Best Hotel in Disney World as Voted in 2022

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The best hotel in Disney World for you can make a hell and heaven difference when visiting Orlando. People flock here from all across the world to experience the magic of Disney, and choosing the best place to stay can make a huge difference!

All of these resorts are unique in their way. Most of these are based on a theme and have heavy intricate designs that intrigue visitors. Thus, you can choose to stay at a resort that appeals more to you in value and luxury.

It is no doubt that the Disney World resorts provide their guests with many amenities and luxuries. But, it is also a point that none of these values comes cheap. Disney value resorts are also one of the priciest resorts there are. The price of staying at one of these resorts depends on the values they provide to their guests.

When we talk about the values that the resorts provide, we include the luxury, style, vibe, and overall experience that the resort provides to all the guests.

There are too many options for value hotels and resorts at Disney World. For this reason, the guests often get confused as to which hotel or resort they should stay. Hence, we have jotted down the top 9 hotels and resorts according to their values and luxuries.

Best Hotel in Disney World

Wilderness Lodge

The hotel to take the first spot when we talk about the best hotel in Disney World is the Wilderness Lodge. The Wilderness Lodge flaunts a Pacific Northwest theme that starts from entering the hotel. It oozes out a Yellowstone National Park vibe. The multi-story building hotel has over 728 rooms and a huge lobby.

Apart from this, there are also many other luxurious services that this hotel provides to the guests. The inside of the hotel is one of the best things that you can explore at Disney World. From a stunning swimming pool, a huge fireplace to hidden Mickey Mouses and grand chandeliers, everything about this hotel makes it iconic.

All of these together made it one of the most positively rated hotels of Disney World. It holds a rating of 9.21 and is recommended by around 94% of the guests. That is a lot for any resort or hotel.

Best hotel in disney world
Image Source: Flickr

Riviera Resort Disney World

Next in the queue is the Riviera Resort at Disney World. Europe largely inspires the interiors and theme of the hotel.

To describe the look and feel of the resort, it is way more upscale and mature when compared to the other Disney World hotels. Its design and theme are more on the modern, chic, and elegant side than the fun and quirky one.

Each corner of the hotel oozes out a Mediterranean and European feel. This hotel was made because once Walt Disney visited Europe and was heavily impressed by it. So, it was believed to be made with European aesthetics.

The hotel’s theme is not just limited to the indoors of it. Rather, it also extends to the outdoors, as you would see on the waterfront, the pretty gardens, and the fountains. Along with these, what this hotel also flaunts is Skyliner access and delicious foods.

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94 percent of the guests have recommended this hotel. It holds a whopping 9.04 rating.

Contemporary Resort Disney World

Contemporary Resort at Disney World holds the third spot in the top 9 Disney World hotels and resorts. This hotel is just a walk away from the Magic Kingdom. Thus it is one of the most expensive hotels at Disney World.

However, there are many reasons to book a room at this resort. The main reason is the spectacular view from literally all its rooms. Guests can view the Magic Kingdom, the fireworks, the castle, and many more from their rooms.

The Contemporary Resort is more of an ultra-modern resort. The resort is timeless and keeps on reinventing itself to match up with the trends. Along with this, it also holds an award for the best dining.

As of the score, 92 percent of the guests recommend this hotel. It holds a rating of 8.92.

Image Source: Flickr

Yacht Club Resort Disney World

Next on the queue is the Yacht Club Resort at Disney World. This resort is located within walking distance of Hollywood Studios.

It also has a sister resort which is known as the Beach Club. However, there is one thing where the Yacht Club Resort outshines the Beach Club, and that is a delicious steakhouse that borders the resort’s lobby.

Hands down, this resort is extremely popular amongst the people for its lip-smacking dining options and variety of drinks options.

Apart from this, the resort flaunts a nautical decor. It is known to ooze out elegance and sophistication from all its corners. It also provides its guests with a huge list of recreational options.

Some of these include gorgeous tennis courts, sandy beaches, and a swimming pool, amongst others. To put it in a way, this resort would be loved more by the people who love understated quiet places.

