Disney World Annual Pass: Is It Worth Purchasing One Now?

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Last year was quite eventful for Disney World Annual Pass holders. During the 2021 fall, the park authorities announced the launch of a new and, of course, more controversial pass package.

Moreover, the new structure received a mixed reaction, and one factor was common. It was undoubtedly a considerable price hike. However, the question now is whether the turmoil regarding the annual pass still exists or whether people are willing to adjust to the new structure? Here are answers to all of it!

The previous Disney World Annual Pass plan was a group of a few different tiers for those unaware. The EPCOT, Weekday Select, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Silver, and Gold. With the new structure in line, many varieties have come down. There are only four different tiers- Pixie Dust, Disney Pirate Passes, Sorcerer Passes, and the Incredi-Pass.

Each one of the new tiers comes with a different set of benefits. For example, the costliest and best one, the Incredi-Pass, offers the greatest perks, and it costs $1,299. However, you can easily spot the fundamental differences between this one and the old ones.

One of the essential points to note is that if you are not a resident of Florida, you are eligible to purchase the Incredi-Pass. Therefore, if you are interested in any of the other perks, it is a must for you to show Florida-resident proof.

Moreover, with the new Disney World Annual Pass structure, you have to bear an extra cost if heading to sports complexes and waterparks. The big question is if these price hikes result in Disney loyalists losing interest in Disney World?

Why is a Disney World Annual Pass valuable presently?

As mentioned earlier, a part of the Disney enthusiast group feels purchasing a Disney World Annual Pass is still worth it. If you can do the math correctly, there is no reason not to buy an Annual Pass.

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The math here refers to calculating the number of days you plan to visit. Therefore, here is a list of the number of days that each of the four tiers offers presently. This will help you to do better planning:

  • Disney Pirate: 6 days in a year
  • Disney Sorcerer: 8 days in a year
  • Incredi-Pass: 12 days in a year (including parking) or 15 days in a year (excluding parking)
  • Pixie Dust: 4 days in a year

So, purchasing Annual Pass is a good deal if you are a Florida resident or not. In case of the latter, you must have an advance plan to visit the park quite often.

The benefits are another factor that makes a yearly pass appealing to certain guests. While some privileges have been removed and replaced with additional fees, plenty of discounts are still available solely to Annual Passholders.

This includes free theme park parking (usually $25+), 20% off most Disney items, select meal savings, and discounted admission to special events held throughout the year in the parks. Other readers have made the most of their Disney memberships by purchasing an annual pass.

Other guests have made the most of their Disney memberships by purchasing an annual pass. The flexibility to visit the parks whenever you want and not have to worry about buying individual tickets or completing everything in a few short days was a significant reason why some customers still think the annual pass is worth it.


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 What is the argument against the purchase of the Disney World Annual Pass?

This section will talk about the Disney enthusiasts who don’t want to purchase a new Disney World Annual Pass. Some people, as per reports, are waiting for their previous pass to expire. Several reasons have come up, and you will know about them soon.

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Firstly, most guests feel that the price hike is too much for them. Moreover, the perks associated with the passes are also no longer available. For example, the water parks access and PhotoPass were two of the most popular perks that you won’t find anymore.

Besides, a few Disney goers believe that it is not just about the passes, but the entire trip is now a lot more expensive. This includes the food and other park facilities too.

Sources suggest that a few people find the Disney World experience “not-so-good” now. The ongoing construction work mainly makes the theme park look less attractive presently. Moreover, several rides are not functioning due to the renovation, another disappointment.

According to guests and Disney lovers, the new Disney World Annual Pass structure lacks flexibility. For example, you have to book your tickets in advance mandatorily. Therefore, you can no longer visit the parks whenever you wish, heartbreaking.

Are all passes available for sale?

It is crucial to note that new sales of the Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Incredi-Pass, and Pirate Pass are unavailable for Florida residents. Therefore, it leaves only the Disney Pixie Dust Pass available.

Those who didn’t have an annual pass before and believe it will be worthwhile to acquire one now will have to wait. Besides, it’s unclear when sales will restart for the time being. Overall, it’s critical to assess what you hope to get out of Disney World’s yearly passes when determining if they’re worthwhile.

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