How to get an audience on YouTube

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Today we would like to talk about promotion on YouTube. Every novice creator would like to earn a lot on this platform, but for this, first of all, you need to gain a large audience that will actively participate in the life of the account. Being engaged only in the publication of content, you are unlikely to become popular in a short time, so various methods of increasing the audience will come to your aid.

It should be understood that this is a huge scale video hosting where you can come to high earnings and popularity all over the world, but this is not easy. Those who started their activities on the platform when it first appeared were lucky, because they started their journey without competition. Now the situation is completely different and you will have to work hard and invest effort and money (for example, order advertising from bloggers, buy YouTube views for the first videos and ask users to distribute your content) to gain at least a small number of subscribers in the early stages.

Let’s try to figure out how to quickly become famous on this service.

Trending content

This method belongs to organic SEO and is one of the most attractive in terms of viewers. You can see what content is published by popular creators in your country or in the world and make a similar video where you mention this person.

The best option would be to add the name of the blogger to the title of your video so that their viewers will see your content in the search or in the recommendations, watch and want to subscribe to you. As a rule, users simultaneously follow the channels of several creators who shoot videos on similar topics and in a similar style.

Most importantly, try not to copy the creativity and ideas of other people, but bring something of your own there so that people see that you are doing something unique. You will not be interested if you copy other people’s work because it only causes anger.

Services that give subscribers in a short time

If you do not have the time and desire to work hard on promotion due to the fact that you are currently busy creating content, then you can use services that offer to give you the desired number of live accounts for a small fee. There is a high probability of falling for scammers, so we advise you to choose the right service.

One of the long standing and honest websites is Viplikes. There you really can not be afraid of losing money and calmly pay for the service to increase the audience.

Reach out to friends

Sometimes it seems to us that we have too few acquaintances for them to somehow influence the development of our projects. You will be surprised but your social circle will be much larger when you send a link to your channel to some of your friends. You can first of all ask your close people and relatives to subscribe to you, and then they will distribute your content through their communication channels.

Such a system often works when someone enters a contest and wants to collect as many votes as possible. Usually everyone wants to help each other and widely disseminate such requests.


Now there are many ways to become famous on YouTube. Today we have listed only a few of them, and we hope that they will help you achieve your goal. If you try something new every day and try to surprise users, then your number of viewers will constantly increase and soon you will be able to call this activity your main job.

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