Male Disney cartoon characters have always been a fan favorite. From Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear, there’s something special about these animated heroes that resonate with people of all ages.

Starting in 1937, the Walt Disney Studios has created some of the most beloved cartoons; including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto; who are all still in regular rotation on TV.

But even with so many classic character options; there have been a handful of characters that have stood out among the rest.

Male Disney Cartoon Characters

Here’s the list of the top 10 male Disney cartoon characters:

Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles

Mr. Incredible is not only one of our favorite male cartoon characters; but he’s also a great example of how persistence can pay off.

His potential employer deemed Mr. Incredible too risky as a mild-mannered insurance agent.

It didn’t stop him from persisting to his potential and earning a spot in this top male Disney cartoon characters list. He’s strong, loyal, and incredibly endearing.

Bet you wish you could be more like Mr. Incredible yourself!

While there are plenty of other extraordinary cartoon men out there, none can match up to Mr. Incredible for qualities that make for an excellent husband or boyfriend.

For instance, he believes in being honest with your loved ones about your feelings and flaws; even if it means admitting you feel inadequate compared to others!

Plus, if anyone gives you any trouble over what you love doing (or wearing); they will quickly find themselves in need of a new body part once Mr. Incredible is finished with them!

male Disney cartoon characters

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

After all, Buzz Lightyear is one of the favorite cartoon male Disney characters. But that’s not why he’s on top of this list; Buzz is a fearless leader who believes in you and knows you have what it takes to get things done.

It’s easy to relate to buzz because he always tells his friends they can do anything if they put their mind to it; even if they don’t believe it themselves.

In many ways, Buzz is a bit naive and sheltered; as evidenced by his love for space; but he has so much heart that you want to give him a big hug when you see him up on the screen. Y

ou may be a little biased because To Infinity and Beyond! is your favorite catchphrase ever, but he does make you feel like you can achieve anything! He’s also cute AF with those wide eyes and an enormous smile. What more could you ask for?

Lightning McQueen from Cars

Lightning McQueen is a well-known character from the movie Cars. His first designer was John Lasseter.

He later used it in other movies such as Pixar shorts and video games. He’s also one of Pixar’s most famous characters.

In addition to Lightning, Cars has been known for its stellar cast with not just one but different characters that have stood out in their own right.

Some include Fillmore (who wears shades), Chick Hicks (who is arrogant), Luigi (who wears overalls), Doc Hudson (who was voiced by Paul Newman), Mater (who wears goggles), and even Sheriff upon whose vehicle McQueen rode when he wasn’t driving himself.

The list goes on, but it’s clear that there are many reasons why Lightning McQueen tops the list of male Disney cartoon characters.

male Disney cartoon characters

Simba from The Lion King

Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi and a royal family member in The Lion King franchise.

After Scar killed his father, Simba ran away from Pride Rock to avoid the same fate. But he eventually returned to accept his destiny.

Years later, he becomes king after Scar’s defeat to maintain peace between lions and hyenas.

During The Lion King’s original run, he ranked 22nd on AOL’s Top 100 Animated Movie Characters list.

In 2019 a similar survey found him the sixteenth most popular out of 59 choices. In addition, another poll that same year named him one of cinema’s greatest heroes.

male Disney cartoon characters

Beast from Beauty And The Beast

As punishment for his arrogance, a prince becomes a hideous creature; only to transform into a handsome prince through his love for Belle.

When he’s in beast mode, he can’t go five minutes without mentioning what a horrible creature he is, which is average for most guys.

With five years between Beast and modern cartoons; it’s tempting to wonder whether Beast was one of those uber-annoying kids who never stopped talking about themselves.

He indeed grew out of that phase—but not before being booted from his castle! Sometimes you have to do things your parents don’t agree with to achieve success! (But you still think they were right.)

beauty and the beast

Aladdin from Aladdin

He’s got personality, charmed, and sings one hell of a One Jump Ahead. He may be street ratty, but Aladdin is sure to steal your heart.

Walt Disney’s male Disney cartoon characters don’t get much more relaxed than Aladdin. And it will let you in on a little secret: They’re not in Agrabah for just one more adventure. They’re staying because it’s pretty freakin’ amazing here!

They don’t want to say too much about where they’re going next, or someone might swoop down and swipe their lamp. But trust when they say that if you’re looking for a good time, then head to Agrabah immediately.

It’s like Las Vegas with magic carpets and flying monkeys—but without all those pesky slot machines. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many other things to do!

