Disney World Souvenirs You Must Buy to Make Your Visit Memorable

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Shopping always occupies a big place in our to-do list when we visit a place, and Disney World souvenirs secure the highest position.

Especially if that place has historical significance or is close to our heart, we collect souvenirs.

Disney 50 years celebration that had kicked off in 2021 is one such destination that is a dream spot for many.

While there are many things written to guide the visitors to Disney World in this season of celebration, not much is talked about guiding the visitors in collecting souvenirs.

Apart from some of the most well-known Disney World souvenirs, this article will also bring home some hidden gems from the magical world.

Disney World souvenirs

If you have finally made it to Disney World, here are some souvenirs that you should most definitely take back home.

The Magnificent Watch

Do you love wearing watches? Do you hate watching your left wrist bare without the most delicate ornament that ever exists on the planet?

If yes, then a limited-time citizen timepiece from the vault collection is the best watch you can gift yourself.

With the Cinderella Castle in the background and Mickey Mouse in the foreground, this watch is the best in the lot.

Also, if you are a Dan Brown fan, this watch can remind you of Professor Langdon’s Mickey Mouse Watch.

It has a leather strap, black in color, and the blue outline of the castle radiates the best on the backdrop of the white dial.

The hands of the Mickey Mouse will tell you the time. You can make your favorite friend the keeper of your valuable time. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology makes the watch even more powerful.

So, if you are excited about it, make sure you visit Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom to have your look at it.

Gift set

Voila! It’s time to shower some love on your friends and loved ones. If the news has spread to your friends and family that you have traveled to Disney World, they will surely expect you to bring Disney World souvenirs for them. If that is the case, here is the best gift set you can buy for them.

As part of the Walt Disney 50 years celebration, they have launched a two-piece item that features a bracelet and a Mickey Mouse charm. This comes from the Celebration Collection. If you add Disney Castle Collection’s Pandora charm and the Cinderella Castle Charm, then your box is full and spectacular.

You can spot these gems at most of the Disney World souvenir shops, which include Legends of Hollywood (Hollywood Studios), Uptown Jewelers (Magic Kingdom), and Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories (Disney Springs). Go check them out; you are going to love them.

Railroad Ears

Disney tourists are always hyped a lot about Mickey Mouse. Doesn’t Minnie Mouse feel hurt?

If you love Minnie Mouse, you will love this Disney World souvenir as well. It is the Thunder Mountain Railroad Ears. This beautiful red colored hairband will give your little one all the happiness they deserve.

Apart from it, you can also have Minnie Mouse ears with the dates imprinted on them. These are one of the most favorite keepsakes of all time. So, if you are visiting in 2022, this can be the best Disney World souvenirs 2022.


Are you looking for the perfect accessory to gift yourself or your family this summer? Well, we have got you covered.

With the increasing glare of global warming, the summer is becoming intolerable year by year. So, if you have visited Disney World, the best gift you can buy is the limited edition Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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Hexagonal and Aviator style sunglasses are the exclusives of the celebration season. If you buy the blue lenses, you will find a Mickey Mouse engraved on the sides.

Custom navy blue temple tips have gold imprints. So, hop into Magic Kingdom’s Island Supply or visit Disney Springs West Side’s Sunglass Icon and gift yourself these.

Sunglass Hut has also produced 2000 gift sets (limited edition) that are only accessible to guests staying in Walt Disney World Resort.

So, if you are looking for the best Disney World souvenirs, then this gift set might be the right choice. It includes a microfiber bag, a pin with the logo for the 50th anniversary, a Mickey Mouse profile, a clean kit with icons of the 50-year celebrations, and the most attractive of the lot, Ray-Ban gold sunglass pair.

Souvenir Mug

If you are running low on budget, do not go for highly expensive gifts. The Disney souvenir mugs are the best Disney World souvenirs on budget.

Moreover, there are many options to choose from. The cups might have Disney World rides as embossing or inspired by Stitch or Tinker Bell.

Some mugs illustrate the Disney World Parks. You can also grab them and remember your Disney World experience every time you sip your coffee.

So, if you are looking to buy souvenir mugs, go to the World of Disney in Disney Springs to choose from a wide range of options.

Ice cream bar

Not all Disney World souvenirs are intangible. If you want to experience the eateries having Disney embossing, then you will have to look for Disney on ice souvenirs.

Visit the Magic Kingdom theme park and grab the special 50th Anniversary year offer where Nestle produces Mickey’s Premium Bar Ice Cream.

It has a new festive wrapper that showcases Mickey. So, if your child is looking for something like this, this ice cream will make them the happiest.

Disney Artwork

Famous for their art and animation, the best way to make the commemoration worthy is to take home a piece of their artwork. This undoubtedly features the best souvenirs from Disney World.

