Cute Disney Characters Edged Into Our Minds

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With their sparkly eyes, innocent smiles, and how they seem to have genuine personalities despite being stuffed animals, cute Disney characters are irresistible to anyone who loves all things cute.

Whether it’s the mopey donkey from Shrek or the lovable dog, Lady, from Lady and the Tramp, there are plenty of adorable Disney characters in every generation of film and television and from the many spin-offs films and TV shows.

Cute Disney characters

Here are some cute Disney characters to draw of all time that you can’t help but fall in love with instantly:


You’d be hard-pressed to find and even get a more significant, cute underdog than Pluto. His main job in Mickey Mouse and Friends was to play fetch with all four legs, making him easily one of the most accessible cute Disney characters to draw on record.

And let’s not forget his adventures with Figaro, his pet kitten. There are also rumors that Pluto may have been Walt Disney’s favorite character. One thing is for sure: He lives at No. 1 on this list because he can’t catch a break (but who could?).

The poor pup never got a movie or even an episode dedicated to him—until now! The first-ever full-length animated film about Pluto will be released in 2019, proving how much you love cute Disney characters like him.

But it isn’t just him humans that think Pluto is so cute; his dog housemates gave him only two bones out of five. Guess they didn’t see what you saw? Maybe they were jealous?

Cute Disney Characters Edged Into Our Minds

Anna and Elsa

Let’s get it out there: Frozen is a movie about two sisters that you all want to be best friends. Anna and Elsa are relatable, funny, intelligent, adorable, and two cute easy Disney characters to draw!

They have great hair and a knack for singing, but they also know how to stick up for themselves!

Plus, their relationship with each other is extraordinary—what could be more inspiring than learning how two sisters grow closer together?

If you haven’t seen Frozen yet, watch it and come back here. They promise you won’t regret it! Moreover, let us inform you that we just celebrated siblings day, so what better way to celebrate it?

 Anna and Elsa


Do you remember WALL-E? One of those movies makes you sick with how cute it is. Seriously, if there was a character more adorable than WALL-E and EVE, you don’t know who it could be.

No matter what alien or zombie apocalypse scenario rolls around in your imagination, an army of WALL-Es would probably still be capable of saving humanity.

It should be no surprise that WALL-E is one of the cute Disney characters to draw to appear on screen! After all, he is a robot who loves to vacuum and go for rides in space.

That’s just about everything a kid could ask for! He may not have been technically human, but he sure had many qualities that make him worthy of his spot here on its list.

Let’s get right into them to determine why you love him so much! Ready? Let’s do it! He Doesn’t Need Anyone Else: Some cute Disney characters rely too much on other people to make them happy.

However, that wasn’t true for WALL-E—and you’re pretty sure it won’t be true for any robots (or humans) anytime soon either.

Cute Disney Characters Edged Into Our Minds


The ultimate cute animated fish you all love, Dory is well-known for her cheery disposition and keeps swimming attitude. Her adorable nature makes her a perfect choice for kids and adults alike, making it no surprise that she made it onto a cute Disney cartoon characters list!

If you can think back to your childhood, there’s a good chance you remember laughing along with Dory as she sang her signature song in Finding Nemo. But did you know there were some hidden parts to Dory?

Though she was introduced to you as a blue tang fish with short-term memory loss, it turns out that she used to be an Australian nurse shark before ending up on an aquarium ship. She also has a long-lost brother named Bailey, who was separated from her when they were young.

After losing her parents, Dory found comfort in Bailey’s embrace and formed an unbreakable bond. If you watch Finding Nemo again, you’ll notice that Bailey’s name appears throughout the movie (including Marlin’s son’s name).

There are even times when Dory refers to herself as Dory and Bailey. That may not have been what Pixar had intended, but it sure does make you smile every time you see it!

And that pretty much sums up why Dory is so adorably cute – she reminds you to find joy in everything you do. So whether you’re searching for your lost parents or simply trying to get through life, take a page out of Dory’s book, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself doing it! You never know what might happen next.

Image Source: YouTube


In Frozen, it’s evident that friends and family who love Elsa surround her. But what if she was completely alone?

That’s where Olaf comes in. The designers based him on a teddy bear that Anna and Elsa played with as children, but you’re also sure he comes to life via Elsa’s magical powers.

