Favorite Disney Character List of All Time

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Disney has created some of the most memorable characters in history. There’s always someone who comes up with a new favorite character every time you ask the question who’s your favorite Disney character?

The vast array of Disney characters makes it difficult to narrow down the top, but here are our picks for the favorite Disney characters of all time.

Favorite Disney character list

Here are our all-time favorite Disney characters:


She’s pretty, she’s optimistic, and she’s always willing to take a risk. She works hard not to give up on her dreams, even when they seem unattainable.

Although some of her goals are a little out there (see all-singing, all-dancing manatee), you can’t help but root for her. More importantly, she learns from her mistakes, which is more than you can say for your favorite Disney character.

So here’s to working hard and dreaming big because if you have those two things down, then success will follow. What’s your dream? How do you plan on achieving it?

Take it one step at a time. You’ll get there eventually! The future is bright; your future is what you make it, so don’t forget that opportunities don’t come knocking very often, so make sure you answer them quickly before they disappear forever.


Belle is known as one of the most independent and favorite Disney character princesses. With her defiance of Gaston’s advances, she made it clear that marriage was not on her agenda and that finding a man would not fulfill her.


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Her independence makes her relatable to many young girls who struggle to find self-confidence in their abilities and talents. With Belle being such an independent woman, it is easy to see why many look up to her as a role model, mainly since she teaches viewers that being an individual is sometimes more important than fitting in with others.

She may have been forced into society at a young age but quickly learned how to be herself and stand out from everyone else. She taught you that you should never be afraid to express yourself or follow your dreams.

And although others didn’t always accept her for her interests, she didn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she loved. It is no wonder why most girls love Belle!


Cinderella is beloved for her kindness and sweetness, fairy godmother, mice friends, and charming prince. Her story begins with an older woman who helps Cinderella fit into a beautiful dress that makes her look like a princess.

She’s even kind to Lady Tremaine, who abused her. True love conquers all in the end! It’s no wonder everyone loves Cinderella! This favorite Disney character princess may be fictional, but she’s one of its favorites.

American actress Ilene Woods portrayed the classic version of Cinderella in 1950. Since then, you can see several other versions of Cinderella on screen.

In 2015, Cate Blanchett took on the role of both wicked stepmother and fairy godmother in Into The Woods.

That same year, Lily James played Cinderella alongside Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens as Prince Charming in a live-action adaptation from director Kenneth Branagh.


Let it go, let it go! Elsa is by far one favorite Disney character. Although her personality may be eccentric and awkward, she’s a fantastic sister who tries to do what’s best for Anna. She also has ice powers! Come on, that can never be wrong. Who doesn’t want superpowers?

Elsa is also beautiful, which helps to make her endearing as well. Plus, you can all agree that Idina Menzel has an incredible voice; you guarantee you won’t be able to get Let It Go out of your head after listening to it once. What more could you ask for in character? (Maybe some hot pants?) In any case, Elsa deserves her spot at number one.

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With an excellent design, an incredible voice, and a dynamic personality to boot, Elsa deserves her spot at number one. You have to admit that she is your favorite Disney character.

No other princess relatively measures up to her in terms of awesomeness. And with two platinum blonde braids, snowman powers, and a clear-as-day singing voice, how could you not adore her?

She’s probably only second best to Anna herself (not counting Olaf as a contender because his composition is Snow), but that doesn’t detract from Elsa being excellent in every way possible.

Favorite Disney Character List of All Time


The main protagonist of Tangled, Rapunzel, was arguably also one of its favorite Disney characters. Her bubbly personality and brave heart inspire all who meet her.

Her caring nature allows her to be a friend to anyone she meets – even if they’re strangers. Plus, let’s not forget about her obsession with Eugene.

She took a while to realize what was right in front of her, but it was great when she did! After all, who doesn’t love a happy ending?

It would be hard to find if there were ever a more iconic Disney princess than Rapunzel. Even after all these years, Rapunzel remains relevant and beloved by fans everywhere.

Rapunzel has had quite an impact on pop culture over time from her friends Gus and Jaq, which only proves how timeless she is.

She shows viewers that you don’t need magic or royalty status to win over your prince charming, but she also shows you that everyone deserves their happily ever after no matter how long it takes to get there!

female Disney characters

Snow White

She is a princess who represents kindness and purity. Snow White has been in a few of its favorite Disney character movies, including Snow White and The Princess, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Snow White: Witch, and more.

Many even call her one of the most beautiful women in fairy tale history. Since their childhood, girls have loved Snow White and feel like she is one of their most significant role models.


