Liberty Square Riverboat Disney Cruise Ride

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The liberty square riverboat is a big steam-generated riverboat. It travels the Tom Sawyer Islands, liberty square docks, and Rivers of America.

Where is Liberty Square Riverboat located?

Guests can ride the liberty square riverboat at Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom:

AgeAny age
HeightAny height
Ride typeSlow
AccessibilityWheelchair accessible

History of Liberty Square Riverboat Magic Kingdom

On October 2, 1971, Admiral Joe Fowler was launched for the first time at Magic Kingdom. This was the day after the park announced official cruise services were available for traveling the Rivers of America.

In 1973, another cruise named Richard F. Irvine was also launched. Both of the cruises worked together till 1980. Their number of smokestacks was the only way to tell these two cruises apart. Admiral had two, and Irvine had one.

In 1996 Irvine underwent some changes and was renamed The Liberty Belle. It exists to date and offers guests cruise rides across the Rivers of America. Some of the boats that transport the guests from Tick Centre and Transportation to Magic Kingdom have the name Richard F. Irvine and Admiral Joe Fowler.

The scenery along the Rivers of America has changed over time. The most noticeable changes were the additions of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 1980 and Tom Sawyer Island in 1973.

The queue for Liberty Square Riverboat

The only waiting that guests experience for one of the famous water rides at Magic Kingdom is waiting for the boat to leave. The guests board the boat when the boat is at a mid-level while the other guests leave from the lower deck exit.

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Ride experience

The Liberty Belle Disney contains four levels. Each level offers a few seats. However, each of those seats has a lot of space to stand and move about.

There is a bell system and a horn, so the guests need to be prepared for a noisy journey. A soundtrack is played during the ride.

The voice is played by an actor imitating Mark Twain. The actor shares his knowledge of the ride and the landmarks that the guests will view on the ride.

On the ride, guests view Tom Sawyer Island, a Native American Village, woodland animals, the River Pirates, and Wilson’s Cave Inn from Davy Crockett. The guests view the Big Thunder Railroad Mountain, the Splash Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion. Both fans and photographers will enjoy these views of the park.

The Liberty Square Riverboat is a stable ride that moves slowly. Guests can easily move about during the ride. It is ideal for a family ride with kids as there is ample space and freedom to move about. It is a great way to escape the crowd.

Disney historians can appreciate this ride because of its reference to the former Mike Fink Keel Boat Attraction. Guests can see a keelboat right outside Wilson’s Cave. They can also enjoy a close view of the former dock in front of the Haunted Mansion entrance.

liberty square riverboat
Image Source: Flickr

What to expect?

Guests can remain in their wheelchairs to enjoy the ride. They need not transfer from their wheelchairs. This ride does not have any health and safety advisories.

The ride is gentle and is not harmful to someone with health conditions. Additionally, there are no height restrictions for this ride. Everyone can enjoy this classic attraction.

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As this is an outdoor ride, weather disturbances may affect the ride. There is very little waiting time for Liberty Square Riverboat.

Guests can usually always walk into this ride without waiting in line. Guests need to remember that this attraction closes earlier than the park. Therefore, if they plan on enjoying the ride, they should time themselves accordingly.

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