He provides you with some comic relief during Frozen and teaches you that friends are permanently close at hand no matter how bad things seem. And let’s face it: you can never have too many friends!

You don’t know much about Olaf other than his dream of experiencing summertime (which you don’t get either), but his heart is pure gold. It may be small, but it’s capable of inspiring everyone around him to keep their chins up and be optimistic about everything they do.

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations for your own life with such cute Disney characters in one of its biggest hits ever! (Bonus points if you’re humming In Summer right now.)

Cute Disney Characters Edged Into Our Minds


The Pixar film Big Hero 6 recently hit theaters. Thanks to a charming storyline and relatable characters, it earned more than $56 million at the box office on its first weekend.

Of course, these characters’ cartoony appearance makes them so great, especially Baymax, a giant inflatable robot that serves as a personal healthcare assistant.

You want one! But you can’t get enough Baymax right now as he is among the cute Disney characters you can quickly draw.



Overlooked because she’s only human in most people’s eyes, Ariel still commands quite a following. Many fan pages out there on social media show just how much some love to look at pictures and videos of Ariel!

She might not be your first choice for an animated movie character, but you can’t deny her influence over you if she puts a smile on your face; or makes you squeal like a little girl! That means, come on, how cute is she?

You think it’s safe to say you all want to be like her when you grow up. Who doesn’t want a man who looks at you with those eyes? Or one who can hold his breath underwater for more than two minutes?

What about one who has a pet shark that does tricks for him? You should all strive to have as much confidence as Ariel has too! And don’t forget about her singing voice.

It was what captured Prince Eric’s heart, after all. What do you think: Is she cuter than Snow White or Cinderella as she is one of the best cute Disney characters to draw?


Alice is one of the most adorable characters in all of Disney. She is sweet, upbeat, compassionate, down-to-earth, logical, and curious. Her eagerness to fit in and willingness to believe in magic makes her relatable.

Alice’s character holds a special place in its hearts because she teaches you to embrace what makes you different (her small size) rather than running from it, and that’s a lesson you could all learn from!

It isn’t easy to pick just a few cute Disney characters with many lovable animated figures. Some others that almost made this list include Simba, Nemo, Timon and Pumbaa, and Pooh Bear. What do you think? Who would you add?

Alice in Wonderland Disney World Themes

Mickey Mouse

He may be an icon and one of Walt’s original creations, but Mickey Mouse is a controversial choice for many. Some might argue that he’s too childish and outgrown, whereas others adore his personality and attitude.

Either way, you can’t deny that he looks adorable! He has a gentle face—with big round eyes and tiny features—that make him such a sweetheart. You love how he balances being a childlike character with lots of childlike sensibilities while also having that old-age wisdom behind those oversized ears!

There’s no denying that you all want to hug Mickey when you see him on screen. Plus, it’s hard not to smile at his high-pitched voice. With just two words (his signature Hey guys!), he lights up any scene and brings life into even the most mundane moments. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s overrated or underrated; everyone knows who Mickey Mouse is—and what’s not to love about that?

How Old Is Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Now?

The Cheshire Cat

When it comes to cuteness, The Cheshire Cat is hard to beat. He’s a big orange cat with a mischievous grin who seemingly appears out of nowhere, or where he isn’t, and whose logic often doesn’t seem logical.

He offers Alice some profound advice about happiness and life, even though it doesn’t make any sense (which makes him even more adorable). What else do you need?

It is impossible not to love him! You also think that his off with their heads! The line is probably one of your favorite quotes from any movie ever. That means, look at that face! How can you resist?!

If there were an Oscar for the most adorable character in history, he would win hands down. There is no way anyone could frown on their face when they see such an amazing kitty!

His voice actor also does a great job of bringing out his personality by adding a lot of subtle expressions. He also added some funny little quirks into his voice work which helped bring him to life.

Overall, The Cheshire Cat has earned himself a place as one of these favorite cute Disney characters. After seeing Alice in Wonderland, you will fall utterly in love with everything about him, right down to how charming he looks when drawn by artists!

Cute Disney Characters Edged Into Our Minds

Final thought

It’s no surprise that there are some cute Disney characters. From Dory to Olaf, what child hasn’t fallen in love with one at some point? The best part is that adults find them just as cute as children.

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