Disney Plus Error Code 42, 41, 142: How to Fix This?

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The way going on a vacation to Disney World is a dream for many; similarly, Disney shows and movies are nostalgic for many. Thus, the launch of Disney Plus Hotstar, which has more or less all the Disney shows, is a platform where one can share the collective nostalgia. So, if you are facing Disney Plus Error Code 42, don’t worry it can easily be fixed.

As we all know, Disney Plus is a streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. Not only does it have shows from Disney, but it also hosts other producers’ shows like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic Channel, etc. You will need a subscription if you want to sit back and watch these shows while relishing back on the sofa.

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 42

Often, even if the users have an annual or monthly subscription, it so happens that they are facing Disney Plus Error Code 42 issue. So, if you are also facing such problems, let’s see where from it arises!

Usually, weak internet connectivity or time-out issues are the two main factors that contribute to Disney Plus Error Code 42 issues. So, if you are wondering about a solution to that, we might help you here!

Disney Plus Servers

To do away with Disney Plus Error Code 42, you must follow certain steps. Those steps are trial and error. You need to check some corners to see the root of the problem and find a solution.

So, first, you need to check if the Disney servers are alright. You can also put third-party tools to use to check on that.

Sometimes, the servers are down. You can view that current status via those tools. So, if you see their servers are down, you will have to wait because this is a problem you cannot fix. It is the Disney Plus team who needs to work on this. However, you can check the other issues if this is not the problem.

Try another show

Often, a show is unavailable and a pop-up saying service unavailable comes to your screen. However, you can switch to another show in the Disney media library to check if the problem is with every other show.

However, if only one show or movie shows Disney Plus Error Code 42, you can report the problem to Disney Plus. We will come back later to this.

Stream quality

The bandwidth of your internet connection may or may not support high-quality video streaming on the platform. So, you might try and lower the stream quality. This you can do by following these steps.

Open the Disney app. Then, go to your profile and select the app settings. There will be an option save data under Wi-Fi data usage. Click on that. Afterward, go to App Settings and switch to save data mode under Cellular Data usage.

Also, you will have to select the Video Quality option under the Downloads section and then change it to medium or standard.

Log out and log in to your account

Sometimes, any temporary bug might create a problem with your current streaming and viewing status. So, unless you refresh the page, different messages can start. In that case, you might have to re-login to your account. Here is how you can do that.

Firstly, open the app Disney Plus. After that, select the Avatar option and then log out. On the Disney Plus Website also, you will see these options.

So, follow these steps only to log out. You can also select the account option and log out from all the other devices you have used with your subscription.

After this, wait a few minutes and log in to your account again. The problem should be fixed by then!

Check your internet

Often weak internet connectivity leads to Disney Plus Error Code 42. With weak bandwidth, it becomes difficult to communicate with the other servers.

If you are unsure whether it is your internet or any other problem, you can also use some speed test for the internet.

So, if you find out that the problem is with your internet, it is best to restart your router. In that way, you can re-establish its connection with ISP servers.

In this step, you will have to unplug the cable and then replug it after a few seconds. After this, you might do another speed test to test your internet connectivity speed.

You will require at least 5 MB per second speed to stream anything on Disney Plus seamlessly. If your internet plan doesn’t allow this, you might have to upgrade the data plan that you are using.


Sometimes VPN might also have some issues, which might impact the streaming speed leading to Disney Plus Error Code42 issues.

VPN or Virtual Private Networks provide you with security in private connections. If you have a VPN, it gets difficult to trace your original IP address, which is usually used for covering your internet and device identity.

However, some VPNs might function a little less and can interrupt your private connections. So, this might also be a reason why your Disney Plus is showing an error message.

Thus, the ideal way to check if the VPN is interrupting or not is to turn it off before you start streaming any shows or movies on Disney Plus.

If you do not want to continue doing online stuff without a VPN, you can also opt to change it and select some other VPN.

Disable Browser Extensions

If you are streaming movies on the Disney Plus website, browser extensions might disrupt your viewing experience. So, turn off the extensions for seamless streaming, even on the browser. This is how you can turn off the extensions-

After opening the browser, go to the Options button. It will be beside the profile icon. After that, click settings and then click the Extensions option.