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Β Her character is kind to everyone no matter what they have done or said, making her stand out from all other symbols on this list! Your favorite movie that featured Snow was probably Snow White: Witch.

Although her story seemed a bit boring at first, it quickly picked up with all of its action-packed scenes. It also included many famous people, such as Angelina Jolie (who played Queen Ravenna), Julia Roberts (who played Evanora), and Charlize Theron (who played Irina). Overall, Snow White is a fantastic character and will forever be a fan favorite.

I recommend watching any movie featuring Snow White because they are incredible! However, if you wish to start with something small, you can watch Snow White: Happily Ever After, which is only 30 minutes long.

It features all of your old favorites such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and more! It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something short but sweet that will make you smile.


Naveen is a frog, but Tiana is still willing to marry him. She’s got her priorities straight. Tiana is aggressive and ambitious. She represents working hard to achieve your dreams, even if you’re an outsider.

You will admire that she never gave up despite all of the financial barriers and prejudices against her. You will love Tiana because she is beautiful, intelligent, kind, independent, and strong-willed.

She knows what she needs and works hard for it no matter what anyone else said or thought about her dream. She was able to overcome anything thrown at her with grace and kindness. You feel like you can all learn from her example!

Tiana is your favorite princess because she has a great voice actress (Anika Noni Rose), but she has a great personality! Not only did they make Princess and The Frog during black history month, but they made it during Women’s History Month as well!

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Do you know who is my favorite Disney character, Princess Aurora; she is strong-willed and adventurous, with a big heart.

The heroine of the 1959 Disney animated film picture Sleeping Beauty is Princess Aurora. She is King Stefan’s and Queen Leah’s daughter.

Aurora was doomed to die on her baptism day by the wicked fairy Maleficent. The curse changed to pull Aurora into a profound sleep that only true love’s kiss could break, thanks to the support of three good fairies.

There is a time jump between when Aurora is a child and when she turns 16, so you don’t see the fairies raise Aurora.

As seen by her appearance, Aurora, 16, is a faithful daughter to her aunts. When needed, she helps with the housework, such as collecting fruit for the household.

Despite her dissatisfaction with not being allowed to meet new people, she follows her aunts’ demands.

When she finally meets Prince Philip, she does it in front of the fairies, not behind their backs. Aurora is a diligent princess as well.

She is disappointed that she will not see Philip again when she learns that she must return to the royal couple for an arranged marriage, but she follows along nevertheless.

Aurora has some redeeming traits and is an excellent role model to emulate. In the movie, she’s also just 16 years old. It’s easy to envision her becoming a more robust and vibrant persona as she gets older.

aurora sleeping beauty


Mulan is a girl who pretends to be a man and joins the army. She saves her father’s life when he is in danger and helps defeat an entire country.

Mulan deserves to be the number one favorite Disney character and why not? She deserves it. This movie is full of adventure and drama, with characters you will never forget! She starts as an ordinary girl but becomes something extraordinary by standing up for what she believes in.

Mulan is notable because she shows everyone that anyone can accomplish their dreams if they work hard enough! It takes strength to be gentle, but it takes more power to be strong (Disney).

That sums up Mulan, who has both strength and kindness simultaneously. If you have not seen Mulan yet, watch it right now! You won’t regret it. If you don’t like movies based on true stories, maybe another character would be better for you. But if not, watch Mulan today!!


The next character is Jasmine from Aladdin. She was also a brave and determined girl who saved herself from being forced to marry an older man.

Jasmine’s hobbies include singing, shopping, and riding horses! She isn’t afraid to speak up and has no problem running away from home when she wants something or feels mistreated (Disney). This feisty young woman has gone through many things and has seen a lot of changes during her life.

Her father, who you initially see as loving and kind, turns out to be narrow-minded and vicious. But Jasmine refuses to give up on him, even after she finds out he orchestrated Jafar’s attempts to kill her new husband.

She keeps her head high and fights for what she wants in both love and life; perhaps that’s why she remains one of your favorites all these years later.

And though you can’t help but wonder how it might have turned out if Aladdin had given her a chance sooner, well, there are some things you don’t want to know. All right, maybe you do. Can someone write an alternate universe fic?

Final thoughts

So, which Disney character is your favorite? You couldn’t help but include this question in this blog because it has been on everyone’s mind lately!

After combing through the endless popularity poll results, one can say that there are a few pretty clear winners – Cinderella, Elsa, and Ariel among them. But who is your favorite Disney character? Watch more Disney movies to figure it out!

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