Walt Disney cartoon male Disney characters who could talk back and tell their stories have impacted many people. Some people would argue that even today, with all of their technology; cartoons are still very popular among kids and adults alike.

prince Aladdin

Flynn Rider from Tangled

If you’re talking about male Disney cartoon characters names from movies, it is hard not to mention Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert) from Disney’s Tangled.

Flynn’s epic story will leave you heartbroken; as you learn that he was a thief and scoundrel; who could charm his way out of any situation.

Despite his past, he changed himself for Rapunzel and became a man worthy of her love. After all, they are talking about a story.

But they could never hate Flynn Rider because his heart was pure and made out of gold! You can’t help but love him! He may be one of their favorite cartoon male Disney cartoon characters ever!

Flynn Rider or Eugene Fitzherbert is a charming, handsome, self-reliant thief who lives by his own rules. He began his criminal career as a teenage apprentice to a thieving troupe.

But he left it after falling in love with Rapunzel. A wanted poster described him as gifted and wanted for grand theft horse.

Flynn’s daring feats are legendary – he once stole an entire kingdom for a woman he loved. Good thing he has Rapunzel’s frying pan at hand! For Flynn, love does conquer all.


Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales

Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck’s uncle and one of Mickey Mouse’s best friends. He is an adventurer, a sailor, a merchant, and the owner of Scrooge McDuck Enterprises, including several financial investments.

Scrooge used to be poor, but he could amass his fortune through hard work and dedication. The most well-known item from his past is The Number One Dime given to him by his father (Past); and he says he has been lucky for him ever since.

Even though Scrooge can sometimes be grumpy towards people (especially towards Huey Dewey Louie); it does not mean that he does not care about them or want their company. He treasures his family very much and will do anything to help them out if they are in trouble.

In many episodes, you see how close he is with Huey Dewey Louie and Webby Vanderquack; who are considered part of his family. When something wrong happens to any of them, you can usually see how upset Scrooge gets when trying to find a way to help them out.

There have been some episodes where they have gone missing. Only for him to spend days looking for any trace of where they could be for him to find nothing until suddenly they pop up again right in front of him as if nothing happened!

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Eric is probably the most common cartoon male Disney characters names, but Prince Eric is indisputably one of Disney’s most charming male characters. He has grabbed the senses of virtually everyone. He is, no doubt, one of Disney’s cutest characters.

Eric is a mortal prince who Ariel saves after almost drowning at sea in a storm. Her voice plagues Eric as she brings him to the sea and sings to him. He looks around the kingdom for her, but he can’t find her.

When he runs across Ariel again, he can’t recognize her since she’s surrendered her speech to Ursula in trade for legs. He does, however, bring her back to the palace and spend time with her.

Eric begins to have affection for Ariel. But Ursula, masquerading as a human girl named Vanessa, hypnotizes Eric, leading him to neglect Ariel and assume that Vanessa is the woman who rescued him. He is about to marry Vanessa when Ariel and her friends interfere; shattering Ursula’s spell and giving Ariel her voice back.

Eric recognizes Ariel as the girl he’s been seeking, but the sun sets before they kiss each other, and Ursula takes Ariel.

Eric leaps into the water to assist Ariel, and in the ensuing struggle, he gets onto a ship and rams it into Ursula, stabbing her. Prince Eric is among the most beloved cartoon male Disney characters ever.

Kristoff from Frozen

Kristoff from Frozen may appear to be a cliche at first glance; but if you observe the film and grow to love the character; you’ll discover that he’s more than simply a blond physique with a pretty face.

In the context of the film’s plot, he possesses specific personality qualities worth comprehending. Kristoff Bjorgman is an ice picker raised by trolls with his comrade and reindeer, Sven. He remained to himself most of the time and only communicated with other individuals when necessary, preferring Sven’s company.

Kristoff proceeded to show himself to be much more than simply a strong outdoors person after developing close to Anna. At first, he was modest, stating that he couldn’t embrace the new sled that princess Anna had got for him.

He was also amorous and bashful, telling Anna he could kiss her, only to be humiliated for sharing his sentiments. After Elsa restored summer, Kristoff grew more receptive to the notion of human connection, having a relationship with the princess and even going ice skating in the courtyard.

male Disney cartoon characters

Final Thoughts

There are some great choices when it comes to the top ten male Disney cartoon characters of all time. Whether you prefer the strength and power of Aladin or the classic charm of Simba, these characters are sure to entertain and delight you for hours on end. Who is your favorite?

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