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Disney Characters That Start With L and Their Significance

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Disney characters are some of the most popular and lovable characters globally, and their names are also unique. According to social media statistics, here are the top 10 Disney characters that start with l ranked by their name’s popularity. Which of these characters do you like best? Let’s find out!

Disney Characters That Start With L

Check out the ones you already know, their characteristics, and more:


Lilo is one of the best Disney characters that start with l. She is the female protagonist in Lilo & Stitch.

Lilo is an orphaned Hawaiian girl brought up by her older sister, Nani. The story starts when Nani brings home a dog named Stitch, whom she finds abandoned on Kauai beach.

To help him adjust to his new surroundings, Lilo names him Stitch after she sees her sister stitch together his torn shirt.

One massive adventure follows as Stitch and Lilo are trying to adjust to life on Earth while avoiding capture from Dr. Jumba and subsequent deportation to a faraway prison planet called—appropriately enough—Giant Planet.

Although Stitch (the alien) can’t speak English very well, he can understand everything everyone says.

His speech consists of only three words: Oh boy! Oh no! and Aloha! He’s essentially a lost puppy—although he doesn’t have any fur or paws, rather long ears, blue skin, and two antennae sticking out of his head.

He may not be much for talking, but he makes up for what he lacks in communication skills with loyalty. And because of their friendship with each other, you feel like you can trust them. But it’s not just about them; it also includes some pretty important lessons about family.

Disney Characters That Start With L and Their Significance

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Lady Tremaine

An evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine, has a toxic relationship with Cinderella and is in constant competition for her daughter’s affection.

Like any villain, she’s sneaky and manipulative. She uses magic to imprison Cinderella’s father and encourages her daughters to mistreat Cinderella.

Lady Tremaine’s primary flaw is she isn’t even subtly nasty—her evil deeds are apparent all around her. What if Lady Tremaine didn’t intend to be evil? What if she tried to secure a better life after forcing her into an unhappy marriage?

You might sympathize with her as you watch her story unfold on screen in Cinderella. It’s true what they say: you can’t judge a book by its cover.

It will be nice to see how someone like Lady Tremaine became so cold-hearted, but it wouldn’t have been quite as magical or memorable of a film. Perhaps there will be another retelling of Cinderella from Lady Tremaine’s perspective someday.

Disney Characters That Start With L and Their Significance


Lumiere is a French candlestick character from Beauty and The Beast who, along with Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts, is part of Belle’s kitchenware family.

His master was Gaston, his former human best friend before he was turned into a beast by an enchantress to resemble him.

This elegant candle is often eager to help out but sometimes bickers. People also call him Flame, which comes from Lumiere’s first name (French for light).

He also describes himself as a chandelier, an amusing mistake since he’s a candelabra (with candles) rather than one composed entirely of crystals. As if you didn’t know already, Lumiere has a type for romantic partners.

There’s only been one woman in his life that he can stand: Fifi! But more on her later. For now, let’s look at some of Lumiere’s past relationships.

In Human Again, Lumiere meets Madame de la Grande Bouche while searching for new glassware. At first, she thinks he’s rude and dismissive of her, but soon, she falls head over heels in love with him until they’re both transformed into objects again at midnight – including Madame de la Grande Bouche.

After that, they meet again years later during Gaston’s failed wedding, where they’re finally able to have they’re happily ever after together. Lumiere is the best Disney character that start with the letter l.

Disney Characters That Start With L and Their Significance

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Li Shang

Li Shang might not be a household name, but this Disney characters that start with the letter l deserve some recognition.

In Mulan, Shang is Mulan’s commander and captain of the Chinese Imperial Army. You first meet him in The Ballad of Mulan. He checks on his troops slacking off because they know there are no immediate threats from their enemies. He has high standards for himself and his soldiers, so he doesn’t take too kindly to their lazy ways.

When he learns that Mulan is secretly a woman (not a man, Ping), he respects her decision to join her father in battle; despite knowing it could cost her her life if anyone finds out she’s female.

His respect for Mulan makes us like him even more. Even though he was pretty mad at her when he discovered her deception, he continues to stand by her side as a loyal leader.

It was also sweet how supportive Shang was towards Mulan once she returned home after saving China; even though she couldn’t marry him anymore because she wasn’t male.

Instead of being angry or upset, Shang was proud of Mulan for fulfilling her duty as an honorable soldier. He also supported her desire to see what else was out there in the world beyond China. After all, isn’t that what loyalty is all about? Sure it would have been nice if these two had ended up together, but you can’t help but appreciate how loyal both characters were throughout their time together.

Disney Characters That Start With L and Their Significance

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Louis The Alligator

Unlike his palaeontological counterpart, Louis from The Princess and The Frog is a fun-loving guy; who can keep up with Tiana’s demanding lifestyle.

With chameleon-like abilities to blend into his surroundings; including singing in perfect harmony alongside frogs; Louis is unique to any household. Start your family tree today!

Louie’s not exactly Prince Charming, but if you’re tired of toads, frogs, and snakes as viable romantic options for your daughter, at least he has a heart as big as his stomach!

