Disney World 2023 Events to Start Booking Your Dates Now

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Can’t make it to WDW in 2022? Well, let the Disney World 2023 events excite you!

The year is about to play out its last few scenes before exiting the stage! A new act will begin in 2023, but the celebrations at Disney World seem unending!

You can’t draw a line through happiness, nor can you identify a particular end to enjoyment. This is the spirit that Disney World embodies.

The new year is around the corner. Only the last couple of miles are left. So, how can you partake in the stream of neverending happiness? It is quite easy, and you need to know the dates and events you can look forward to be the reason someone smiles today.

So, take a notepad and a pen and start jotting down the dates! Here are some of the best things you can expect from Disney World 2023!

Disney World 2023 events

Preparations for next year’s celebrations are already in motion. People who couldn’t make it to Disney World trips this year have the opportunity to plan for next year.

Going to Disney World is an expensive affair. So, you might like to know when is the correct time to visit the happiest place on earth with your pockets intact.

The information given here is based on the Disney World 2023 calendar of tickets. The general one-day theme park experiences cost $109 individually and can go higher.

Due to New Year’s celebrations, ticket prices are generally higher at the start of the year. The price ranges vary, but a rough estimate is given here so you can plan accordingly.

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January Celebrations

January is a hit month in Disney World! 2023 will begin with colorful fireworks and lavish parties! You can participate in the grand celebrations at Disney World on the 1st and 2nd of January at $154 per individual. The ticket prices at this time of year are the highest. After the initial round of celebrations, celebrations range from $130-$140.

February Celebrations

The Haunted Mansion is usually a popular attraction at this time of the year. In Disney World 2023, you can expect many people crowding this place. The ticket prices begin per person at $149. On the 17th, the ticket price is $150.

It is due to the President’s Day celebrations on the 20th of February. From the 17th of February, the ticket prices only go higher and can be around $154. Therefore, you will find it more feasible to visit Disney World during the periods of 11th – 16th February and 22nd – 24th February.

Spring Break at Disney World 2023

Springtime naturally inspires feelings of revelry in people. Students get their holidays during March and April, and the seasonal happiness continues into summer.

Spring is the best time to be out and about, so take this opportunity next year and visit Disney World with your family! The ticket prices are $139 – $150 during spring break. Easters in Disney World is full of surprises, so you will also have fun celebrating that weekend at Disney World.

July Disney World 2023

July is a special month at Disney World. The July 4th celebrations are awestrucking. Fireworks, songs, exclusive foods, and themed parties are some of the best things you can enjoy at Disney World. Since this is the peak season, ticket prices are also high.

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It will cost a single person $154 to buy entry into the park. EPCOT and Magic Kingdom are the main parks you must visit during this time.

October Celebrations

Halloween is a season of gifts and surprises. If the next year is going to be anything like this year, there will be a lot of news about new designs and merchandise for Halloween.

Look forward to Disney World special events in EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. The weekend prices during October will range from $140 – $145. The Halloween decorations are lovely and will put you in the perfect autumns-y mood to enjoy everything spooky and fun!

October Pass Updates for Disney Halloween 2022

November and December in Disney World 2023

Near the end of 2023, Disney World sees a surge of last-minute trips and has another peak season. With huge Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, it is no wonder that the last couple of months is the busiest!

Usually, the weekend tickets here sold for $149 – $159 per person. For Thanksgiving week, the price is $159 at Disney World (19th of November – 26th of November). The exact price is available for tickets during Christmas week from 22nd December to 31st December.

disney world 2023 events

Final thoughts

Disney World 2023 events will undoubtedly bring another year of joy and excitement! The ticket prices might be high, but there are various perks that you can enjoy if you have some membership!

The price range and the dates will help you plan your perfect holiday at Disney World at a time you feel best! So, anticipate all the joy and happiness in store for you next year and start booking your tickets for Disney World 2023 now!

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