Disney Characters That Start With I and Their Significance

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If you’re looking to expand your Disney vocabulary, you’ve come to the right place! This list of Disney characters that start with I will give you some new names to use in your conversations about your favorite Disney characters.

From Iago from Aladdin to Izaya from Frozen, this list has got all the i-named characters you could want!

Disney characters that start with I

Here is a list of characters you might not know about as they all have unique names:

Iago from Aladdin

Despite his criminal status, people still remember Iago as a highlight of Aladdin. Voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, he was often referred to as one of Aladdin’s best characters.

His one-liners were some of the funniest moments in an already hilarious movie. Also, it’s hard not to smile when seeing him on screen.

This sneaky but loyal sidekick is undoubtedly a favorite amongst many. Without him, Aladdin would be a very different story—and who wants that?

The parrot was witty and conniving, making him just as entertaining to watch as Genie himself. Who could forget well against evil, “that’s my motto, or I’m bad? But I’m good!”

Either way, you look at these Disney characters that start with I; you all love Iago. He makes you laugh whether you want to or not. So what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s grab some popcorn and enjoy a show!

Disney Characters That Start With I

Ian from the Princess and the Frog

Although he’s from The Princess and the Frog, Ian is a frog who transformed into a human form. He’s intelligent and agile, but his transformation makes him somewhat awkward in social situations (he hardly ever remembers to wear shoes).

It leads to some classically hilarious moments, like when he fails to impress Tiana’s father by presenting him a C-minus on his restaurant business plan. However, he eventually proves himself loyal and brave; he goes back into a frog to see how much Tiana means to him!

Despite his flaws, you’d be hard-pressed not to support these Disney characters that start with the letter I. After all, when love knocks you down, again and again, you still get up again and again!

And if you’ve got a girl as gorgeous as Tiana, there’s no way you’ll stay sad for long. You’ll have to watch out for mosquitoes. It seems they don’t care about your feelings. And speaking of getting knocked down, that’s what happens to Mr. Toad after his car breaks down outside Hell Hall; an abandoned mansion haunted by its owner Beatrice Hoggarty; also known as The Black Widow.

Beatrice once had dreams of becoming an opera singer, but she died while practicing her singing in front of a mirror. It is because she got scared of her reflection! No matter what, this character is still a fan favorite.

Imelda from Coco

When you hear Imelda, you might think of Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines (and not a cartoon). However, in Coco, she’s the proprietor of Charming Muelle and Lyla’s grandmother.

She wears a mint green dress with white hair and black lipstick to set off her bright blue eyes. Her kind demeanor makes her one of your favorite Disney Pixar characters that start with I in Coco—even if it is just because she makes you smile every time you see her on-screen. Plus: She has one of Pixar’s most famous bakeries in her backyard!

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If you’re visiting Mexico City, stop by for some pastries. And don’t forget your camera—you’ll want a picture of those sweet treats for later.

The rest of her family isn’t as lovely as Imelda, but they offer an opportunity to learn how Mexicans honor their ancestors.

Let’s not spoil too much here, but there are specific scenes you should watch out for: At Miguel’s talent show and when Miguel visits Hector in jail.

After seeing this movie, you’ll never look at Día de Muertos quite the same way again.

Isabela from Encanto

In Encanto, Isabela is a fiery redhead who turns into a coyote at night. As a human, she’s brave, headstrong, and independent. She can change into other animals in her coyote form—and even fly.

Though she may seem like an unlikely princess, Isabel has been friends with Giselle for years before Prince Edward sweeps them off their feet.

While she doesn’t get to be queen, Isabel lives happily ever after in New York City. If you love wise women and clever banter, give Enchanto a try! This character will become one of your favorite Disney characters that start with I.

Ice Titan from Hercules

He is among the best Disney characters that start with the letter I. You can be pretty sure of yourself when you can crack a giant’s face in half like an icicle. Or get punched by a cyclops and still survive to make it through Hades.

He may not have been very wise, but Ice Titan was one of Hercules’ most dangerous foes. And yet, he was perhaps his most loyal—something that became even more apparent in both versions of Hercules Unbound.

Ice Titan is so loyal that he not only carries out Hades’ orders to kill his former friend and mentor—but also protects Hercules at some point during their battle in Tartarus.

Of course, you don’t know if that means he knows who Hercules is or if he thinks Hades has gone mad (which seems entirely possible).

