Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail Animal Kingdom

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The Gorilla falls exploration trail is a walking tour for Disney guests to explore. Guests can find a large variety of African wildlife here, including lowland gorillas.

Where are Gorilla falls exploration trails?

The Gorilla falls exploration trails Animal Kingdom is located between Rafiki’s Planet Watch entrance and the Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Visitors exiting from the Kilimanjaro Safaris can choose between walking the Gorilla falls exploration trail and returning to Harambe.

HeightAny height
AgeAny age
AccessibilityDo not need to transfer from their wheelchair

History of Gorilla Animal Kingdom

This walking trail opened for the first time on April 22, 1998, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In August 1998, this trail was renamed as Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. However, later in May 2016, it returned to its original name.

Experience of Gorilla Falls

The Gorilla Falls is right next to the entrance of Kilimanjaro falls. This walking trail allows the guests to explore the animals at their own pace. Guests can find zebras, hippos, monkeys, rats, birds, meerkats, and gorillas.

The queue of Gorilla falls Animal Kingdom

There is no queue for this trail because it is a self-guided trail where guests can walk. However, guests might face some crowd around certain animal viewing areas. In such cases, the guests wait for their respective turns for a better view.

Gorilla animal kingdom accessibility

Guests can remain in their wheelchairs while using this trail. They need not transfer to another vehicle from their wheelchair. Service animals are not allowed free access everywhere here.

There are no health and safety advisories for this trial. This is a walking experience that everyone can enjoy with their dear ones.

There are no height requirements that prohibit people from enjoying the trail. However, due to the trail’s outdoor nature, guests need to be wary of the weather. During bad weather, it is better to avoid the route.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail Tips

Here are some ways to make the most of your time when you visit the Gorilla Falls:

1. Observe carefully

The trail has beautiful artwork on the floor and the ceiling. Make sure to take it all in a while enjoying sighting animals. Many visitors focus on the animals but neglect to look elsewhere for enjoyment.

2. Interrogate

You can enjoy it a lot just by asking questions to people who know about the trail. Cast members scatter around the trail. They can give you the answer to your questions.

3. Read

This trail is packed with information if you wish to read. There is information widely available on the exhibits.

If you end up reading all of it, you might feel like you have been overloaded with information.

Therefore, take your time to read the posters. If you have children with you, encourage them to read explain that educational experiences can be fun.

4. Timing is key

It is important to be at the right place at the right time. Randomly coming across fun moments among animals can be exciting. However, one can see better sights when and when to look for them. You can direct your luck at viewing good sights by keeping an eye on the observation points on the walking trail.

Final thoughts

The gorillas on the Same Gorilla falls exploration trails are most active in the morning between 9 Am – 11 Am. They are taken inside between 4:30-5:00 pm.

This is because the baby gorillas need time with their respective families. Therefore, if you plan to view the best sight with gorillas, morning would be a good time to visit. Apart from gorillas, many other animals enrapture the guests.

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