What Is Goofy – All You Need to Know About the Disney Character

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Goofy is one of the popular characters that the Walt Disney Company created. He mostly wears pants, white gloves, a tall hat, shoes, vest, and turtle neck. Today we will talk about what is goofy, the origin of the character, and some fun facts.

All about the character

He is best friends with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He is shown as clumsy, funny, and witty most of the time. However, there were times when he showed himself as clever and intuitive in his unique way.

How Old Is Goofy

When he first appeared in Goof Troop, he was in middle school, and he was 11 years old. Then in the movie “A Goofy Movie,” he was in high school, and the next movie, “An Extremely Goofy Movie,” he just graduated high school and is starting college.

Lastly, in the “Disney’s House of Mouse,” he is still a teenager. However, he is an adult working as a parking valet now.

How tall is Goofy

He is more than 6 feet tall. However, his exact height is unknown.

What is Goofy’s job

He is an actor and comedian and also an Ajax Employee. In Duck Tales and A Goofy Movie, he was a photographer, and in House of Mouse, he was a waiter.

What animal is Goofy

The most common question about him is Goofy a cow or a dog but he is an anthropomorphic animal. It means he has some human characteristics.

What is Goofy meaning

Goofy is a silly Disney character, and his name means the same. Some of the other synonyms are stupid, empty-headed, foolish, and dippy.

What Is Goofy - All You Need to Know About the Disney Character

Goofy’s Personality

Goofy’s clumsy side

The best way to describe the character is humble, clumsy, and unintelligent. He lives a normal, simple lifestyle, and he tends to miss all the obvious things. Also, he is very absent-minded, childish, and is confused about most things.

Due to these, he is an easy target and is accident-prone. However, he walks away from all the life-threatening danger most of the time with his signature laugh and a smile.

Since he is childish sometimes, he is not aware of the feelings of others around him. He is often seen with Mickey and Donald, and they often get annoyed by his antics.

But he is caring and very supportive towards his friends and loved ones. He tries to lighten the mood when his friends feel down and sticks with them when they need someone.

Moreover, he has a very pleasing and charming personality which is somewhat addictive. Often, when someone meets him, they take a back by his welcoming aura.

Goofy’s intelligent side

Goofy knows that he is not as intelligent as his friends. Even though he is self-loving, he doesn’t enjoy being silly. For instance, in “A Goofy Movie,” we see that Max tricks him so that he can take Max to a music festival in Los Angeles.

When he knew about this, Goofy became very sad and upset and questioned his ability as a parent. He thought his son thought he had no capability or intelligence. Thus, Max thought it would be better to trick him than tell them the truth. It was one of the times where he showed genuine anger.

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Goofy has shown that he can be smart and intelligent as well. In the “How to” cartoons, we have seen him being good at sports, and those sports need a lot of tactics.

Also, he is a very good parent as he is a single parent and raised Max into a responsible and mature adult. Besides, he can also be stern and serious when he thinks it is essential, and we mostly see this side of Goofy in “George Geef” shows.

Goofy as antagonist

He is one of the versatile characters in Disney. Even though he is a good person, he has played some antagonist roles in some cartoons.

Moreover, Goofy has played the antagonist in “No Service,” “Goofy’s Freeway Troubles,” “Donald’s Halloween Scare,” “Freewayphobia,” “Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” “Motor Mania,” and “Ye Olden Days.”

First Appearance

He first appeared in Mickey’s Revue, and it was aired in May 1932. Wilfred Jackson was the director. Other than Goofy, the characters who appeared were Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Clarabelle Cow, and Horace Horsecollar.

Moreover, it is a singing and dancing series. A lot of new characters would appear in the show. It was a typical cartoon at the beginning. But as new characters join, their personalities serve as a running gag for this series.

At Present

Goofy was in How to Hook Up Your Home Theater in 2007. It was a theatrical short, and it was premiered at Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Jerry Beck, the animation historian, praised this cartoon a lot. Then it was released in December 2007 at National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Then in 2011, there was an advertisement for the Disney Cruise Line, and he appeared in the Checking in with Goofy.

Lastly, in 2012, there was a live-action short called The Art of Vacationing where he appeared. At the end of 2012, he also appeared in Electric Holiday, an animated short.

Goofy In Disney World

If Goofy is your favorite character, then you can meet him in various places such as theme parks and resorts. You can see him a lot of times and click pictures with him.

Here are some of the places where you can easily find him:

At Resorts

Beach Club Resort

You will find him at Cape May Character Breakfast Buffet. In this fun breakfast, he is dressed like going to the beach.

Contemporary Resort

He is at the Chef Mickey’s Character Dining. Goofy is dressed like a Chef in this area.

Disney’s Swan Resort

Garden Grove Character Dining is budget-friendly dining with Disney Characters. Goofy is dressed in his traditional outfit.

