. However, one needs to transfer from their wheelchair to ride.

To board the ride, guests must be healthy. They should not be suffering from conditions such as back, neck, or heart problems, motion sickness, high blood pressure, or any other conditions that can worsen due to this ride.

A ride swap is available for this ride. The criteria for big thunder mountain railroad height is 40 inches or taller.

This ride does not have as long queues as some of the other Magic Kingdom rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain.

Therefore taking a Fastpass for this ride is not advisable even though the ride offers it. However, if you wish to opt for a FastPass for this ride, make sure you make reservations for it at the earliest. Getting a FastPass for the ride is very easy and does not require you to wait long.

Bad weather affects the ride as it is an outdoor attraction. In extreme weather conditions, the ride is shut down to protect its guests from any unforeseen occurrences. The queue for the ride is outdoors, and there is no protection from the rain.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue is the shortest during the firework display and before the park closes. The wait time for the ride is the longest post seven o’clock. It is the highest at ten o’clock.

Final thoughts

The mountain of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney World was created with cement and paint to give the atmosphere it exudes today.

Every lost turn of this ride takes the passengers through unimaginable scenes. The unique rock shapes remind you of the American National Park.

The detail and atmosphere is the reason that guests have found this ride spectacular for over forty years.

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