Classics are always close to our hearts, and often we don’t find a suitable place to watch Netflix. But what if the recent OTT platforms are listening to the whisper of your hearts and launching these classics on their platform? So, if you are asking yourself is The Prince of Egypt on Disney Plus, read the article to find the answer.

Dreamworks animation has produced some of the finest movies in the past century, and it did one of its best jobs when producing the timeless 1998 classic The Prince of Egypt.

The Prince of Egypt is an animated musical film adapted from the Book of Exodus. The film traces the life of Moses, a person of royal descent, from his life as an imperial prince to his exodus of the Jews out from Egypt.

Directed by Steve Hickner, Simon Wells, and Brenda Chapman, the musical score of this classic has seen the magic of none other than Hans Zimmer.

Interestingly, Hickner and Chapman made their directorial debuts in features through this film. However, is The Prince of Egypt on Disney Plus is still a resolved domain.

The Prince of Egypt Plot

So, what’s this buzz about this film? Let’s first have a close look at the plot of the film.

Ancient Egypt was an unsafe place for the Jews. Pharaoh Set ordered mass infanticide of Hebrew boys because he feared that they could lead to rebellion once they were grown up.

In this circumstance, to ensure the safety of her two children, Yocheved places Aaron in a basket. His sister Miriam follows the basket till she finds out that Pharaoh’s wife adopted him and named him Moses. If you know The Prince of Egypt on Disney Plus, you can follow more content.

Moses’s adoptive brother Rameses becomes the Regent king once they grow up, Moses becomes the Chief Architect, and the former enjoys authority and control over Egyptian temples.

In return, he got the rebellious but beautiful Tzipporah. However, he takes no interest in that woman and gives her to Moses. One day, Moses bumps into his siblings, and despite many denials, he gets to know his birth story. Even if he gets back to the palace after this, from then, he becomes conscious about the Hebrew’s freedom and rights.

Eventually, Moses turns into a shepherd and happily marries Tzipporah. However, one day, a divine intervention asks him to return to Egypt to deliver the Jews.

Now a Pharaoh and a husband, Rameses happily greets Moses to his kingdom. Moses, however, does his duty and asks for the freedom of the Jews. This was not very happy news for Rameses. So, instead of delivering freedom, he doubled the workload of the Jew enslaved people.

Aaron and the other Jews put all the blame on Moses for their increased hardships. However, he had the constant support of Mirium. After causing ten devastating plagues, where Rameses lost his son, Rameses agreed to free the enslaved people. But, Moses collapsed as he couldn’t bear the pain inflicted on Egypt and his brother.

The following day saw the Great Exodus. However, that also didn’t go unchallenged. Rameses’s army followed them. However, Moses parted the Red Sea and drowned Rameses’ soldiers leaving Rameses.

In the end, Moses takes leave from Rameses to lead the free souls to Mount Sinai. Upon reaching, they bestowed Ten Commandments on him.

Is The Prince of Egypt on Disney Plus

Where to watch the Prince of Egypt

Had it been the early 2000s, you would have missed your chance of watching this classic film because it had its hall release on 16th December 1998. However, if you still wonder where to watch Prince of Egypt, Netflix can be your savior.

But, in some countries, it is not available for streaming. However, there are other sites where you can access free online watching of the same film.

If you haven’t found your answer to where can I watch the prince of Egypt, here are some sites you can try. If you are on Amazon Prime, you can stream Prince of Egypt.

Also, you can access the film Vudu, Google Play, Facebook page, and Instagram followers. However, you will either have to buy the film or get yourself a membership in all these cases.

Prince of Egypt, where to watch can also lead to other pleasant, affordable options. You can stream on Peacock to get affordable options. If you have a membership of Hulu, then you can watch the film there and find work to earn money online.

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Is the Prince of Egypt on Disney plus?

However, the paramount question remains. If you want to know if the Prince of Egypt is on Disney Plus, you must sign in to their website. Also, if you have a credit card, then put in your credit card details along with your email ID; in this way, you will get your membership on Disney plus.

If you register for an annual plan, you will gain a discount of 12 US dollars or pay with logo fiverr. Monthly, it will cost you around 6.99 US dollars. So, it would be best if you registered for an annual pain.

Once you register yourself on the site, you can also avail other adventure movies. You can also find your time to watch Prince of Egypt Disney Plus.

You can even enjoy a free trial once you get your subscription, and they won’t even charge you once the trial period is over.

Only if you do not restart your membership will you have to give the due amount. So, before signing up for the membership, you can explore the platform and see if the content is suitable for you.

Is The Prince of Egypt on Disney Plus

Final Thoughts

Also, if you want to watch any Disney movies, then Disney plus is the only legal site for streaming. So, if you are an avid movie watcher, then this is something that you shouldn’t let go of. provides you best blogs about technology and movies. You must need to read Goknowl blogs.

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