Guests who have stayed here have given this resort an 8.65 score. It also holds a 88 percent recommendation rating.

Best hotel in disney world
Image Source: Flickr

Beach Club Resort Disney World

Next on the list is Yacht Club Resort’s sister resort, Beach Club Resort at Disney World. Like its sister hotel, this resort also flaunts a beach and nautical decor.

This is the best hotel in Disney World as it is aΒ perfect fit for all the guests who look forward to staying at a hotel that would ooze out leisure and romance at all times.

This hotel is located close to two Disney World parks. It is just a boat ride away from the Hollywood studios and a walk away from EPCOT. If you are an adult, you would love this place since it is near the nightlife epicenter of Disney World.

Guests have rated this hotel a whopping 8.56. Also, it is recommended by 93% of people who have stayed here.

Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village Resort of Disney World is one of the three oldest resorts in Disney World. Talking about its decor and interiors, this resort is based on the Disney movie Moana.

The tropical interiors of the resort would transport you to Hawaii the way it has been planned. And who would not want to stay in Hawai while at Disney World, right? Hence, if you love the beaches, the feel of palm trees, you know where to head to.

The hotel boasts heavy construction from all corners. Apart from that, it also offers its guests tons of other luxuries. Furthermore, the access to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT from this resort is really easy compared to the others. Needless to say, the Polynesian Village Resort is also one of the costliest resorts of Disney World.

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89% of the guests who have stayed at Polynesian Village Resort have recommended this resort. It holds a rating of 8.47.

Polynesian Village Resort
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World is surely a favorite of many kids. It is one of the favorites of the adults, who are totally into forests and wildlife.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is based on an African theme decor. It is more on the fun and frolic side and is not like one of the regular Disney World resorts. Everything about this resort’s food, interiors, and luxury attracts many people here every year.

However, if we talk about the drawbacks, one of the biggest drawbacks of this resort is that it is located at a rather distant location. On the contrary, this resort is one of the cheapest luxury or deluxe hotels in Disney World.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge holds an 8.37 average rating. It is recommended by 94% of the guests who have stayed here.

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Here is a fun fact. The Grand Florida Resort and Spa of Disney World is the most expensive hotel in Florida.

Yes, you heard that right. However, sadly it is not the highest-rated hotel in Disney World by the guests. As we can see, it holds the 8th position in the top 9 hotels and resorts of Disney World.

The Grand Florida Resort and Spa is a perfect definition of luxury. Hence, if you want to pamper yourself in a spa, give yourself a haircut or a manicure, this hotel is your go-to.

However, if you seek to get all the nostalgic Disney feels, this resort might not be like what you desire. The guests who have stayed here have often complained of the cramped room that are far from luxurious. Most complaints lodged have narrated how the service here is nothing when compared to the number of dollars that they have spent per night.

82% of the guests who have stayed here recommend this hotel. Furthermore, it holds a rating of 8.22.

water ride at disney world

BoardWalk Inn

The last hotel on our list of top 9 hotels and resorts of Disney World is the BoardWalk Inn. The theme and decor of this hotel are based on Atlantic City. Along with that, the location and the delicious food spread of this hotel attract many people here every year.

However, the way the restaurants have been placed here might make it look and feel a bit like a chain. When you compare the luxuries, amenities, look, and feel of this hotel which that of its neighbors, you would not like it that much. Moreover, many guests believe that this hotel does not give out that nostalgic Disney World vibe.

Talking about the rating, the BoardWalk Inn holds a rating of 8.10. Along with that, 85 percent of the guests who have stayed here recommend it.

Final Thoughts

Eventually, the best hotel in Disney World may vary from one person to another. This is because different have different tastes and opinions.

While one person might look forward to staying at a luxurious and modernized hotel, the other might desire a hotel with a nostalgic Disney feel.

However, the reviews, recommendations, and ratings left over by the previous customers help a lot. It can help to know the strong points and the drawbacks of the hotels and resorts, thus helping one to find the right hotel for their Disney vacation dreams.

Here was thus the list of the top 9 best-voted hotels and resorts of Disney World by numerous guests.

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