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Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom: All You Need To Know

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Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom is a thrilling adventure ride. Participants travel back in time to bring back a dinosaur before an asteroid hit occurs on earth. The guests travel on a Time Rover.

Where is the Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom located?

The ride is located in USA Dinoland at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is behind the Cretaceous Trail and between the Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasure and Restaurantosaurus.

Dinosaur first opened on April 22, 1998. It opened with high-tech ride vehicles, a track, and Indiana Jones’ Temple of the Forbidden Eye. This opened in the year March 4, 1995. At this point, this ride was called Countdown to Extinction. In 2000, it got renamed Dinosaur to compliment the Disney movie in that name.

The queue for Dinosaur ride Disney world

The queue on the interior side enjoys the view of the Dino Institute. Dinosaur bones are kept on display for the guests. This prepares the guests for a pre-show theatre. Dr. Marsh hosts the pre-show film. This film prepares the guests to learn about their trip to the Cretaceous period. Dr. Seeker steps in here to inform the guests of the change of the period to the late Cretaceous period to bring back Iguanodon.

Guests need to make it back in time right before the asteroid hit occurs. This asteroid hit is responsible for the extinction of the species. However, Dr. Seeker is confident that all will be well.

To enter the Time Rover, guests need to pass through the hallway and then the staircase to enter the loading area for the Time Rover.

Dinosaur ride animal kingdom

Ride vehicles for Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom drops

Time Rovers are large vehicles and clunky in design built for time travel.

Every Time Rover vehicle can hold four guests in each row. This means the total capacity of the vehicle is twelve guests at a time.

Guests need to step up to board the vehicle to enter the vehicle.

Ride experience for Dinosaur Ride Universal Studios

The ride is three and a half minutes long. Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom takes place in a dark jungle setting. Participants need to find the Iguanodon before the meteor shower takes place.

The Carnotasaurus is just in time during the ride to create complications during the mission.

The ride involves stops, turns, sudden drops, and starts. Additionally, it involves a chase sentence. It is a jarring and rough ride. Participants may feel some stress because they need to meet a deadline. They need to make it before the meteor shower. Additionally, they need to make it through the Carnotasaurus chase and scenes. Participants will miss face darkness and flashing lights during their ride.

The dinosaur ride Epcot will thrill you and scare you. However, if you’re looking for a calm ride, you need to look elsewhere.

More information on the ride

To board the Dinosaur ride, guests need to be in good health. People suffering from high blood pressure, motion sickness, heart, neck, or back problems, pregnant women, or people with any other health conditions are not allowed to be on this ride.

The Dinosaur ride is a jerky and dark ride. Therefore, people who have issues with sudden jerks, darkness, or noise should choose to avoid this ride. If you have fearful little ones, keep them away from this ride.

Guests need to transfer to the ride vehicle to avail this ride. They are not permitted to retain their wheelchairs during the ride. Guests need to be a minimum of forty inches to board the ride. Rider swap is also available for this ride.

The best time to board Dinosaur ride animal kingdom is either at the beginning or the end of the day.

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