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If someone asked you to make a list of your favorite Disney films, we presume the list would be big, just after or even before the Studio Ghibli animation film lists, maybe! Until 2021, Frozen would have topped the list. However, with Encanto entering the stage of Oscar nominations in 2021, the list and its top placeholders have shuffled their position slightly. So, the question here is, like Frozen, what is the status of Encanto at Disney World? So, if you are still obsessing over Encanto in 2022, this article will bring some delight to you!

What is Encanto?

If you are still in the dark about this uproar, then here is a brief preview. Encanto is a Disney film made in 2021 which made its way to the Oscar nominations.

Encanto is a magical land in the mountains, where all the children, except Mirabel, has some superpowers. However, Mirabel comes to know that magic is now facing some danger.

This musical fantasy had captivated all the world’s audiences. It has even been re-released in several halls owing to the grand success, thus positing the question about the status of Encanto at Disney World.

Lin Manuel Miranda, who created the soundtrack of Encanto, has also proposed that there should be a ride relating to Encanto at Orlando’s Disney World.

However, many of us are still wondering, “What is Encanto at Disney World.” If you want to know more about it, read the article till the end.

Encanto at Disney World

Here is all you can expect from this attraction:

The musical montage

If you have watched Encanto, “We don’t talk about Bruno” might be securing the top place in your current playlist till now.

SO, Disney, in their “it’s a small world” set up, has also paid their due tribute to this song. Every evening, starting from April 11 and continuing for a short period, “it’s a small world’s iconic façade gets lit by the stunning visual montage.

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The light and sound show is a magical treat to your eyes, and if you are a true fan of Encanto, nothing can be more respectful than this.

The visual arrangement goes like this-the way the Casita of the Madrigal family is arranged. The tiles in the montage also shift and situate to resemble the transition from one scene to another.

Finally, it leads to Bruno’s prophecy regarding Mirabel. So, if you only stand there, you will be able to recapitulate your memory about Encanto and feel a wave of nostalgia hit you then and there.

This song was a great hit and bagged the number one position, the only song to do so after the 1992 Aladin hit- “A whole new world.”

Zocalo Park

You can even visit Zocalo Park at Frontierland, which pays homage to this Madrigal family. This is a place open during the day, and you can very well go there.

Main Street Electrical parade

Main Street Electrical Parade that returned to the campus on April 22 also featured Encanto and other Pixar and Disney stories.

The characters like Antonio and Mirabel are depicted as beautifully animated dolls on the floating sections allotted to them.

Sparkling stunning lights depicting Castia, Miracle Candle, and the magical butterflies would make you wonder what they would look like if they existed in real!

Thus, if you are still thinking about Encanto at Disney World, what more answer would satisfy your soul? To please you, this parade even hosts Encanto characters at Disney World. Seeing them live in front of you is a sheer delight.

There are yet some events that will quench your desire for Encanto at Disney World 2022.

Encanto-themed garden

Encanto at Disney World is one of the places in Disney World that is loved by all. Especially its spring festival: International Flower and Garden Festival is what all the nature lovers wait for. SO, if you are one among them, alongside being an Encanto fan, you should visit EPCOT this year. You might wonder why. Here is the answer.

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At this festival, they are now hosting a garden that Encanto inspires. So, if you were asking yourself, “are Encanto characters at Disney World?” then the answer is yes. In this garden, you will even find Isabela, Luisa, Mirabel, Julieta, and Antonio.

Even if it was made keeping in mind the “Women’s History Month,” it will be available till May 22, that is, till the International Flower and Garden Festival runs. SO, book your tickets and visit EPCOT if you are a die-hard fan of Encanto.

Near the La Isla Fresca Kitchen, and situated between the French and Morocco Pavillion, another landmark for the garden is World Showcase.

Imagine the character of Bruno walking past you as you suit yourself in the garden. However, Disney is yet to add that in, and neither do they have that in their working rostrum. But, the garden itself will considerably lighten up your mood!

Unfortunately, there are no Encanto rides at Disney World, at least till now. However, if you are a merchandise geek, Disney has a lot for you.

Encanto inspired garden opens at EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival
Image Source: MousePlanet

Encanto merchandise

The Mirabel Madigal plush doll at EPCOT’s Disney Traders can be the best gift for your little one if they have also watched Encanto along with you. Even if it was there at Disneyland, its Disney World house is recent. It will cost you $22.99.

A Jaguar plush doll is a good material for home décor. Deck up one corner of your house by buying this for $24.99.

Chispy the Capybara is the cutest find from Encanto characters, and this is available at Disney traders for only $22.99. If you visit the store online, you can also find a different version.

The cheapest find is the Mirabel Madrigal Funko Pop for just $15.99. So, if you face a cash crunch, this can save you, and you can take sweet commemorative merchandise back home.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are an Encanto fan and think about Encanto at Disney World, then this article should have served you right. So, pack your bags and visit Disney World to meet your favorite characters there.

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