Driving To Disney: Road Trip Hacks That Will Take You To The Happiest Place On Earth

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Getting to visit any of the various Disney parks throughout the country and across the globe is a dream for a lot of people. The Magic Kingdom Park at Disney World alone had over 20 million visitors in 2019, making it the most visited vacation resort in the world. Considered as the “happiest place on earth,” tourists flock to Disney parks not only to forget their worries for a while, but also to experience that sense of magic that comes with meeting iconic Disney characters and getting a glimpse of their world.

While flying is the most popular option when visiting any Disney park, taking a road trip adds another layer of fun to this adventure. However, a Disney road trip does require some preparation. Here, we will look at the essential steps that you need to take to make sure that your road trip to any Disney park is stress-free.

Advanced Planning

When it comes to preparing for your trip to any Disney park, make sure that you book all tickets 3 to 6 months in advance, especially since park reservations and valid park admissions are required to enter any Disney theme park. Fortunately, you can now book Disney vacations 500 days in advance, and all you need to do so is to provide a $200 down payment. Make sure, however, that you settle your balance at least 30 days before your trip.

If you’re traveling to Disney World or Disneyland, make sure that you also download the My Disney Experience or the Disneyland app to easily keep track of your reservations. Another aspect of your trip that you have to plan in advance is the route you aim to take so you can also stop by some other attractions along the way. For instance, if you can pass by San Diego, which is an hour and a half away from DisneyLand, you can stop by Legoland in Carlsbad or take in the scenic views in Dana Point.

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Packing and Preparation

In between making sure that your family or friends are ready and packing all your essentials, the day of your trip can be hectic. As such, make sure that you have a detailed checklist of everything that you need, not forgetting your emergency kit, snacks for the road, and paper maps. It’s also important that your vehicle is in good condition so that you can avoid any inconveniences on the road, especially since getting your car towed can cost you an additional $109.

As such, before your trip, check if your car has a full tank of gas and that its fuel is fresh. Gas has a shelf life, and having stale gas in the tank may cause your car to break down, so flush out the old gas and replace with fresh fuel before you leave. If traveling to any Disney park in California or Nevada, you might also have to replace your windshield wipers as these areas typically experience heavy summer rain storms.

Activities on the Go

A road trip to any Disney park can take around a few hours to a couple of days, which means that you have to spend a lot of time cooped up inside your vehicle. This can be bad news for parents, as according to recent studies, it will typically take only around 70 minutes for a child to throw a tantrum during a long car journey. Thus, it is important to keep your children entertained during such times. You can turn give them snacks, bring kid-friendly audiobooks, or even let your kids identify famous spots by using your paper maps. Keeping things interesting while also constantly engaging with your kids will help you avoid backseat breakdowns along the way.

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Traveling to any Disney park is both a challenge and an experience. However, it also allows you to start the fun a bit earlier. With proper planning and preparation, you can ensure that your road trip to the happiest place on earth is enjoyable for all.


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