In the end, turn off all the extensions and other add-ons. After this, restart the browser and open Disney Plus. The error code won’t is there.

Also, this doesn’t mean you will again have to go through the tedious process of downloading extensions. After you are done streaming, you can simply turn on the extensions.

Virus infection

When the computer has some foreign elements, it might slow down your device. It can even impact the internet bandwidth. So, please run a virus detection test.

This will not only confirm your suspicion but will also be for the betterment of the device. That way, once you get rid of the virus, you will also get rid of the Disney Plus Error Code 42 problem.

Update the app

If you are facing some error on Disney Plus, you might check if the app requires an update or not. Disney Plus is known for timely updates, and if you haven’t updated your device, then it is time that you do that because otherwise, it is highly likely that the problem will persist.


If you see the problem is still not going away, you can reinstall the Disney Plus app. You can go to the app store and click on the uninstall option. After that, you can again visit the app store to reinstall the app.

Report the issue

However, if after following all these methods, Disney Plus Error Code 42 remains, it is best to report it to Disney Plus directly.

You can reach the contact support. For ding that, go to the help center. You can even have a look at their ready-made guides.

Otherwise, you must submit your account details and the error code. In that way, it gets easier to troubleshoot your problem.

However, apart from Error 42, there are other error codes. Let’s have a look at them!

Disney Plus Error Code 142

Disney Plus Error Code 142 occurs when there is some problem with the server, or you have low internet bandwidth.

Sometimes some servers of Disney Plus remain unavailable or also can remain under maintenance. If that is the case, the message Disney Plus Error Code 142 can pop up on your screen.

These are some of how you can fix this problem.

Internet connection

First and foremost, run a speed test to know if your internet is working fine or not. So, if it doesn’t have the required speed, you might troubleshoot it.

For that, you will have to restart your router. If it is still not working, it is best to turn it off for some time and then check again. If the internet starts working fine, most of the time, Disney Plus Error Code 142 doesn’t appear.

Sign Out

Often the problem lies in the Disney Plus app. So, you should sign out for a while. Uninstall the app and then again log in.

Other ways

You can also disable the VPN and try other VPNs for better efficiency. It might also happen that the device you are using for watching shows on Disney Plus is not supporting it. So, you can always switch devices for a better experience.

Check if the application needs any updates. Disney Plus is always very quick and up-to-date with application updates so that it doesn’t create any problems in the viewing experience.

So, if you haven’t updated Disney Plus recently, it is best to go to the Play Store and select the update option beside Disney Plus. After that, the updated version will be downloaded automatically.

If you are using Amazon Firestick and facing Error Code 142, you can do the following.

Firstly, close the app on Firestick. After that, restart it. Followed by this, check your internet bandwidth.

If you are still facing the same issue, you can contact Disney Plus support or tweet about it for faster redressals.

disney plus error code 42

Disney Plus Error Code 41

As we found out with Error Code 142 and 42, similar problems happen with similar solutions when someone gets the Error 41 message. So, if you have a Disney Plus Error Code 41 message on your tv or phone screen, these are how you can get rid of it.

The error occurs when there are corrupted files, the show is unavailable on the server, or the server’s unavailability or the low internet speed.


So, the first thing you would want to do if something like that happens is, check the Disney servers. Often, the case is not faulty from your side. It is Disney Plus servers that are unavailable. So, first, try changing the servers. Also, you can check if the server is down. If that is the case, then you have no role to play.

Sometimes the problem is with one particular show. You might change the show for the time being and start watching a different movie. The problem may go away.

Check your device

Often, the device you are using to stream videos on Disney Plus doesn’t support it. Even if the Disney plus app runs on almost all operating systems, if you are facing a problem, it might be the corner where you can shed some light.

Browsing data

Browsing history can sometimes lead to some interruptions. For better speed, some browsers use non-permanent data- cache. But, when these cookies and caches accumulate, your device can be a problem. Instead of boosting the loading times, it can make it slower.

So, you might have to do away with the corrupt files to offer yourself a seamless streaming service. The next time you face Disney Plus Error Code 41, trying these options might help.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if your streaming is disrupted by the message Disney Plus Error Code 42, there is no need to worry. Please have some patience, give it some time, and the movies and series will be on your screen soon!

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