Disney World Accident 2022 That Shook the Land of Magic

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Disney World accident 2022 showed us that sometimes magic could turn into a nightmare.

Even if we consider Disney World one of the happiest places on earth, it is not absolute. Despite many safety measures, there have been quite a lot of accidents that have taken place in Disney World.

Accidental drownings and ride malfunctions are among the top reasons for death in Disney World. This article will provide a darker side to the all-bright days at Disney World.

Since the opening of Disney World in Orlando, Florida, some deaths have shaken the authorities to the core.

Other deaths have placed the authorities on the mantle. Disney World accident 2022 has again come into the news headlines due to a recent incident. What was it?

A lawyer from a personal injury law firm, similar to those of a San Antonio Vehicle Collision Lawyer, shares: “It is deeply concerning to read about the series of accidents that occurred at Disney World in 2022. The safety of theme park visitors should always be the top priority for any amusement park operator. These incidents are not only tragic but also raise significant legal and ethical questions, much like the challenges faced in car accident cases in San Antonio.

Disney World accident 2022 video

In another of the tragic incidents on the list of Disney World accidents 2022, a guest who was staying at Walt Disney World Resort fell off an attraction.

It has caused a serious fracture. While climbing off the horse at Magic Kingdom’s Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, she hit her hip bone.

Additionally, some passengers at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith in Hollywood Studios and Avatar Flight of Passage have reported seizures. Two elderly women while riding Soarin’ Around the World have suffered severe chest pain.

In a more tragic incident in Disney World accident 2022, a 72- year old woman even passed out after riding a Tomorrowland Transit Authority mover.

After exiting Remi’s Ratatouille Adventure, an old man is reported to suffer a stroke.

Moreover, a 14-year-old kid reportedly got released from his chair while riding Orlando Freefall at ICON Park.

After this incident, Disney World devoids guests from visiting this place. Thus, this issue drew a lot of media attention. Investigations are ongoing. The family even said they would file a lawsuit.

Even if death cannot be reversed, in these cases, families suspect that authorities are at fault. They can file wrongful death lawsuits. So, as the rides operations and fun activities, including water, are there, fatalities are also very common.

Among the 83 deaths reported by both Disney World and Disneyland, 65 percent were without lawsuits. 14 percent of deaths led to lawsuits where Disney intervened and settled the cases. In 6 percent of the cases, the lawsuits haven’t reached any culmination.

Disney World Accidents

So, let’s now look at the Disney World Accident 2022. We have categorized the accidents and deaths concerning the places in which the fateful events occurred.

Disney Transport

A ferry boat accident led to fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, and back pain in a 61-year-old woman.

In a tragic Disney World accident 2022 incident, a bus driver of Disney transportation suffered critical injuries when it hit a charter bus near the EPCOT parking area.

One of the other accidents in Disney transportation was when a gondola got jammed when it was leaving Riviera Resort Station. However, no injuries were reported from this incident.

In 1985, a monorail train going to Transportation and Ticket Cente caught on fire. Seven passengers were admitted to the hospitals for some minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

In 1991, there was an incident of collision between a monorail and a diest maintenance work tractor.

In 2014, guests saw a power failure in the monorail system. The reason for the failure might be ascribed to lightning. Often, guests get strangled due to technical glitches. These repeatedly occurred in 2014 and 2015.

disney world transportation

Animal Kingdom

As Disney’s Avatar Flight of Passage is a very intense ride, many accidents have happened during this ride.

Most of the guests who have succumbed to any problem reported lost consciousness. This led to warning cards which were also installed in Mission: Space.

So, if you have seating restraints, motion sickness, and fear of heights, you should avoid these rides.


In a tragic incident, a 30-year-old young soul lost his life after escaping the Dinosaur. At first, he lost consciousness and suffered a heart attack leading to his death.

The investigation figured that the man had an artificial pacemaker. To avoid these kinds of Disney World accidents in 2022, people should not get on rides if that doesn’t permit them physically.

Kali River Rapids

Due to an emergency exit malfunction, one cast member and five guests were injured. They went to a local hospital, and only minor injuries were incurred.

 Kali River Rapids

Primeval Whirl

In a very tragic incident, a 3-year-old cast member suffered death. This was due to an injury she suffered when a ride fell from the restricted zone of the ride platform and hit her. Here, OSHA filed lawsuits, and Disney had to pay fines.

Another elderly cast member had head injuries. This time also, he was working on the ride only. However, it was under maintenance. The public could access it. These head injuries led to his death a few days later.

Hollywood Studios

Rock ‘n’ roller coaster

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Even if we don’t like this fact, many injuries occur while riding roller coasters.

Especially after Final Destination and the disastrous Roller Coaster failure that it showed, even the thought of riding a roller coaster can give chills to your body.

