Advantages and disadvantages of the Javascript programming language

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JavaScript allows you to change page styles, images, perform actions with tags and make changes to the codes. The scope of application of this language is not limited by anything. The popularity of Javascript programming language is due to the following:

  • It has no analogues. This means that web development cannot do without this programming language. High speed of work. JavaScript does not affect the server running in the user’s browser.
  • Ample opportunities for the programmer. With JavaScript, you can specify a specific set of commands that perform a wide range of capabilities.
  • High level of user interfaces. You can configure absolutely everything: filling out forms, activating buttons, responding to the slightest mouse movement.

Despite its ubiquitous use and prevalence, JavaScript has a number of drawbacks. Among them:

  • Security level. All source codes are freely available, there is no guarantee that an application running on JavaScript cannot be hacked.
  • Widespread. If in the near future there is a more convenient language that solves the same tasks, but faster, all applications using JavaScript will stop working.
  • Do not work remotely. Cannot be used for programs and applications that run on the same network and must be managed from a single server.

Everyone makes their own choice whether to use JavaScript or not. To make the right decision, you need to understand for what tasks it is needed. It should be remembered that this language is simple and accessible, this is enough to use it. On the resource you can see examples of beautiful Javascript API documents.

Is it promising to study Javascript as a programmer now?

Experts say that today there are no serious competitors in JavaScript. This is a good choice for working with sites that require dynamic actions from the visitor. JavaScript contains all the necessary and at the same time simple things: algorithms with any, multi-level library, data structures and models tuned to the actions of visitors. This language is good because it can change the browser page in any way. It responds to events, independently displays several options for the user. The output is a ready-made script.

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Given that there are no serious competitors to JavaScript, it is profitable to learn the profession of a developer. A specialist will always find a job that will be adequately paid. Without programmers, it is impossible to create software products for companies, maintain the operability of an existing application, debug, and fix errors. This is the simplest language, it is the best suited for starting a career as a programmer. You can write any application in JavaScript, it is not only programs for mobile. These are all kinds of databases, libraries and desktop applications.

How long does it take to learn Javascript from scratch?

You can master all the nuances of programming in JavaScript in several ways: take courses that last several months, learn the language yourself or give preference to studying at a university with an official diploma. Universities train specialists for 4-5 years. Independent learning depends on individual characteristics, self-organization and the desire to learn. On average, you can master a programming language from scratch, regardless of the method, in 12 months. During this time, the future specialist will receive initial skills and will be ready to start working as a junior programmer.

The basics will help you start a career. But this does not mean that the specialist will immediately become in demand. The more you immerse yourself in JavaScript, the more information arises, which is simply necessary to understand. The discipline involves in-depth study and constant practice. It is the application and use of knowledge in practice that make a developer a specialist. It is best to learn and practice at the same time. In this case, the maximum effect of the learning process will be achieved.

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