Disney World 50th Anniversary Souvenir Now for $5 Only

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One thing that becomes increasingly apparent every day is that Disney World is getting more expensive. Even buying souvenirs on a budget can be a task. But one Disney World 50th anniversary souvenir is available only $5.

Disney World 50th Anniversary Souvenir

If you thought you knew about Disney World, you might be surprised! Did you know there is a small treat that you can get for only $5 from Disney World?

Souvenirs are little memorabilia that everyone loves to get and keep. You can buy them for yourself, or give them to someone as gifts. These items provide a window to the past and places you have been to. These are like keepsakes.

You can get such souvenirs from all over Disney World. There is no end to the plethora of merchandise and products that you can buy and get to keep from your visits to Disney World. But buying souvenirs is expensive.

Especially if you have to accept them for a lot of people, that can cause a significant strain on your budget. Going to Disney World always requires some level of planning or budgeting. Or you might get overwhelmed and exceed your spending capacities.

So, knowing about memorable, unique souvenirs that come in different shapes and colors is helpful. What’s more, is that you can get them for $5! This item also doesn’t require extra luggage space, which is very useful!

winnie the pooh 50th statue

Collectible Medallions

There is a little something for everyone! You are in luck with those loved ones who love to collect things. You can buy them Disney medallions which are tiny and colorful!

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Locate them next to the rides in Disney World, especially near the reservation lines. They are easy to overlook, but if you notice them, you get to keep a lovely souvenir. You can catch these in the Magic Kingdom, in the collectible medallions machine. You can choose up to 4 different types of designs from the device.

There are 15 of each design available for purchase. The four methods have Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Donal Duck, and Mickey’s trusted dog companion. The medallions are not limited to one color. There are different colors that you can choose from for yourself. You have the bronze, the gold, and coppery shade. You can find them near Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar.

There are pirate versions of these medallions as well. The pirate designs have different tags on them. Some say ‘I’ve Got Pirate Swagger,’ others say ‘Here Comes Trouble,’ and the rest say ‘I Never Surrender.’ If your children or others you know love pirates, you can give them these gifts.

Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies are some of the adorable souvenirs you can buy that are inexpensive and cute! You can easily carry them, they are lovely to see, and as souvenirs, they are perfect.

You can purchase the pennies for $1 from unique booths found in Disney World. There are other perfect tiny memorabilia that you can buy too!

Payment Options

There are a lot of payment options available to you. You can use cash, credit, Apple Pay and Soft-Wallet.

Each medallion cost $5. But if you get four medals, then that will cost you $15. You save $5 in that case. These souvenirs are cheap and a lot of fun.

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Final thoughts

So, the next time you plan Disney World trips, don’t forget to check these out! You can save a lot of money and luggage space if you buy these lovely trinkets as souvenirs.

There is a variety of payment options that you can use, so there is no trouble. You can also check out the merch store for other options. Minnie Halloween ears are extraordinary; you can even consider buying those as souvenirs. There is no lack of options for you at Disney World.

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