A 12-year boy was declared dead after this coaster ride ended. He, however, had a congenital heart defect that was not diagnosed. bonus 25 euro bez depozytu

Toy Story Mania

A 64-year-old woman suffered death in Toy Story Mania. However, it presumably had no connections with the ride.

After riding The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, a girl suffered intracranial bleeding. She even had to undergo surgery for this.

However, even if she survived the damage, she had to spend 6 months in hospital. As the investigation didn’t find any malfunction from the ride’s side. So, it was reopened immediately the day after.


One of the most tragic incidents was recorded in the history of incidents in EPCOT. A family of parents and three children died when their plane crashed near the EPCOT parking lot.

They were coming from Greer, South Carolina, to reach Kissimme, Florida, to come to Disney World.

A boy in 1999 suffered severe injuries when he exited a ride car. He was then brought to Orlando Regional Medical Care for an open compound fracture.

Even cases of molestations have also happened in Disney World. In Test Track only, a 20-year-old person from Venezuela reportedly molested a small kid. Even if he said it was a mere accident, he was taken into custody.

Disney World Things to Do That Ends With 2021

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s oldest theme park is also part of the tragic incidents that have caused a wreck in its magical past.

The Beauty and the Beast float crushed a cast member. This is one of the most tragic incidents that happened in this park in 2004.

A six-year-old girl fell on the water and broke her hips while riding in It’s a small world in August 1994.

Main Street, USA, also has a story that no one would wish to relate to this magical place. A four-year-old boy drowned in the moat that surrounds Cinderella Castle.

In the lawsuit that the family filed, they won. But, they were also held responsible because they allowed the boy to climb the fence from where he dropped.

A six-year-old boy suffered death after fainting after he finished his ride on Space Mountain.

A man tried to exit Splash Mountain while on the move and fatally injured himself. This is a case from 2007.

One of the flume boats made up of logs started sinking underwater. This could have been one of the most Disney World accidents in 2022, but the passengers didn’t have any injuries.

So, these and many other incidents constitute the accident history in Disney World.

Disney World deaths

Let’s now look at some of the deaths that shook Disney World:

How many people have died at Disney World

While there are around 83 deaths in both Disney World and Disneyland, in Disney World alone, there have been 63 deaths till June 2022.


In 2020, a 43-year-old woman died due to blunt force trauma at Caribbean Beach Resort. The members filed a lawsuit. However, no culmination has been reached.

A 66-year-old male person started having medical emergencies after he rode Spaceship Earth. The man was quickly admitted to a hospital nearby.

Adding to the Disney World accidents in 2022 list, he died succumbing to those medical conditions. However, as this was related to the person’s body and health issues, there were no lawsuits.

The incident occurred in EPCOT, where Remi’s Ratatouille was under construction. A worker fell off the construction site. This happened in 2019, and the person fell to death from the ride.

Due to the collapse of building scaffolding, two workers suffered death in 2018 near Disney Fantasia Garden’s Miniature Golf Course.

An incident ascribed crushing as the cause of death when a toro car crushed one of the employees who fell unconscious.

After that, he succumbed to his injuries. Even if his wife blamed and filed a lawsuit against the companies, they were not found guilty.


An incident at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa shocked people. Here, an alligator attacked a small two-year-old baby at night while hovering around a seven-seas lagoon’s shore.

The alligator allegedly pulled the boy into the water. Since this incident in 2014, the authorities have put rope barriers along the shore and cautioned guests to go near it.

In a tragic incident, a small boy lost his life when a Disney bus crushed him while riding a bicycle with another kid.

Investigations say the kid turned to the right when the bus went over him. In this incident, the mother of the child filled a lawsuit.

In 2009, a severe incident at monorail charged Disney with a high amount where it settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

The monorail couldn’t switch to the Magic Kingdom line from the EPCOT line, where its 21-year-old pilot suffered death. The monorail was reopened after park officials, and OSHA investigated it.

After the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation, they found out the track was not ready for the transition. So finally, they ascribed the cause to the failure of the operator to switch the beam.

Disneyland Florida Epcot


In another case with Primeval Whirl in Animal Kingdom, OSHA charged Disney a high amount due to a lack of safety measures.

In a 1999 case, a 65-year-old person died while cleaning the Fantasyland Skyway Station Platform.

Other employees accidentally turned on the rides. They didn’t know that he was in there. Here, OSHA again fined WDW for violating a federal state’s safety codes.

1989 saw a boat accident in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa where a speed boat collided with a ferry boat resulting in the death of a 33-year-old woman.

The crew and cast members, however, saved her son. In this case, the family filed a lawsuit. They claimed this was a case of sheer negligence because the ferry boat should have been very careful about personal injury law firm from Los Angeles it.

In 1987, in EPCOT, a plane crash took away the life of a 27-year-old cast member.

Final Thoughts

These and many other incidents are the precursors to the Disney World accident 2022. So, it might be a land of fun and magic, but every world has darkness in its corners. Beware of that!

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