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll turn into a prince. And even if he doesn’t, there are worse things than marrying someone who will treat you like royalty. For example: marrying someone whose sole goal in life is to turn everything green and slimy! Oh wait, maybe you don’t want to go there after all.


Lucifer is a widespread name for characters in animated movies. He is present on almost every list of Disney characters that start with l, that start with Disney Villains, and he has starred in his television series.

He shows some significant character development in all of his appearances. Also, he proves to be one of Disney’s most intriguing characters ever created. His arch-nemesis, God (voiced by Danny DeVito), appears in each episode to help guide him down a path toward redemption.

Although not technically one of the strongest villains on this list, it seems inevitable that Lucifer will remain a fan favorite for years to come.

The character’s relationship with other Disney villains also creates an exciting dynamic that gives him something unique among evil characters.

Unlike many others, Lucifer truly cares about his friends and would never dream of hurting them.

He feels terrible when they are hurt or killed and genuinely wishes things could have turned out differently for them.

If you enjoy reading about true evil, you can find many great stories featuring villainous and heroic characters.

Most notably, several books detail different wars throughout time where you can read about Lucifer or other world leaders who were driven by their lust for power or their hunger to destroy those who opposed them.

These are real-life accounts of how people can do horrible things to others because they want something more than anything else.

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)

Of the top Disney characters that start with the letter L, Luke Skywalker is the main character in Star Wars.

He was born on Tatooine and raised by his uncle Owen Lars and Aunt Beru Whitsun. His step-brother was Anakin Skywalker, who became Darth Vader.

In his youth, he worked with his uncle as a farmer until he met Obi-Wan Kenobi, who told him about his father’s demise at the hands of Darth Vader, which led him to become a Jedi Knight eventually confront his stepfather.

During Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, he kills Anakin Skywalker by cutting off his hand (which held Darth Vader’s lightsaber) after being redeemed. Afterward, he had a brief romantic relationship with Princess Leia Organa before marrying her sister, Senator Padmé Amidala. They had two children named Jaina and Jacen.

In Episode IV: A New Hope, he used a lightsaber against Stormtroopers onboard an Imperial Destroyer ship while rescuing Princess Leia from captivity.

In Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, he lost his right hand when it was cut off by Darth Vader while trying to protect himself from getting hit by lava in Cloud City. He managed to escape with help from Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca in their captured Imperial shuttle Tydirium before it crashed into an asteroid field near Bespin.

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Lucky (Pixar film series Toy Story franchise’s Slinky Dog)

In Pixar’s Toy Story, he doesn’t have much luck. But in Toy Story 2, you learn he had an owner who loved him very much and even wrote a song about it.

You love him for his heart-wrenching personality and his adorable squeak. He may be sad on the outside, but he has a lot to give on the inside!

This toy is one of your favorites Disney Pixar characters that start with l because everyone loves toys they grew up with and cherished – Slinky Dog remains iconic throughout every generation.

The best part? His character development was through no design of Pixar’s: he began as just a dog on screen. However, after people noticed how expressive his eyes were, they decided to make him talk. After that first movie, you could never imagine a world without Slinky Dog!

Lu Shan (Mulan II)

Lu Shan is Mulan’s fiancé, Li Shang’s childhood friend, and one of the underrated Disney characters that start with l.

At first, she doesn’t get along well with Mulan. She finds her behavior disgraceful. After finding out they are both females, they become good friends.

Lu and Shang also fall in love. They marry one another at the end of Mulan II. Ming-Na Wen voices her in Mandarin Chinese, Gedde Watanabe in Japanese, and Leighton Meester in English. Her name means plum blossom. Some countries call her Fa Mulan (Fa short for fiancée).

Lu Shan’s character design’s inspiration was from a piece of art by Lauren Hynek; depicting a beautiful woman standing next to a tree.

The image came to life through animation research conducted at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida.

Artists studied various martial arts forms such as tai chi chuan and wushu to give them an authentic feel for how characters should move.

Animators drew from real-world references using high-speed photography instead of traditional animation drawings or pose to achieve maximum fluidity between movements.

This new style allowed for realistic snap movement between frames without sacrificing detail or quality; it created a sense of realism in traditional animation.

Lucky (Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse)

Lucky is one great Disney character that starts with l. He loves ice cream, cheese, and all things having to do with chocolate. However, he has a few faults. He can sometimes be bossy and arrogant, but his intentions are good.

Mickey is truly a kindhearted hero who loves his friends dearly and would do anything for them! For example, Mickey races over to her rescue when Minnie’s bow gets stuck on Goofy’s head in The Prince and The Pauper (2000).

Lucky has proved himself as an actual hero time and time again by saving his friends from peril! Although he may seem clumsy and dim-witted sometimes, you know that Lucky will always come through in a pinch.

He may not have superpowers or magic powers, but he has a lot of determination. That’s why you love him so much!

Final thoughts

It’s always fun to see what new Disney characters that start with l are there for you to know.

The above characters are pretty different, but they all use their strengths and play significant roles in their respective movies.

Hope you had as much fun reading about them as the writer did when writing it!

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