Regardless, it shows how much respect Ice Titan has for his master. After all, if you saw someone punch your friend in half like an ice cream cone and then take him away to torture forever—you might try to stop them.

But what makes Ice Titan especially interesting is how easily fooled he seems to be. Of course, part of that might just come from being so literal-minded. But you do know for sure that Hades was able to convince him to attack Zeus because it would mean peace on Earth. Now there’s a convincing argument!

Iago (Jafar’s Vizier) from Alladin

If there’s one recurring lesson to be learned from Aladdin, be careful what you wish for. Jasmine had wanted out of Agrabah since she was a child and finally got her wish when Prince Ali (aka Aladdin) landed in their midst.

But not everyone is so excited about her newfound freedom: Jafar’s Vizier, Iago (who sounds like a lawyer), turns out to be terrified at the thought of his master losing power.

Seeing an opportunity to help him, he convinces Jafar that Aladdin is terrible news, but—as you might expect—things don’t go as planned.

Iago ends up trapped inside a magic lamp along with Jafar and Genie, while Aladdin rides off into the sunset with Jasmine.

The moral? Just because you want something doesn’t mean it will work out for you. And if someone else wants something different from you, they may get it instead.

Ikki from the Jungle Book

It’s always exciting to root for an underdog. One such Disney characters that start with I, Ikki, is a small, brave bird who loves to swing on vines. That’s right: Ikki can swing like Tarzan, which makes him pretty cool in the book.

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Despite his pint-sized stature, he more than holds his own against Shere Khan and his group of animals known as The Flock.

While ultimately not a winner in The Jungle Book (Shere Khan does catch him at one point), Ikki displays plenty of bravery and daring along the way—and you love it!

Look no further than Ikki from The Jungle Book if you’re looking for some inspiration. He’ll give you hope when things seem bleak and inspire you to try your best even when all odds are against you. What more could you ask for?

Disney Characters That Start With I

Incrediboy from The Incredibles

When it comes to superheroes, few have captured these imaginations as ultimately as Bob Parr, and his alter ego, Incrediboy.

When The Incredibles took moviegoers by storm in 2004, Incrediboy was an immediate hit. The character’s origin story is a tragic one—Bob inherited his superpowers after getting caught in an atomic bomb blast during a war game exercise at his office job—but even he doesn’t mind all that much.

Bob has always been proud of his powers in Mr. Incredible’s first visit to Syndrome’s island hideout on Nomanisan Island, where he finds all of Mr. Incredible’s old superhero costumes and equipment.

What makes him such a great superhero? He may not be particularly strong or fast or tough (although he does get some help from his stretchy body), but what sets him apart is that he knows how to use those abilities well. That might be why fans love him: He’s relatable despite being superhuman.

Disney Characters That Start With I

Indian Chief from Peter Pan

The Indian Chief from Peter Pan is one of the popular Disney characters that start with I! He’s a robust and proud warrior who leaves his village to go on an adventure and help save everyone.

The Chief has a very noble spirit and loves his family more than anything. When he finds out that Peter Pan is a lost boy, he takes him in as if he were his son. Despite him not being Native American, they bond over their love for family and the protectiveness of their loved ones.

It’s one of your favorite friendships in any story! It may every time you watch it because it’s so sweet. No matter what happens to them or how difficult things get, you can always count on them having each other’s backs and looking out for each other.

They have fantastic friendship chemistry, but their relationship also teaches some great lessons about loyalty and honesty! You all need friends like these two.

Disney Characters That Start With I

Innoko from Brother Bear 2

In Brother Bear 2, there’s a character named Innoko. Innoko is a little boy bear who wants to be like his hero, Kenai (the main character). He tries to mimic everything Kenai does, but he often doesn’t get it right.

In one scene of Brother Bear 2, Innoko attempts to climb down a tree just like Kenai did earlier in the movie—but he gets stuck. Instead of climbing back up and admitting defeat, Innoko keeps trying until he finally figures out how to navigate his way down.

If you try hard at something and fall short several times over, don’t give up—if anything, take those disappointments as motivation to keep going! With persistence, you’ll find your path to success. And this persistence makes Innoko one of the best Disney characters that start with i.

Final Thoughts

There are endlessly cute and lovable Disney characters that start with i. Starting from Iago to Innoko, these stories entertain you and teach him morals and lessons and be a fun experience. Some characters may be more popular than others, but you can all agree that they’re all equally impressive. You love them all!

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