Mandalorian Costume for Adults With Complete Specifications

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The Mandalorian costume is the traditional armor that human warriors wore from the Mandalore planet from Star Wars. The most common traits include a T-shaped visor which will cover the face with a helmet. They also carry weapons like jetpacks, flamethrowers, and whipcord throwers.

Due to their past activities, their Mandalorian costume is a symbol of fear.

Description of Mandalorian Costume

Their armor is mainly made of ‘beskar,’ one of the strongest metals in their universe. Moreover, the armor could protect the people from blaster fire, and even lightsaber strikes.

However, sometimes the armor is made of durasteel or other poor-quality materials as those materials are easily available.

All the helmets have an angled visor; it is a common Mandalorian style. Since the bear metal is very durable, some of the armor is more than 1000 years old. Sabine Wren’s costume was 1000 years old in Mandalorian armor.

Jango Fett, bounty hunter, and Mandalorian foundling, used to wear a customized armor made of pure beskar. Later it was inherited by his son Boba Fett.

Design of the Mandalorian Costume

The traditional armor worn by warriors is consists of helmets, vambraces, knee pads, breastplates, shoulder pauldrons, and codpieces. It also has a shin and thigh guard, which is clasped over the armor.

Moreover, the helmets have an antenna, macro binoculars view plate, commlink, and a tactical heads-up display. The antenna is tipped with a rangefinder, and you can pull it over the view plate to have better imagery. Also, they wore magnetized shoes.

Sabine Wren even added a holo-imager in the rangerfinder of her helmet. This helped her to take snapshots.

Furthermore, the vambraces are computer-controlled devices, and they are designed in a way to combat all the capabilities of the Jedi.

Mandalorian Cosplay Costume

If you want to cosplay as Mandalorian warriors, you need two things: the helmet and the armor. Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is a place where you can get to know more about cosplay.

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Star Wars fans operate the club, and it is a worldwide costuming organization. Even though Lucasfilm is not an official cosplay club, they follow all the general rules.

If you are a new fan and want a guide about costumes and cosplay events, you should check them out.

Moreover, if you are planning to attend any cosplay events, you need to follow some costume guides.


You can find modern-style Mandalorian helmets. Both custom and canon helmets from this era are available. But the custom helmets are judged on what element it has. The club has every right to deny custom helmets if the helmet doesn’t fit the modern era.

You can check their “Helmet Reference Images Guide,” where they have a list of helmet styles from every era. You can pick any kind and customize it according to your preference. But there are no modified Hasbro helmets.


Chest Armor

Your chest armor should be fitted and placed correctly. Usually, the maximum spacing should not be more than 2.5 cm or 1 inch between the abdomen, chest, and collar plates. Also, the spacing between the chest and diamond plates should not be more than 12 mm or ½ inch.

The abdomen plate must be proportional to the chest plates. Moreover, the backplates and abdomen plates should not extend the edge of the flax vest. Also, the backplate should not touch the waist plates.

If you use screws and rivets to attach your armor, you should paint it the same color as your armor.

The armor worn on your torso should have an abdomen plate, chest diamond, collar plate, and chest plates.

Furthermore, if you are using Jango or Boba Fett abdomen plate, then the plate’s width must be double the height of the plate.

Also, if you are going to cosplay as Boba Fett, you do not need to add a chest diamond. But it is necessary for other costumes.

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For Sabine-style armor, you need to add a collar plate and abdomen plate. Both must cover the upper chest area. Other than the chest area, it must cover the throat and shoulders.

Body Armor

Cod and knee pieces are must need for the lower armor. Loincloth or soft cod is acceptable; also you can be a knee/shin (shnees) combo plate.

Moreover, if you are using shnees, the knee plate must be different from the shin plate even when connected.

To make them different, add trauma plates on the top of the knee area. Also, the shnees must cover the same area of your knee as the normal knee plates.

Moreover, you can even use asymmetrical armor in the events. For instance, you can have one thigh plate or a shin plate. It can even combine various styles like shnee in one leg and a separate shin and knee plate on another.

Price of Mandalorian Costume Adult

You will find a lot of costumes on online sites. Here is the price of some costumes:

  • Full beskar armor, jetpack, cosplay, leather, flight costume, blaster, rifle, helmet: $62.05
  • The Mandalorian Star Wars Helmet: $247.38
  • Mando Boots: $148.92
  • Bo-Katan Belt with pouches: $205.04
  • Metal Hilt with Smooth Swing: $291.48
  • 3D Printed Mandalorian Armor: $46.54
  • Fennec Shand Cosplay Costume Full Set: $222.62
  • Bo-Katan Costume: $392.46
  • Belt and holster for Westar blaster: $93.38
  • Mandalorian 1B94 Blaster Pistol: $27.16
  • Leather Leg Armour Package Men Costume: $133.06
  • Star Wars Belt with Holsters: $108.55
  • Belt with Shoulder Strap: $93.38
  • Blaster pistol with holsters: $51.74
  • Star Wars magnetic Grav Charge: $54.96

Price of Mandalorian Costume Kids

  • Mandalorian Pulse Rifle kit: $87.91
  • Galaxy Bounty Hunter Hero Kids Halloween Cosplay Costume: $12.11
  • The Mandalorian This Is the Way Galaxy’s Greetings Sweatshirt: $16.54
  • Kids 2 Styles Children the Mandalorian Cosplay Costume: $40.78
  • 6 Styles Baby Yoda Grogu Mandalorian Cosplay Costume: $39.55
  • Kids 2 Styles Jumpsuit Cloak Cape Helmet: $40.90
  • The Mandalorian 9 Styles 3D Print Hoodies: $40.90
  • Boba Fett With Jetpack Print Hoodie: $40.90
  • Beskar Armor Pants 3D Print Cosplay: $40.90

Final thoughts

You can find Mandalorian costume every easily online. There are many fan events where it is necessary to wear Mandalorian armor. You can use these costumes as your Halloween outfit as well.

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