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There are several American companies with Club 33 membership. If you are working with any of them, you can avail of the corporate pass for Club 33. It is one of the two ways to fill in your Club 33 application to access the secret elite club.

If you do not know what this is all about, here is us telling you all you need to know about Club 33 application, membership, accessibility, and more!

What is Club 33?

Let us first look at some of the most curious secret hideouts of Disneyland. Well, what did you expect? Even in this list, Club 33 EPCOT will hold the topmost position. Even if we are still not sure about the companies with Club 33 membership, still, it is very popular.

Initially, the lounges of Club 33 was in the section of New Orleans Square. It was a “VIP” lounge, exclusively built for Walt Disney.

Only the highly important guests, corporate sponsors and most likely top-notch Disney investors had access to these lounges. However, after Walt Disney passed away, the lounge also offered individual memberships.

But, Club 3, despite being a secret hideout, received immense popularity. It is now present in Walt Disney World, Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland.

Disney hideouts

Along with Club 33, these are some common Disney hideouts:

1. A suite of Cinderella Castle

Another very top-notch hideout in Disneyland is Suite in the Cinderella Castle. Even if we, normal viewers, can only witness the glory and vibrancy of Cinderella Castles, some guests can enjoy the experience of staying inside those walls. Before the Castle reached completion, the builders planned a suite inside for Disney Family.

However, after the demise of Walt Disney, Disney converted the suite into a pretty luxurious office space. But, only after a few decades, in 2006, it got back its original purpose. However, it received a little modification. No matter how rich or influential you are, you won’t get entry inside unless you win a contest whose takeaway is an overnight stay inside the Castle.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Victoria and Albert’s

Companies with club 33 membership is a mystery. Similarly, the way to secure a stay inside the Disney secret club is also mysterious. But, Victoria and Albert’s is a slightly more accessible dining option. However, it would help if you were rich to bear the expense of enjoying a dinner at Victoria and Albert’s. Not only a 7-course meal, but other exhilarating experience tells on the budget. But, if you don’t have to worry about that, you can very well hop in there.

3. Golden Oak

If you want to enjoy a hot bath in a swimming pool, fitness activities, all nestled between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT; then Golden Oak is your best call. Not many visitors know about this place, which gives the site its special colour and peace. Single-family nests carved inside the Disney World Resort is what you want to spend a perfectly peaceful vacation with your family.

Club 33

Now that we know a great deal about the secret hideouts present in Disney World, let’s come back to the top hideout in the list.

Imagine yourself stumbling across a rather usual door having a house number imprinted on it. Will you ever think that the door is the gateway to one of the most impressive and expensive clubs in the entire world?

Well, even if the door is fake, and the real entrance is around the corner, but you surely have stepped into the premises of Club 33, one of the most expensive clubs in the world.

If you are not one of the members of the companies with club 3 membership or not among the lists of other members, you will be denied entrance. Thus, as the inside world stays away from the general public, Club 33 has been at the center of much curiosity and attention.

Club 33 Disney World
Image Credit: Flickr

Club 33 Perks

If you are wondering why everyone is so hyped about getting a membership in club 33, well, they have their reasons.

There are many perks of getting a club 33 membership, and they include tickets that allow you to hop in parks for 50 days, 5 daylong tours, annual passes and access to concierge events. So, why would not people invest so much to gain access to so many amenities?

Also, rumour says that Rebel Wilson and Tom Hanks are members of the club. So, even if no one can disclose the names of companies with club 33 membership, but these rumours can entice you.

Membership costs

It’s natural to get very excited after getting introduced to all these perks of getting a club 33 membership. But, it is not a very cheap affair.

You need a handsome amount of 30,000 dollars to get the membership. Additionally, you will have to pay 5000 dollars each year to retain your membership.

But, if your pocket isn’t as large as it should be for a club 33 membership, then Splash Mountain, Dumbo the Elephant are waiting to please you.

How it got the name

There is a controversy regarding the naming of the club. While some say that it denotes the 33 investors of the club while others say it just means an address and nothing spectacular.

There is even speculation that relates it to Freemasonry’s 33rd degree. Opened in 1967 for Walt Disney and his entertainment of VIP Guests, Club 33 became one of the most grandiose clubs in the entire world. However, names of companies with club 33 membership are oblivious.

Interior designs

As most visitors are not allowed entrance into the club, there have been many talks about its interior designs. If you ever look for the club 33 Disneyland bathroom, you will be taken aback by its design and spectacle.

The front entrance leads to the vestibule, where you complete your check-ins. Followed by this is an open courtyard that houses the elevator themed on Art Nouveau. Or, if you want to take the feel of a classic winding staircase, then you can follow that path as well.

Two rooms, Le Salon Nouveau and Le Grand Salon, are on the second floor. You will get some real film sets and props in these rooms, Disney films. If you want to go back to the eras of a telephone booth and the ringing sounds of telephones, you can visit the functional telephone booth covered with dark wood. Like a walnut table that appeared n Mary Poppins, props also adorn the floor.

Also, there is amazing audio-animatronic technology at play in the club. This was masterminded by Walt Disney, where a recorder records the usual conversations while an operator replies while mimicking characters.

Thus, these are the exquisite experiences waiting behind that door of Club 33. So, if you are on the super-saving mode, you can crack open the entrance test.

Club 33 Disney World
Image Credit: Flickr

Top 5 things about Club 33

Let’s take a look at the top five things that you might not know about this secret hall of glam:

  • You can mistake the doorway of club 33 for any other common house entrances. However, now the door has been shifted to a newer location where the verifications occur. Only after that can you gain entry inside the building.
  • You can enjoy a very fancy restroom reserved for female-bodied persons. A gilded and hand-painted sink, a fainting couch are some of the fabulous things you can explore in a club 33 Disneyland bathroom. The hand towels have a gold 3 emboss in them.
  • Two types of memberships- platinum and gold, come with club 33. Even if you might not know the companies with club 33 membership, you can still look them up for your avail.
  • If you are willing to pay for an extra sum, you can get invitations to some members-only programmes. They include Jazz fests, Christmas parties, and Easter parties and field trips.
  • You can select many club 33 items such as Tiki mugs, hats, pins. So, get yourself merchandise exclusively from club 33.
Club 33 Disney World
Image Credit: Flickr

Companies With Club 33 Membership

Since it is a secret club, the names of companies associated, sponsored, and in any way related to Disney is not publically disclosed. The only way you can find out if your company is associated with Club 33 is by asking your HR.

As per most common norms, people working in top positions in a company associated with Disney can have access to Club 33. However, it differs from one company to another. You need to find out the rules levied for you to know how you get into the elite list.

Again, you can dine at Club 33 if you are invited by someone in your company who has access to the elite club because of their membership.

If you do not have the means, the only way to get in is to apply the regular way. While the waiting line can be long, it is going to be worth every penny if you can afford it.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are an ardent fan of Walt Disney and his creations, you should have a keen interest in knowing Club 33. Hopefully, this article could provide you with enough insights about the insides of this much-revered Club 33.

So, you can either start saving or visit Club 33 in your dreams! Till then, stay tuned to your desires and keep on searching for companies with club 33 membership.

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