If you believe in minimalism, you can carry pretty postcards back home and keep them in your journal. Or, if you want to decorate your child’s bedroom, you can carry big portraits.

Did you know Disney World artists can make your artworks then and there? If you are interested in customized Disney artworks, what better option exists than this?

Joffrey’s blend

If you are a fan of tea and love tasting its many variations, then Joffrey’s Walt Disney World Blend is a must-try. This can be easily listed among the best Disney souvenirs.

It is a dark mixture of lemon, black cherry, blueberry, and Arabian beans. This will bring delight to your evening tea.

You can get this product at some select retail stores at Walt Disney World Resort. Or, you can find it on Joffrey’s website itself.


Playing lego is one of the most important creative enterprises for children. So, if you have visited Disney World, you can buy Disney world legos as Disney World Souvenirs.

A vintage figure of Mickey Mouse will welcome the guests to your recreated Cinderella Castle. Complete the castle building with blue rooftop cones and golden-colored tower tops.

Disney World souvenirs

Cell phone case

All of us have a fascination with fancy cases for our cell phones. So, visit Emporium at the Magic Kingdom or hop in at Disney Springs’ World of Disney to get a special case for your mobile phone. However, the phone cover is only for iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 phones,

Werther’s treats

Nothing can be better than the sweet tooth delight that Werther is offering on the occasion of the 50th Celebration of Walt Disney World.

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Visit EPCOT’s Karamell-Kuche to get hold of these items. They are Chocolate Cupcake with Sprinkles and Milk Chocolate Coin, The Werther’s Original 50th Celebration Caramel Apple with Sprinkles and Milk Chocolate Coin, and Werther’s Original 50th Celebration Caramel Square with Sprinkles.

Disney Caps

The list of souvenirs at Disney World will be incomplete if we do not consider the hats and caps that can commemorate your visit to the Magic land. These are one of the best Disney World souvenirs that one can get for themselves and their family.

Most interestingly, the theme of the caps is not constant. They keep on customizing them from event to event. So, if you visit Disney World during Halloween, you can get yourself a spooky version of the cap!

Disney World souvenirs

Floral Hairbands

Hop around the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to get decked up in the most beautiful floral hairbands and appear as the prettiest lady in the Easter parade.

You can also buy Limited Edition 2022 Easter Mickey Mouse and Friends Magicband 2 to make yourself look even more attractive.

Picnic Basket

Disney World visits are always the most memorable vacations in one’s life. Thus, the Disney World souvenirs should also be fanciful and can come to your use.

After returning from Disney World, say you plan to go on a short vacation elsewhere. So, carrying a Disney picnic basket with you might be the best way to keep that memory alive and kicking.

What can be a better souvenir than a Disney picnic basket if you are fond of pretty picnics with aesthetic carpets, picnic baskets, and exotic foods. More importantly, they are just not for showing off. The baskets are even more sturdy than the other baskets floating.

The cute Mickey and Minnie picture on your basket cover will make it even more attractive. Also, get yourself a company; buy the cute Daisy Duck Disney nuiMOs Plush wearing Cottage Core Outfits.

It even carries the essential picnic accessories with it. You can either visit shopDisney or Disneyland Resort to buy these products.

Kitchen Set

Are you a fan of cooking? Do you fancy it? Well, all of us in our childhood loved playing with kitchen sets.

It is even more fun to get yourself a Winnie the Pooh Kitchen Utensil Set and holder. The glass jar and bread bin are also there. Protect your food from bees this summer.

Winnie the Pooh Easter Series Collectible Keys are also there to grace you with their presence. This is undoubtedly one of the most delightful Disney World souvenirs.

You can either get a mystery key or a key representing any one of five distinct characters. The rest is still a surprise.

Creative products

Disney merchandise can even foster creativity in your kids. Spring is the time when new flowers bloom. Thus, in this blooming period, don’t let your kid’s imagination get shut down. Open the door to new ideas. Disney books and paintings can help you with that.

Minnie Mouse garden playset can be an excellent introduction to fun gardening for your kid. If your child has an inner artist, then Encanto Design Your Own Bag Activity Set can be good for your little one.

Plastic Eggs

Your Easter party basket will look even brighter and more beautiful if you add plastic eggs. Frankford’s Disney Egg Hunt has launched 100 plastic eggs having Mickey Mouse and Friends decorations.

If you are a Disney Princess fan, these characters are there to fill you in. You will get a Golden egg and smarties candies as you open the eggs. The Golden Egg is a secret; you can reveal it and get surprised.

So, if you are bracing yourself for an “eggcellent Easter” next year, these accessories are a must for you.

Final Thoughts

Deck up your rooms with these amazing Disney Worlds souvenirs. Hope your vacation is the best in your lifetime, and commemorate the best memories with these wonderful gifts!

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