Magic Kingdom

He is very busy at Magic Kingdom. There are a lot of places you can find him, ride his rides, in Festival of Fantasy Parade and at Royal Friendship Faire.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

He is a part of it. Here he tries to dance but thinks he can do it. Tiana helped Goofy with it and said he had to “dig deeper.”

Character Meet & Greet

Here Goofy wears his Great Goofini dress. There is a backstory about his Great Goofini character and the Barn Stormer roller coaster.

He discovered a barn when a circus in his hometown and wanted to do a daredevil act. You can meet him in Pete’s tent called Silly Slideshow.

You might need to wait for an hour to meet him during rush hours. After you meet him, you can meet Pluto, Donald, and Daisy. All of them are in separate lines inside the tent.

What Is Goofy - All You Need to Know About the Disney Character

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Most of the time, Goofy is at the parade. He is dressed as a jester and usually at the end of the Fantasy Parade.

Goofy is not in the float nor the dance routine. But he does interact with guests. You can high-five or hug him, but it isn’t easy to get a picture with him.

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The Barnstormer

It is a small roller coaster. It is situated near the Storybook Circus. This ride reaches a top speed of about 25 miles every hour, and it is a minute-long ride. You have to be 35” tall to ride this roller coaster.


You can only meet him in Epcot. There is an Epcot Character Spot where Goofy is seen with Mickey Mouse and Minnie many times. He wears his classic dress.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood & Vine Holiday Dine

Goofy is present at the Minnie’s Holiday Dine. He is mostly dressed according to the season. Hence, he has 4 different outfits for 4 seasons. During Christmas week, he dresses as Santa Goofy.

Character Meet & Greet

There is also a meet and greet at Hollywood Studios. You can meet Goofy at Grand Avenue. Moreover, the meet and greet are outside, and he meets fans from afternoon till evening.

You can check My Disney Experience App or Times Guide to see when he will be meeting the guests.

Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Character Dining

At the Tusker House, Goofy joins the Safari hunt with Donald. It is a buffet that is inspired by African cuisine. Many Disney fans who went to Disney World claim that this is the best character meal at the theme park.

Character Meet & Greet

Also, there is another meet and greet session at the Animal Kingdom. You will find him in Dinoland. The meet and greet happens outdoors but is in a shaded area.

Goofy fun facts

1. What is Goofy original name?

If you do not know, then initially, his name was Dippy Dawg. Also, in 1932 he looked different as well. The old design was had backwoods and more redneck. Later he was redesigned to the Goofy that we know today.

However, in the 1950s, Goofy’s name changed from Dippy Dawg to George Geef. Moreover, he looked like an everyday man. He used to appear in many shorts and tried to solve common problems that most people face every day.

After this “Everyman” era, they finally changed his name to Goofy.

2. Easter Eggs

We all know Pixar and Disney are famous for having cameos and putting easter eggs in almost all of their movies. Goofy is no different.

Even though he has done many supporting and main roles in animated films, he also appeared in many less important but interesting roles.

Moreover, Goofy has appeared in a few films such as FLubber, Saving Mr. Banks, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Lion King 1 ½. Also, he had a hidden appearance in Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

3. What is Goofy son’s name, and where did he appear?

Out of all the main characters in the Disney movies, only Goofy has a son. A lot of people believe that Goofy’s son is Max. Fans think they did it to make a Goofy appeal to older fans and to be more adult-like.

Max first appeared in the TV show Goof Troop in 1992. Even though he originated in the 1950s as “Goofy Junior”, now he appears in different movies, mostly alongside Goofy as Max Goof.

4. Who is Goofy’s Voice Actor

Pinto Colvig was the original voice actor for Goofy. Also, he voiced Bozo, the Clown, in the 1940s. Moreover, he voiced Pluto and Grumpy and Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Other actors who voiced Goofy are Bill Farmer, Will Ryan, Hall Smith, and Tony Pope. Bill Farmer voiced Goofy for the longest time and voiced him in more than 60 shows. Farmer has also voiced Pluto since 1990.

5. What Is Goofy Holler

One of the most used sound effects in movie history is the Wilhelm Scream. Also, there is a Goofy version of this scream.

In every movie Goofy has appeared, “The Goofy Holler” has appeared when he takes a fall.

Moreover, it has appeared in other Disney movies, such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Cinderella, and The Rescuers.

6. What is Goofy shoe size?

We all know that Goofy is silly and clumsy, and he is tall. According to Disney animator the character has size 18 ½ shoes. Also, if you want to play Goofy in Disney World, you need to be at least 6 feet tall. Moreover, you need to wear those big shoes.

Final thoughts

Goofy is a very famous Disney character, loved by many fans. You can find him at Disney theme park and resort. There are a lot of places where you can meet your favorite character.

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