Jungle Cruise Ride Walt Disney World Attraction

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Jungle cruise ride Walt Disney world takes guests on a 10,000 like river tour. Elephants and angry hippos are a part of the ride and add all more life to it.

The jungle cruise ride is situated at many of Disney Parks Adventureland. It is also located in Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland (California), and Magic Kingdom. The ride goes by the name of Jungle River Cruise at Hong Kong Disneyland.

This riverboat cruise covers various significant rivers of South America, Asia, and Africa. The guests need to board tramp steamers that introduce them to various audio-animatronic animals on this journey.

HeightAny height
AgeAny age
Ride typeSlow
AccessibilityMay remain in wheelchair

Design of Jungle Cruise ride Walt Disney World

True Life Adventures nature film inspired the idea of jungle cruise ride Disney World. Walt Disney wanted real animals for this ride. However, that was not possible. The ride features audio-animatronic animals for the enjoyment of the guests.

Imagineer Harper Goff was largely inspired by the movie The African Queen. The ride vehicles took their inspiration from the steamer design shown in the film.

Imagineer Bill Evans was responsible for creating this jungle ride on a budget. He used various regular plants in a manner that conveyed the exotic theme.

Evans planted orange plants upside down so that their roots were exposed. He also dyed the river brown to prevent the guests from seeing the bottom of the lake.

Additionally, Imagineer Marc Davis worked on the ride. The Trapped Safari and the Indian Elephant Bathing Pool are his contributions to the ride.

Trivia on Jungle Cruise Disney World

Disney world jungle cruise encouraged two attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Kilimanjaro Safari contains real wild animals, as was Walt Disney’s original plan. The other jungle cruise exhibits an alien theme at the Na’vi River Journey. It displays an Avatar reimagining.

Both John Lasseter and Kevin Costner worked as boat captains at Disneyland. The Paris Disney Park does not have a jungle cruise. This is owing to the unbearably cold climate of Northern Europe. However, Disneyland Paris had a forest-themed gift shop. The shop was called Trader Sam’s Jungle Boutique. However, later the name was replaced with Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost.

Jungle Cruise’s allusion to The African Queen:

The name of the boat of Jungle Cruise is called The Congo Queen. Some people believe that this is a tribute to Charlie’s boat in the movie The African Queen.

The Jungle Cruise from Magic Kingdom showcases a container of ‘Rose’s Leech Salt.’ This is a reference to a scene in the film where Rose Sawyer helps Charlie recuperate from leeches. Some believe that the name ‘Jungle Queen’ on the map here is also an allusion to The African Queen.

One of the heads of Chief Nah-mee resembles the head of Rose Sawyer (Katharine Hepburn). Additionally, the Bengal Barbecue is a photoshopped picture of Rose Sawyer and Charlie Allnut riding in the African veldt past the Zambezi mist and the original lost Safari.

Image Credit: Flickr

References to the Jungle Cruise movie

Frank’s hat has a place in Magic Kingdom’s office of jungle cruise ride Walt Disney world. When the Jungle Cruise movie premiered, one of the boats was transformed into La Quila, Frank’s boats. The map of the Rivers of Adventure has the signature ‘F.W.’ for Frank Wolff.

Final thoughts

Jungle cruise ride Walt Disney World was first launched in the year 1971. It is a 10-minute long boat ride. This ride is the most interesting ride in all of Disney World. The ride is going through changes right now to ensure providing a premium experience.

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