Disney World Food Prices to Create a Full Day Budget

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Planning a trip to Disney World, one can never miss out on Disney World food prices. For a foodie, any vacation is incomplete if the local cuisine and the food culture don’t find a spot on the bucket list.

To say that cuisine is one of the most important innovations of the human mind won’t be an exaggeration. So, if your next vacation plan is at the dreamy Disney World, check out this article to know the details of Disney World food prices.

How much does food cost at Disney World

Before going into the details, let’s save some time understanding the general budget that one should keep aside for Disney food prices.

If your family has four heads, the minimum that you will eventually end up spending on food is $200 per day.

However, this is not a static estimate, and it will depend on what you are eating or drinking, their quantity, and most importantly, your dining place!

However, you can choose from plenty of options once you reach Disney World. You can either avail of quick service or self-service, or go for Table service.

There are other options available as well. So if you do preliminary ground research, you can even spend less than $200. However, it would be best if you had a good understanding of Disney World food prices. Thus, our most awaited journey begins to the center of the foodie earth!

There are many differences between the table and quick service restaurants, which will create much difference in your budget.

So, if you get the hang of these two types of restaurants at Disney World, it will not be difficult for you to answer how much to budget for food at Disney World.

Disney World Food Prices to Create a Full Day Budget

Quick service restaurant

Quick service restaurants are less grand than table service restaurants. However, if you have ever dreamed of sitting by a riverside rooftop café on a rainy evening in Paris, then a quick-service restaurant is your destination.

It has a more casual café-type atmosphere. Once you have ordered at the counter, you can either sit on a couch/chair or walk relaxed around the restaurant.

You do not need to book a table in advance in this type of restaurant. Also, they are way less expensive than a table service restaurant.

So, on your trip to Disney World, imagine you have been transported back to your college days.

After an exhausting day at college, you want to spend some alone time in a lovely pretty café, and what can serve you better other than quick-service restaurants!

Average quick service meal costs

Over 100 quick-service restaurants are scattered all across Disney World. You can find them in the theme parks, the water parks, the Disney World resorts, and even the Disney Springs.

As the atmosphere in a quick-service restaurant, the menu is also nothing very extravagant. So, if saving yourself from starving is your only desire, the food budget for Disney World should only comprise these restaurants.

Pizzas, salads, burgers, hamburgers, chips, and one vegan or vegetarian menu usually appear more frequently in a quick-service restaurant.

The food price of burgers usually remains in the range of $11-$13, and $10-$11 might be the cost of a regular-sized pizza; if you want a rice bowl, then Pork Carnitas Rice Bowl might cost you somewhat around $12.

So, if you are taking a kid with you, you might expect to spend $7 for your kid’s meal and around $12 for yourself.

Also, if you are planning to quench your thirst on a scorching summer day, you can keep an additional $3-$4 for your beverages budget.

Total Cost

Thus, if you are looking at the whole picture, you might have to spend $50-$60 at the lowest if you have a family of four with two adults and two kids.

Also, the price will increase a bit if you add beverages, desserts, and side dishes to the main menu.

So, quick services restaurants are a pretty good option for families. But, if you want to feel the ambiance of the place where you are dining and have a flexible budget for Disney World food prices, then go for table service restaurants.

Table Service restaurants

These should be your one-stop destination if you desire an excellent dining experience. However, in that case, you should stop worrying about Disney World food prices.

Not every table service restaurant is grand in ambiance; some also have a more casual atmosphere. Depending upon your choice, you can book anyone. As it is more expensive than the quick service, your reception is also grand.

A host will take you to your chair; restaurant executives will serve you your meal. Also, you usually need to book a table in advance if you want to go to table service restaurants.

The average costs

As mentioned earlier, this will cost you a significant amount of bucks. If you are ready to spend that much on making your dining experience exquisite, then grab the chance!

There are different themes in restaurants in the table-service types. It can fit the mood of a family or a group of friends or even be a good choice for a sojourn in solitude.

Regular Table Service restaurant

One of the primary examples of this type of table service restaurant is 50’s Prime Time Café. As the name suggests, the ambiance is casual and like a roadside sit-in café.

You can have your lunch or dinner here and serve your appetite with regular American fares like meatloaf, salmon, fried chicken, pot roast, etc. A kid’s menu can cost you somewhere between $10-and $13, and for an adult, it might be around $15-$30.

This price range applies to any regular table service restaurant and not only 50’s Prime Time Café.

