Disney Foreworks Timings and Best Places to Witness

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One of the most popular things at Disney World is Disney foreworks. People who have witnessed the spectacular fireworks taking place right above the Cinderella’s Caste describe it to be nothing less than completely a dream.

The beauty and charm of the fireworks take you on an unforgettable adventure, making you believe that maybe magic, after all, is real. This makes those like us, who have not had the chance to witness the craziness yet, extremely curious. Does it not?

In this article, we have thus discussed everything that you would want to know about Disney World fireworks. Read on to know all about it.

Best firework shows in the history of Walt Disney

Disney fireworks have always grabbed one of the top spots when it comes to the guests’ favorite things to do there. Ask anyone who has been there, and everyone would tell you how watching the fireworks is one of the best ways to end every evening. Therefore, let us look at some of the many Disney fireworks shows that have taken place till today.


The show Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams replaced the show Fantasy in the Sky in 2003.

This show is undoubtedly one of the best Disney fireworks shows. Everything about this show was enough to catch the attention of people.

On May 11, 2017, the show was officially stopped.

Here are some fun facts about the show:

  • The show used more than 683 fireworks
  • Tinkerbell came in as a guest appearance. He would jump from Cinderella’s Castle to Tomorrowland
  • A firework called ‘Wishing Star’ was also shot. It would go as far as 100 meters above Cinderella’s Castle
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Fantasmic! was undoubtedly one of the most engaging fireworks shows of Disney. The show opened in Hollywood Studios back in the year 1998.

However, it left many people heartbroken when it ceased to continue. However, the good news for all the Fantasmic fans out there is that this show is making a comeback this year.

In this show, our very favorite Mickey Mouse takes us through some of our most loved Disney movies. To name a few, they are Dumbo, Alice In Wonderland, and The Lion King, amongst many others.

Here is a tip for you all: ensure yourself a seat for Fantasmic, and remember to be there before time. Because this is one of the best shows there are and getting a seat is a bit of rare luck.

What are some amazing spots to watch the Disney foreworks?

The fireworks show is undoubtedly one of the most loved shows at Disney World. The good part about this show is that you can enjoy it from many places. If you are wondering what those are, here is a list of some amazing spots to view the show:

While enjoying a ride

Even though it is a little hard to believe but, indeed, the Disney fireworks are best viewed from a ride.

If you trust the views of some people who have been there, they say that the experience is too magical to express.

Imagine the fireworks feeling right across your face as you enjoy some of the best rides that Disney World offers. It sure is thrilling, is it not?

Two of the best rides that provide the best fireworks views are Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road.

Disney Foreworks

From the comfort of your hotel

We are sure that many of us want to completely avoid the hustle and bustle and enjoy the fireworks peacefully.

However, that is not possible anywhere at Disney World except the comfort of your hotel room. This is because Magical World sees a huge crowd when the fireworks take place.

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Therefore, if you wish to see the fireworks from anywhere outside your room, be ready to get smashed.

Hence, what many people prefer is watching the fireworks right from the verandah of their hotel room.

Imagine this; you can put on a pajama, sit cozily on your verandah with your loved one and enjoy the fireworks with a drink in hand. Just the thought of it excites us. Does it not?

From the Main USA street

Another best from where you would get an amazing view of the Disney foreworks show is while standing on the USA Main Street.

There are two good spots on the street. Firstly, you can choose to find a good spot at the back of the street. This is an amazing spot for all the people who do not like a huge crowd.

They can stand at the back of the queue and also get to leave early once the show is over. However, there is just one problem: they would not get the best views from here.

Thus, we come to our next best spot on Main Street USA. This is from the middle of the street. However, remember that this place could get extremely stuffed. Thus, you would want to go there a little bit early to find and secure yourself a good spot.

Disney Foreworks

What is the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Time?

A common question to arise in your mind is the Magic Kingdom fireworks timings. Well, we are aware of the Disney park hours 2022. Hence, now, let us look at the Magic Kingdom fireworks timings.

If you go by Disney’s official website, the fireworks will begin every night sharp at 9 PM. However, during the winter season, the timing can change to 8 PM. This is because, during the winter season, it gets cold and dark early.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Disney foreworks, is one of the best and most loved shows of Walt Disney World. Therefore, now that it has finally returned ensure not to miss even a tiny bit of it when you go for a vacation at Disney World.

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