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What You Should Know About Spring Break at Disney World 2022

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Spring Break at Disney World 2022 will be a lot of fun! It is the first significant school break of the year for many youngsters. The vacay is frequently associated with visiting somewhere with great weather, which is a big deal if you’ve spent the winter in a cold part of the country.

However, the issue with Spring Break is that everyone has the same idea: go to Disney World. So, will spending Spring Break at Disney World 2022 be a mistake?

The best approach to figuring out if traveling to Disney World for Spring Break is good for you is to examine the benefits and drawbacks, so let’s get started!

Why is it a good idea to spend your Spring Break at Disney World?

Here is a list of reasons that act as pros when you want to visit Disney World during the holiday season:

The temperature

Spring has arrived at Disney World, and it is a stunning time to visit the parks! Although it isn’t quite as hot as in the summer, you can still expect some beautiful, sunny days.

Flowers are also growing in abundance throughout the parks and hotels! Furthermore, if you live where the winters are generally cold, this could be the first time you encounter truly mild weather this year. It’s your first chance to acquire some vitamin D, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

In addition, the spring in Disney World perfectly embodies those escape-to-warm-weather Spring Break vibes you want. However, if you’re not used to Florida weather, be aware that it may be very hot.

Be prepared for temperatures to rise into the mid-80s and low-90s. Therefore, it is best to drink plenty of water, wear appropriate clothing and sun protection, and bring sunglasses!

However, the good news is that it’s usually not as hot as it is in the summer, and there shouldn’t be as many surprise thunderstorms as there are in June and July.


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Festival Of Flowers And Garden at EPCOT

The EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival occur throughout the spring and early summer – from March 2 to July 4!

This is a fantastic festival to attend if you want to sample some exciting, fresh flavors that will make you long for summer. You may get a Frozen Violet Lemonade, incredibly delectable Enchiladas, Tacos, and Tostadas, and a Grapefruit Tart.

Around EPCOT, there are also gorgeous flowers, topiaries, and gardens! It’ll make you feel like spring has finally arrived, especially if you’ve just flown in from a snowy location. Flowers are used to create gorgeous arrangements as well as charming miniature gardens.

You can find characters such as Figment, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh in the topiaries. Character topiaries can be seen all over the park!

There are also special activities and entertainment accessible only during the festival. For example, the Garden Rocks Concert Series is back, with acts including the Little River Band, Simple Plan, and A Flock of Seagulls performing.

Other activities include the Garden Graze, in which you can receive a tasty gift by eating all of the foods on the graze’s menu.

Encanto inspired garden opens at EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival
Image Source: MousePlanet


Easter is usually in the spring, and it may fall during your Spring Break! For Easter, several entertaining activities, such as special themed meals, take place around Disney World. In addition, the hotels have lavishly adorned chocolate eggs on display!

EPCOT also organizes the Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt, in which tourists must search the park for Disney-themed Eggs that are hiding in different parts of the park. There’s also a plethora of themed items, ranging from plush to bath products!

Finally, you can see the Easter Bunnies, the cherry (or carrot) on top! Around Easter, Mrs. and Mr. Bunny make a few visits to Magic Kingdom, and they’re always dressed to the nines.

Let’s talk about the cons now

Large audiences

Spring Break at Disney World is one of the busiest times for visitors, so expect crowds. This implies that longer lineups for rides, food, transportation, and other services will be.

When dealing with larger crowds, there is also more stress in general. When there are more people there, it’s much more stressful to wander through the parks making sure you don’t lose your group or attempt to reach where you’re going on time.

Surge prices on a pay-per-ride basis

If the parks are seeing heavier crowds and longer wait times, you might consider purchasing individual Lightning Lane passes to skip the lines at some of the most popular attractions.

Unfortunately, you may only buy two of these every day, and only four of them are available during this Spring Break season – the remainder is available through Genie+.

However, because more people are in the parks, there is a higher demand for items in the parks. As a result, surge pricing applies to these attractions, which means their rates rise when the parks are packed!

Other surge rates

You can see a price increase of everything owing to high demand. This includes flights, hotels, amusement park tickets and more. When many people desire to visit the same location at the same time, Disney can boost pricing since customers will pay the higher charges.

During the busiest seasons of the year, hotels and tickets at Disney World tend to be more expensive per night. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming for one day or ten. If you go during a busy season, such as Spring Break, your park tickets will be more expensive than during the off-season.

Flights are also more expensive at certain seasons of the year when there is a lot of travel. As a result, visiting Disney World during the Spring Break season will cost more than a less congested time of year, such as mid-September.

Spring break for college goers

We’re not implying that college students are undesirable! However, we recommend keeping this in mind if you’re planning a trip to spend your Spring Break at Disney World.

Around this time of year, college students are on Spring Break, and they may be able to visit Disney World, even if only for a few days!

Drinking around the park at EPCOT is a favorite college-aged activity. So, expect the park to be a little rowdier than usual. This is especially true given the presence of a food festival, which attracts even more visitors.

What are you going to do?

Overall, you must determine whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for you when planning Spring Break at Disney World 2022.

Is this the only time of year you can go, and you’re alright with or capable of dealing with the drawbacks?

If you plan and prepare correctly, you should not regret your vacation. However, if you don’t want to cope with these drawbacks, choose a different season!

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