Family Style Table Service Restaurants

Disney World food prices have some of the best offers in the world. Imagine paying a fixed sum of money, and you are free to try any food in that restaurant. Yes, that’s not a dream; it’s a reality inside some of the family-style table service restaurants at Disney World.

If you pay $39 and $21 for your kids, you can experience this dream in Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom, Disney World. With this much money, you can have three courses. You can try the mixed salad; moving on to the main course, Patriot’s platter is waiting to delight you.

The dishes present in this platter include over-roasted pork, pot roast, turkey breast roast served with herb stuffing, seasonal veggies, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and cheese (in-house). You have the best of the lot for dessert- Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake.

Disney Character dining

Disney Character dining gets a little high in the ranks of Disney World food prices. For an adult, you can expect the price range to be somewhere between $40-$45, while for the kids, it is around $27. These prices are not inclusive of gratuity and taxes. So, while calculating the budget, keeps this point in mind.

Signature Dining

The most exquisite cuisine experiences have one single location- the topmost of all Disney’s Signature Dining.

These locations are found in almost every Disney Deluxe resort, and if you are exploratory enough, you will locate at least one in the theme parks.

The entrees at Signature Dining restaurants range somewhat between $30-and $50. You might keep around $110-15 for the appetizers. A beer might cost you around $8, and a cocktail or wine can be around $18-$19. Moreover, on average, a nice little dessert might cost you around $10-$!6.

Thus, if only two adults visit a signature dining table service restaurant, it can cost them around 150 dollars. Moreover, if you have two kids, the cost can go up to $200.

Total Cost

So, if you are a four-membered family with a couple and two kids, the cost range is $75-$200. However, the range will vary depending upon where you are eating the what you are eating.

Cheapest food services at Disney

However, you can cut down immensely on Disney World food prices if you opt for food carts and festival kiosks.

Food Carts

If you have the mind to do a little bit of snacking amid your travel, stand by the side of any food carts, and they will offer you snacks and drinks.

Festival Kiosks

In festivals like EPCOT food and wine festival, festival kiosks are present to offer you small servings. So, if you are in the mood for a taster and want to try sample foods, these are great options.


We have till now discussed a lot about the food. Let’s turn our attention toward the beverages that will soothe our thirst on summer noon!

$4.00 is the cost of any fountain drinks

A canned beer might cost you $8 on average.

Non-alcoholic specialty drinks might be at $5 each. The alcoholic cocktail drink will be around 410 and $12 at quick and table service restaurants.

Dining Plan Calculator

So, with detailed knowledge about the Disney World food prices, let’s now understand the machinations of the Disney Dining plan calculator.

The Dining plan makes the budget easier for anyone traveling to Disney World. If you use this planner cum calculator, you will understand how much to spend on what type of food. However, if you are a person who wants to keep Disney dining simple, then this won’t come to your help.

This app is mainly for planning an exquisite dining experience at Disney World. If you use this, you will be able to choose dishes for a flat fee based on the package you select. Thus, start using the Disney dining planner if specialty dinner or character dining is your favorite niche.

There are four types of dining plans available if you want to go for this.

Disney World Food Prices to Create a Full Day Budget

Quick service dining plan

If you want to enjoy the delight in a budget-friendly way, this is the best option. With two service meal credits, two snack credits, and a refillable mug for every person a day, this is the best starter plan one can get.

It will cost you somewhat around $60-$70.

Standard dining plan

Here you get one refillable mug, one quick service credit, one table service credit, and two snacks credits. If you buy this plan, it will cost you around $80. Even if this sounds pricey, it is usually a lifetime experience. So, why not go for it!

Disney Dining Plan Plus

The newest arrival on the Dining plan list is the Disney Dining Plan Plus. Here you will get more flexible credits.

Deluxe Dining Plan

This is the most expensive and grand plan with three table service credits (also applicable at quick service) and two snacks credits.

So, depending on your affordability, you can choose any one or more than one of these four options.

How to use Disney Dining Plan Calculator

Thus, after this, once you download the Disney Dining calculator and start putting in the choices you have made, you will be able to understand your total food budget. Filling out the grey boxes is the crucial part. However, remember you shouldn’t over or underestimate your choices. Stay as close to reality as possible. Only then will you be able to get the most out of using a Disney Dining Calculator.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to set off for your dream vacation? With all the details of Disney World food prices in hand, you have no reason to worry about it. So, book your reservations fast and hop in for the lifetime experience in the land of wonders and magic, Disney World!

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