New Disney World Annual Pass and How to Get Them

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Before discussing the new Disney World annual pass, can we take a moment to remember how many times this has changed?

We all know that WDW is expensive, and you need a full-proof plan before coming here. And the annual pass is one of the things that helps you save money when you can frequently come here.

But due to the pandemic, Disney canceled the pass sales for 18 months. Then Disney World decided to relaunch Annual Passes in 2021. Then, Disney decided to stop the sale of these passes again. So, people are now interested in seeing how they can get the only continuing access.

Passes are extra convenient for people who are traveling with a big crowd. If the number of people with you who are eager to go to Disney World is more, then you need to have the passes.

It will be cost-effective and help you plan your budget more freely. The passes in 2021 had four tiers. Each pass would gain you entry into different sections of the park.

Benefits of New Disney World Annual Pass

The passes will benefit you a lot. The overall price of many of the merchandise and ticketing comes down if you have access.

You don’t have to buy tickets whenever you travel to different parks. This will save you a lot of time. Not only this, but there are some added benefits to having a pass.

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You will get 20% off on certain Disney products; you can gain entry into special themed entry lanes.

If you are a collector and love everything Disney does, then the Annual Pass is an excellent way of collecting exclusive merchandise. The pass allows you to have exclusive merchandise only pass holders can have.

You can get a discount of up to 20% on some dining in parts of Disney World. If you plan to stay at Disney World Resorts, then your passes will help you. They will get you some exciting special offers that you can’t resist. Another advantage of having annual access is saving on spa, golf, tours, and after-hours events.

Annual Passholder Card

People can buy Pixie Dust Passes. Three kinds of reservations are kept aside for people with these passes.

You can make reservations at Disney World resorts or other hotels and can have reservations in up to three different parks.

There are provisions for bonus reservations that you can enjoy if you have this pass. On a rolling method, you can mark three reservations of any park. The Annual Pass for the 50th-anniversary celebration features Mickey Mouse against a navy blue backdrop. It is a pretty card to look at.

New Passes

The four tiers of the Annual Passes were released back in 2021. There is the Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Pixie Dust Pass, Disney Incredi-pass and Disney Pirate pass. The Disney Incredi-pass is only for those who are not residents of Florida.

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How Can You Purchase the Passes?

You can buy these Annual Passes in full or through specific payment plans. These payment options are only available to Florida people. Or you can make your purchase by upgrading your existing park ticket.

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The Only Pass Available

Out of the four tiers, only one is available at the moment. That is Pixie Dust Annual Pass. You can buy this pass for $399.

This amount includes the taxes. Or you can do it every month. You have to pay $19 every month and make a deposit of $205 initially. You can use this pass on weekdays but are subjected to specific blockout dates.

How To Get the Pass?

You can get the pass only if you live in Florida and are a Florida resident. Otherwise, there is no way for you to get the pass. Other tiers are not available at the moment.

When and if they do become available then perhaps you can get the chance of buying them. But otherwise, only Florida residents can get this pass and use it in Disney World.

Final thoughts

The pandemic had affected the sale and distribution of these passes. But hopefully, in the coming months, people can get access to these passes on a broader basis. But for now, you can have the pass and use it in Disney World if you are a Florida resident. Keep yourself up-to-date regarding Disney World annual passes information.

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