Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 Month by Month Update

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Nobody wants long queues while traveling to their dream destination. So, if you have planned your next vacation to your favorite Disney World, you would also not welcome long lines. Thus, this Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 has come to your aid.

If you follow this calendar and avoid the dates marked for the worst crowds, you can plan a relaxing and comfortable trip for yourself and your family. So, why wait for your luck to favor you when you can make your fate?

What do we mean by a Crowd Calendar?

Well, we have been long chattering about Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022. But, what is this all about?

How comfortable your Disney trip will depend on a multitude of factors-weather, school schedules, holidays so much and so forth.

Often, tourists can’t keep track of all these factors and then plan their vacation, which ultimately results in a hectic, crowded holiday with no peace of mind.

Crowd calendars help lay out the busiest days of a particular theme park. Well, how do the calendars predict that? They do not seem to possess any extra-human abilities.

The calendar makers use statistics, and with the help of data compiled from previous years, they make this prediction.

So, even if you don’t have the flexibility to plan your vacation keeping in mind the least crowded time, you will be mentally prepared about what lies ahead if you use this tool.

A quick view

Time stops at Disney World, but the rush of visitors doesn’t ever stop. Over the past decade, the influx of visitors has skyrocketed. Even if there is a lean period, Disney World uses enough special events and promotions to lure its visitors, and it even offers dynamic ticket pricing to them.

Also, the Covid 19 pandemic, even if still devastating, has started to show a slight decline. Initially, the Covid peak led to a steady decline in visitors. But, now, the scenario is getting a bit better and edging towards the previous normalization.

Hence, keeping the present scenario in mind, the crowd caps have been removed, and many Covid regulations are now relaxed. With the 50th anniversary, this has been a significant plus in attracting tourists.

Considering the early years’ data, usually, from late January to March, crowd levels remain a bit low. But, this year might be an exception.

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 predicts that there might be a sudden influx of guests in Disney World’s off-season. This owes to a great extent to the postponed trips, resumption of international flights, etc. Hence, March doesn’t have many discounts, which signals that reservations are high at that time.

Also, there was again a surge in Covid cases last winter, leading to this more significant influx this year. Omicron cases have still not peaked, and surveys say pandemic fatigue has overwhelmed Americans. Thus, they are moving on with their lives, suggesting Omicron might not affect the crowd calendar Disney World 2022.

Thus, New Year’s Eve also saw the vast crowd it usually experiences. Even if many tourists canceled their reservations at the eleventh hour, it didn’t seem to make much of an impact.

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 Prediction

The Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 is only available in the initial days of each year. You might keep your eyes open even if you are not sure about your trip to Disney World.

However, you do not have to spend all your time reading the whole calendar. If you are planning a winter trip, read November to December.

If you want to visit Disney World in the summer, May to August can come to your aid. So, apply the clever reading techniques you excelled in to pass exams by studying the night before.

January to March

The weekends stay the busiest. The first week of January usually experiences a heavy to the modern crowd. However, the flux gradually eases out after that. If you are planning your trip in January, do remember to check out EPCOT festivals of arts.

February might gift you with the best weather; however, the crowd remains moderately low.

Disney World Crowd Calendar study says March experiences occasional heavy crowds, especially in the middle of the month due to Spring Break. You can visit the colorful EPCOT international flower and garden festival this month, and Mid-day storms are a likely disruption.

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2022
Image Credit: Flickr

April to June

Easter holidays see a surge of crowds in April. Also, the ICU world championships are a big attraction in the middle of the month. However, towards the end, the crowd graph approaches a declining spiral.

In May, the crowd graph waves between light to moderate crowds. Memorial Day sees a surge in the group. EPCOT international flower and garden will continue to run through April and May.

June sees a moderate to heavy weekend crowd due to the summer breaks in school. You should, however, include mid-day breaks as storms are a likely occurrence.

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022

July to September

The 4th of July sees a crowded peak in July, but the rest of the month experiences moderate crowds. Dates for different festivals have not yet been released, but with the Festival of the Arts ending, it is time for Food and Wine Festival.

August sees moderate to light crowds throughout the month. Halloween entertainment might kick-off, but there is no finality over whether Disney after-hours boo bash or Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party is going to hit the party.

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 says September is the month of light crowds as the schools remain open. So, if you are a solo traveler or a group of adults, this might be your best time to visit Disney World.

tigger pirate boo bash

October to December

This time of the series starts to see an influx of visitors. October will experience a heavy weekend, says Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022.

The half marathons or Disney marathons are usually scheduled for the first week of November. However, Disney World has not yet released the dates.

So, Disney World 2022 Crowd Calendar won’t give a specific date. Veterans Day Thanksgiving day is the holiday that witnesses crowd peak.

At the end of the month, the crowd gradually declines. Hurricane season ends in November, and the month ends with the beginning of the EPCOT Festival of the Holidays.

December crowd peaks during Christmas; otherwise, the month experiences light to moderate crowds. EPCOT Festival of the Holidays continues this month.

So, it should be easier to plan your dates with this elaborate crowd calendar.

However, deciding the dates is just one thing about planning a vacation to Disneyland. There are many other factors to consider. Walt Disney World crowd calendar 2022 will also guide you through the rest of the procedures.

Christmas in Disney World 2021


If the weather seems to be a cause of concern to you, then early November, late October, September, and late April, March, February are the best time for you. Until later days of August, the sweltering heat may suck away all your energy, and your vacation might be tiresome. But, if you like cold temperatures, January is your time.

However, storms are likely to occur during early fall and late summer. So, you should book your reservations keeping that in mind. Also, keep in mind to bring Frogg Toggs to save yourself from humidity and carry ponchos for rain. These items are pretty costly in the Disney world, and you can save a few hundred bucks if you have these.

Late December to early January is the best time for your vacation to Disneyland. But, apart from harsh winters in Florida, there is a considerable temperature fluctuation. So, it would help if you kept extra clothes with you. Also, you can book lockers where you can keep your extra clothes and accessories.

So, pack your bags, keeping this in mind, and add all types of varieties to your luggage. In this way, you can both enjoy wearing your shorts and then later change to your jeans-sweatshirt combination. If you go well prepared, the weather shouldn’t worry you much.

Park Hours

Often while planning, park hours seem to evade the attention of the tourists. However, Disney Crowd Calendar 2022 will help you understand the park opening and closing hours.

Usually, theme parks open early and close late during the peak season, and it opens late and closes early in the off-season. So, you should check the calendar to be aware of these changes.

Usually, it would help if you went in the busier time to enjoy all the rides. You can go to the park before it opens, stay there, enjoy till around 11 am, and then get back to your hotel.

After re-energizing yourself, you can go back to the park and enjoy the other spots. As the day ends, the crowd in these places seems to stay a bit low. So, you can keep your sightseeing for the evening. Stay up late in the park and return to your resort/hotel once the day ends.

This also depends somewhat on your sleep schedule and body clock. If you sleep late and wake up late, you should avoid times when the park closes early. So, early spring or late winter months are when you should avoid visiting Disney World.

If you have the habit of sleeping early, then times when Disney parks have late closing hours, will not be appealing to you at all. So, you can check the Disney park hours calendar to fix and plan your vacation. You understand yourself the best hence your vacation shouldn’t go off the tracks.

Disney World Park Hours

School schedules

If you want to take your family and kids to Disney World, then this is something that you should take into account. The vacation should always be planned, keeping school schedules in mind. Also, if this is your paramount consideration, then chances are super high that you will bump into the busiest times of the year. However, it doesn’t hold for all the cases.

Holidays are the best student-friendly times, but that is also vacation-friendly times for most families. However, traditional schools have holidays on Memorial Day and Labour Day; you can take your kids on these holidays.

Easter week, Veterans Day week, Columbus week, Thanksgiving Week, President’s Day weekend are the busiest time of the year as most schools have holidays on these dates.

Even if spring breaks often do not clash between schools, you can still not expect a less busy Disney World. Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 might give you further ideas on when you can find your family vacation niches amidst these holidays.

Even if parks have extended working hours during vacations, avoid breaks if you don’t have kids or don’t plan to take them with you.

Kids will be the most surprised and joyous to visit Disney World. So, if you don’t want to deprive them of their joy, then your kid might have to miss some school days.

Well, in your childhood, we have missed school for many reasons, and a once-in-a-lifetime tour to Disney World can be a worthy enough reason to miss school for a few days.

However, if you don’t have kids, don’t plan your trip in the vacation. The high prices, long ques, and the hustle and bustle around the magical land will suck away all its magic.

Final Thoughts

So, with Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022 ready at your hand, what more do you want? Pack your bags tick off your favorite places, and set afoot to your land of wonder.

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